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MG Mod: Boosted

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MGMod: Boosted is mode where you earn upgrades to your abilities. These upgrades and either increase or decrease your abilities "key values". Some key values you can see in your ability tooltips, others are hidden but still may have great effect on how your abilities behave.

Your team earns "red currency" by many different actions:
- killing units and heroes
- dewarding enemy observer wards.
- destroying buildings
- defeating Roshan
- planting wards
- converting gold from the red currency 'menu'

When your team reaches earns 'red' currency, every hero in your team gets an upgrade.

NOTICE: If you notice you are not getting upgrades, try reconnecting! You should get all the upgrades you have missed so far. :)

Contributions and Translations welcome!
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what did you do to this game?
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Aug 27 @ 5:57am
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Тугосеря Nov 27 @ 3:10am 
Please add 2x, 5x and 10x items
Monster Nov 21 @ 6:02am 
is it MGMod like m garrys mod
{ƈƍƿ}SEL. Saltstice Nov 20 @ 2:23am 
Dr. Teaspoon :"yep, valve fucked up a lot of stuff for custom games."

I mean, not just valve fault ah, when you let your game just rot as it is, dont expect more than 10 people playing this xD

Dude, it's like hundreds of post asking fixing on many things, and nothing's done, obviously everybody stops xD

Just fix the game and people will come back, nobody want to play a game where it's permanently the same scenario dude.

Dont complain about valve when you do nothing for your own game
can someone explain how does this gamemode works.I dont get it how to increase a skills value without currency.Does this custom have a guide or smth like that?
Nemesis 041 Nov 15 @ 6:46am 
By your abilities, I of course mean, the hero abilities and talents no longer loading. Maybe it helps, maybe not, I'm not sure, but I wanted to bring this to your attention.
DrTeaSpoon  [author] Nov 15 @ 1:21am 
yep, valve fucked up a lot of stuff for custom games.
кусь за жопу Nov 15 @ 1:07am 
sad to see avg online being dropped from 140 to 6
something is definetly wrong
Nemesis 041 Nov 11 @ 10:03pm 
Also, I think all the hero abilities in Ability Sandbox are no longer loading, and neither are their talents. Just creep/event abilities and generic talents. Something is very wrong right now...
Nemesis 041 Nov 10 @ 4:46pm 
Yeah, something eventually causes a MASSIVE amount of lag at some point or another, I'm not really sure what.
Beb41kk Nov 9 @ 4:46am 
эх какой же я лох:steammocking: