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OPTRE - Tether
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Altis
Meta: Dependency
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Feb 7 @ 3:00pm
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OPTRE - Tether



First off, my apologies I managed to delete the original mission while trying to push an update to Steam while using 3DENs "Workshop Scenario Management" (I pressed too many backspaces???)

Playtime: 20-40 minutes

Difficulty: Easy to Medium (there is a script which increases player health, however please see bugs section below)

Thank you for downloading and playing! If you like it, please give it the thumbs up and comment. If you find any issues or think of improvements, please let me know in the comments.

Known Bugs
  • z-sorting issue when looking at the ground from the tether, this occurs when in the vicinity of the District Wall and City Block OpTre assets at height (OpTre/Arma3 bug)
  • Industrial Fences lose their texture when seen through the chainlink fencing of other Industrial Fences at height (OpTre/Arma3 bug)
  • Player will sometimes revert to freefall animation when certain triggers aren't fired correctly (Arma3 bug)
  • Enemy hornet won't always trigger radio when hit, as per the 'hit' eventhandler, more info on the biki[] (Arma3 bug)
  • Enemy AI difficulty settings (including 3den Enhanced's) don't appear to apply correctly at height (Arma3 bug)

Future Improvements
  • Enemy hornet snaps to different locations via triggers - may be smoothed out with keyframe animation at a later date
  • URF PIP properganda broadcast

Huge thanks to Milton for supplying the Voice Over work, it just would not be the same without it.
Scripts from ALIAS were also a huge help in creating the mission.
And of course, massive thanks to Article 2 Studios who created this amazing mod in the first place.

Voice Over:
W.Milton (UNICOM)

Edits from the Halo 3 OST by O'Donnell / Salvatori Inc.

Coding (from their various tutorials):
And numerous coding snippets 'acquired' from the Arma Community :)


Everything else:

Created under Microsofts Game Content Usage Rules[].
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Malikar May 21 @ 4:09pm 
This was really well done, recommended!
Chris Tingle Apr 16 @ 1:05pm 
This is a really cool mission, well done man.
flurry  [author] Apr 14 @ 6:19am 
@dog Thanks, I've replayed the mission and the actions all appear correctly to me, it's not a common issue afaik. Once you reach the wreckage the 'Perform Technical Salvage' task should automatically assign, the first task is a panel on the pelicans nose; be on the look out for the 'Access' text that comes up when you approach and press the use key, the next one is some debris on the ground to the right of the nose, the final at the rear of the pelican, all should have 'Access' appear on screen when you look at and are near them.
dog Apr 12 @ 11:40pm 
This scenario seems super cool, I love the space elevator tether setting but it seems to be broken for me. I can't complete the "Perform Technical Salvage" tasks, there's no interaction menu options on either of the objects, as far as I know I don't have any mods that would interfere, just client side visual mods, is this a common issue?
mitigatedaxe96 Mar 23 @ 12:37pm 
this was alot of fun to play and i would love to see more of these missions
Griever Feb 15 @ 12:39am 
This is phenomenal, I wish there were more missions like this. Wonderful job!
Jian7ye Feb 8 @ 1:23pm 
Do you have any plans for more works:halounsc: