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Murder Drones - Murder Drone Uzi
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Jan 14, 2022 @ 6:51am
Jan 14, 2022 @ 6:58am
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Murder Drones - Murder Drone Uzi

Please take the time to read through the description, as it contains vital information
Fan-made model of the concept of the Worker Drone "Uzi", from Glitch Production and Liam Vickers Animation's "Murder Drones" Pilot episode on YouTube, being a Murder Drone.
Garry's Mod version

C_art and MrTheWizard for making this model together

This addon features a model of the Murder Drone character, as well as the extra limbs you can use.
Facial Flexes
Please be careful with how you can change expressions, as they can lead to unplanned results. I assure you that we have done as much as we possibly can, but there are certain things you just can't avoid or fix.
  • 22 eye flexes, including the Murder Drones' "X" eyes
  • Full control over eyes movement (left, right, up, down)
  • Includes eyebrows and eyelids (use their respective "appear" sliders to make them appear)
  • 19 eyebrow flexes
  • 26 eyelid flexes (14 upper, 12 lower)
  • 25 mouth flexes
  • 16 phonetic flexes
DISCLAIMER: Due to Source Engine limitations, we cannot include all of bodygroups used in the show on the model. To compensate for this, we have split the additional limbs into other models which you will have to manually attach to the model, should you want to use them. This also allows you to move around the unique bones that come with these props, giving you greater power when it comes to scene building or animation.
Included bodygroups
  • Wings
  • Claws
  • Hands
Additional bodygroups/props
To attach a bodygroup to the model, follow the steps below:
  1. Import the main model (the character)
  2. Add in the model you want to use
  3. Use the bodygroup panel on the additional model to select whether you want left, right, or both (you can still change this later)
  4. Lock all the bones to the main model. You can do this by dragging the main model over the other model (in the Animation Set tab). You should see a small "lock" icon on the side of the additional model
  5. Go into to the locked model's bones and select those that are locked
  6. In the procedural sliders tab, with the bones selected, drag the "zero" slider all the way. The model will now move to the corresponding location
If you're having trouble with this, consult this post on the Steam Workshop Discussions, or Google "How to attach cosmetics in SFM" and search through the videos
Additional model list
  • Blade (models/murderdrones/char/accessories/blade.mdl)
  • Beam cannon (models/murderdrones/char/accessories/beamcannon.mdl)
  • EMP Device (models/murderdrones/char/accessories/empdevice.mdl)
  • "Literally so insanely suspicious" flag (models/murderdrones/char/accessories/susflag.mdl)
  • Missile (can't be attached to the main model) (models/murderdrones/char/accessories/tacticalnuke.mdl)
Custom eye color
To custom color the illuminating parts of the model, follow the steps below, and if you have any issues, please leave a comment. At least I didn't have to spend 30 hours writing up some code for this
  1. Right-click the model in the Animation Set window and select Add Override Materials
  2. Right-click again and select Show in element viewer >>> Model
  3. In the element viewer, go to Materials
  4. Right-click the material called that you want to change the color of and select Add Attribute >>> vector3
  5. Where it says newAttribute, replace it with $selfillumtint, and select OK
  6. Now you have a parameter that reads [0 0 0]. These represents your [R G B] values respectfully
  7. To change the color, replace the values with your own. However, the values should be kept between 0 and 1, where 0 is no color and 1 is full color. Try looking up online if you need a color reference
Quick tip: RGB values usually go between 0 and 255. To get that value as a decimal between 0 and 1, divide your individual RGB values by 255 and round it to the nearest value three points after the decimal. For example, if I have a light blue colour of RGB [25 150 230], then in SFM I would put [0.098 0.588 0.902]
Additionally, setting the RGB values to a number greater than 1 will make it appear to glow, but generally try and stick to between 0 and 1.

The model comes with many additional bones to help you move around the various additional pieces. These additional bones are:
  • Wing bones - used to help rotate the wings around their joints. They are connected to 2 main bones, allowing you to control the wings individually
  • Face bones - allow for more control over the face for more expressive... expressions
  • Limb bones - used to help control switching limbs for players doing machinima, by allowing you to scale, rotate and/or move the additional limbs. There are two of them (Left and Right), but they only work for the attachable entities, not for the hands or the claws, which are already attached to the model via bodygroups.
  • Tail bones - control over the tail
  • Eye bones - used to move around the different eye pieces (eyes, eyelids and eyebrows) independently of the flex controllers.

    We would highly appreciate it if you could credit us for using this model in your artwork
    I don't know why I am putting this here, since this model doesn't seem overtly sexual in any way, but as this model is still partially created by a minor, we, the creators, kindly request that you do not use this model for any NSFW material!! We would really appreciate it if you do not use the model for anything like that, please.
    The only thing that I will let slide, but do not endorse, is the use of this model in "gory" themed posters, as the Murder Drones are quite brutal, so it would seem wrong of me to forbid it.

    Also, please, please, PLEASE don't spam requests for models. We get around to doing it when we get the time, and spamming us does not make us work any faster. We also work on whatever models we feel like working on

    Should you have any issues with the models, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible