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Dota 2 But Boosted
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Dota 2 But Boosted

NOTICE: If you notice you are not getting upgrades, try reconnecting! You should get all the upgrades you have missed so far. :)

Dota 2 But Boosted is mode where you earn upgrades to your abilities. These upgrades and either increase or decrease your abilities "key values". Some key values you can see in your ability tooltips, others are hidden but still may have great effect on how your abilities behave.

Your team earns "tickets" by many different actions:
- killing units and heroes
- planting observer wards and dewarding[/b] enemy observer wards
- destroying buildings
- defeating Roshan
- eating trees with tangos
- buying Bunch of tickets from the shop for 1000 gold.

When your team reaches 100 tickets, every hero in your team gets an upgrade.

(PvP 10 players) dota_fixed
Played like normal dota match. Enjoy!

Horde Mode
(PvE 10 players) horde
Playing the map horde you get to play against constantly increasing difficulty of creeps that flood random lane. Lane is randomly changing. You can get a hint where the enemies are coming from based on the lane your creeps are walking to.

Boss Mode
(PvP 6 players) boss
Boss mode is much like horde mode except it is 5 players fighting against horde and another player who is taking the role of a boss. Boss player gains increased upgrades.
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Durable Back Jun 25 @ 12:44pm 
can u make the creep not respawn so randomly or give option to choose lane for creep to spawn, it hard to play solo in boss mode.
GO ZXC SEX Jun 25 @ 2:08am 
Add a map where you can just fight with each other without demolishing buildings. Heroes who have the ability to break buildings are too strong
Gautam Jun 23 @ 9:33am 
Playing with bots on local host or on server is both very laggy and leads to disconnection every minute
i'm wasted Jun 22 @ 11:13am 
Some tower tanking ability woudl be nice, some heroes can push very fast.
Also stacking invul(bh/omin/oracle/dazzle) should be forbidden.
DrTeaSpoon  [author] Jun 21 @ 3:32am 
It is option that makes he heroes gain various bonuses as game time passes. By Default every minute all heroes gain +75 max hp.
Metroxide Jun 20 @ 11:21pm 
what is hero time scaling?
DrTeaSpoon  [author] Jun 20 @ 11:59am 
the "abilityduration" is the correct key for windrun duration
Hablågubb17 Jun 20 @ 11:34am 
@DrTeaSpoon i found out that upgrading the duration to windrun, windrangers ability doesn't work. It doesn't matter how high you get it, you just can't get more then a 6 second duration. Could you look in to it?
Nihil Jun 15 @ 10:21pm 
@DrTeaSpoon, maybe darkseer's surge needs a bit of nerfing, with just 2-3 upgrades it becomes crazy fast, like impossible to react. I suggest reducing speed gain.
Artemis Jun 14 @ 8:13am 
Thank you :luv: