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ARK: The Primal Path
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Dec 28, 2021 @ 3:13pm
Apr 18 @ 3:22pm
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ARK: The Primal Path

MOD ID = 2698632912

Come on a voyage with me, and we will walk the primal path together.

ARK: The Primal Path is a mod dedicated to adding new, custom-made, visually paleontologically accurate prehistoric creatures with unique mechanics to the world of ARK!

Part of the ARK: Voyager mod series.

- Utahraptor silvestris (including Aberrant, Alpha, and Scorched variants)
- Giganotosaurus regium
- Nanuqsaurus polaris

- Caviramus
- Achelousaurus

- New variants for Giganotosaurus, Nanuqsaurus and Utahraptor!
- Anurognathus
- Bradycneme
- Alioramus
- American Mastodon
- Edmontonia
- Aerosteon
- Gorgonopsid
And many more.

MASSIVE thanks to Shadlos for reaching out and offering to help develop the mod. His work has already proven invaluable to making The Primal Path the best it can be.

Check out these showcase videos to get a look at what The Primal Path has in store! I\'m very grateful to these guys for reaching out to me with an offer to go over the mod so far.

Showcase by GojiFan2001!
Showcase by EuphoricGaming!
Join my Discord here for more information on the mod and upcoming projects, including sneak peeks at development! []

Click here to view my Patreon page! If you would like to support me as a creator, this is the place to do it. You will receive benefits such as behind-the-scenes development access to my mods, direct feedback and influence on mod creatures, and things to help you make your own projects such as development tutorials.[]
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May 19 @ 8:55pm
Apr 29 @ 9:22pm
creature idea!
Dec 28, 2021 @ 4:12pm
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blueswimmingdimetrodon May 21 @ 4:14am 
I love the giga's sound but it does seem a bit weak. Especially if I tame it with a horse at level 40 and have to wait till 96 to get a saddle. Also one roar seem to cut off a bit sharply and I do not know how hard this would be but a 3rd roar that could be similar to the others but has an echo.
|V| III May 15 @ 10:19pm 
will the nanuq and giga be getting icons for cryopods?
KADalicious May 2 @ 5:54am 
Awesome dinos! However, I have noticed that the GIga "stutters" when moving around almost as if time consistently freezes and resumes on its animations. No other dinos do this both mod wise and vanilla. Do you know what may be causing this awkward movement? I haven't tried taming yet, but creatures that have done this in the past usually don't move this way when you are riding and in control.
Arian 2 Apr 29 @ 5:19am 
I think the dinos in your mod are really great, they bring more variety and new dinos into the game, but one thing that bothers me is the graphics of the dinos. The models are really well done, but some parts of the body are a bit poor in terms of graphics, e.g. the horns of the Giganotosaurus. The eyes of all three dinosaurs could also be improved and revised a bit. I hope you take it as an aid to improve your mod. Maybe you could make some improvements there, because the quality is more important than the quantity
jesshall23 Apr 28 @ 4:28pm 
Also you can't cryo the gigga
jesshall23 Apr 28 @ 4:27pm 
The giga is a little under powered in my opinion. Need to make damage output more and have a stacking bleed. It just feels useless as of now. But great design just lack luster in damage
Xion Apr 28 @ 12:26am 
I don't really like Ark's Tyrannosaurus, so I want you to make the latest Tyrannosaurus here!
Hauki  [author] Apr 24 @ 6:57pm 
@SquallTemnov Gotcha, I'll double-check it in kit. Giga and Nanuq saddle BPs are currently not obtainable, but I will be adding them to the drops of Alpha Utahraptor in the meantime before I set up Alpha Nanuq and Alpha Giga.

@Phatness They should be, though its possible the lost island devkit update broke their spawners, as they were using a dummy spawn zone. I'll check this too.

@blueswimmingdimetrodon Thank you so much for your extensive comment! So, The Primal Path is primarily made by me as well as Shadlos, who reached out to collaborate. I model, animate and texture everything, as well as doing what I can on the devkit coding side of things, and Shadlos helps code new mechanics like Giga's special bleed, as well as making sure things are nice and tidy and fixing any mistakes I make on the coding side. He is essentially my mentor, and I'm quite grateful for his help!
blueswimmingdimetrodon Apr 24 @ 2:21pm 
Love the textures, very polished looking with little room for improvement! (Feathers are not easy to get right)

Nanuqsaurus- I feel like the anti-fear roar should have a longer cool-down.

Utah- I play with friends and a two seat saddle would be nice! A bit large. A roar would be cool
I think a little tail feather movement would be cool. A small pack bonus would be epic

Giga- Perfect

Overall amazing mod. Keep up the great work!
blueswimmingdimetrodon Apr 24 @ 2:20pm 
Is this mod made by just you? Or are there other people working on this mod? I can not tell, Are the sounds are custom or already in-game?