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East Asia War, 1937 - 日中戦争 - 抗日战争
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East Asia War, 1937 - 日中戦争 - 抗日战争

Welcome to East Asia War mod!

What is this mod? East Asia War, EAW, will cover key parts of the war in Asia, starting from the bloody battle of Shanghai in summer 1937 to the last great battle in the Ryukus in 1945. There is an extensive amount of content that will only expand over time.

--- Content ---

- Imperial Japanese Army troops with era-appropriate uniforms and equipment
- Type 5 Showa Uniforms, Transitional Variants, Type 98 Uniforms, and Jyubans
- Includes Winter wool and Summer cloth variants
- Rank badges
- Type 90 Helmets with varied Cap arrangements
- Ubiquitous Japanese Wool forage cap
- Pouches and Gear for a variety of troopers
- Type 5 backpacks in 2 variants
- Slight variations in uniform colors for added realism

- Chinese National Revolutionary Army with early-war uniforms and equipment
- Includes Chinese Uniform in pants and shorts versions, in four color varieties
- A variety of rank badges
- M35 German helmets
- British Brodie Helmets
- French Adrian Helmets
- Winter Chinese Uniforms and caps
- Chinese Infantry Ski Caps
- Chinese Visored Caps, as seen in 1937's opening battles
- Pouches and Gear for a variety of troopers
- Bedrolls
- Tornister Backpacks, Wool Uniforms, and Leather pouches for the fateful Training Division in Nanking
- Rolled cloth type backpacks
- Improvised Camo versions of all backpacks

- Unit Groups for both sides, and all Chinese Division Types
- Early-war Divisions
- Central Divisions
- Western Divisions
- Southern Divisions
- The unique German-trained Divisions
- Winter Uniform wearing units

- Over a dozen weapons
- Type 38 with coverless and color variants
- Type 38 Carbine with coverless and color variants
- Type 99 Long Rifle with color variants
- Type 99 Short Rifle with variants, both rifles have working monopods
- Hanyang 88
- All rifles include working bayonets
- Japanese Rifles include Flag attachments
- Type 24 Rifle with color variants
- Zb26 Light Machinegun
- Type 11 Light Machinegun
- Type 96 Light Machinegun
- Type 99 Light Machinegun
- C96 Pistol
- C96 Autopistol
- C96 Carbine
- C96 Autocarbine
- Type 14 Pistol
- Mp-28 Submachine Gun
- Type 95 Japanese Sword
- Chinese Da-Dao broadsword
- Melee Weapon versions of all bayonets
- Working Type 89 Grenade Discharger (The infamous Knee Mortar)

- A selection of Chinese and Japanese Hand Grenades
- Chinese Stick Grenades
- Early and Late versions of the Type 97 Hand Grenade
- Chinese grenade bundle for improvised (and borderline suicidal) Anti Tank fighting
- Japanese Type 3 Anti Tank Grenade

- A selection a Turrets
- Mortars for both sides
- Japanese type 92 Heavy Machine Gun, in prone and crouch heights
- Chinese Type 24 Heavy Machine Gun
- All Machine guns have a bunker variant
- Pak 36 Anti-tank Gun
- Type 1 Anti Tank Gun
- Chinese 10cm Howitzer
- A range of Japanese Howitzers and Field Guns
- Most Howitzers in the mod feature direct and indirect fire variants
- Type 92 Battalion Gun
- A selection of Flak Guns
- Various Autocannons for Anti-Air work

- A looted Dodge 1936 Pickup truck, with a variety of color customization options
- Features Medical, ammo, and repair variants

- Aircraft
- Curtis Hawk III for the NRA
- A4N Carrier Fighter for the IJN
- Both include working Pylons and AI which will bomb ground targets

- Armored Vehicles
- Selection of tanks and armored vehicles to choose from
- Vickers Crossley Armored Car
- As seen in news reels from the real battle, the SNLF has access to armored cars with twin Machine gun turrets
- Type 94 Tankette
- Protected by a solid 6mm of armor and wielding a devastating Type 11 LMG
- Type 89 Tank
- Japan's foremost armor by 1937, with an effective 57mm gun and decent top speed, protected by ~20mm of armor
- Vickers 6 ton
- China's most used armor during the battle of Shanghai, with its solid shot gun, distinctive camo and 25mm of
- Type 97 Chi-Ha
- Japan's main medium tank in WW2, with its 57mm gun and ~30mm of armor, comes in late and early war color
schemes, as well as captured CPC and NRA colors.
- Type 97 Chi-Ha Shinhoto
- Upgraded Chi-ha with a more effective 47mm Type 1 Gun. comes in late and early war color
schemes, as well as captured CPC and NRA colors.
- All tanks feature exploding turret support

- Yangtze Landing Zone map
- Intended as a demo-map
- 4x4km
- Features ripe ricefields, ditches, chinese towns, bridges, and trenches
- Designed to be typical of the area fought west of Shanghai

- Shanghai - Nanjing 1937 map
- Flagship map of East Asia War
- 20x20km
- Features endless chinese towns and farmfields, with creeks, ditches, and rivers flowing everywhere
- Approximately 1/15 scale version of the real region from Shanghai to Nanking, including both cities
- Various key districts in 30's Shanghai, from the concessions, little Tokyo, Zhabei, and the Sihang Warehouse
- Most buildings have full interiors
- Nanjing includes many key areas from the real battle
- Real skybox and custom lighting config
- Numerous other locations, including: Changzhou, Changshu, Jinshanwei, Wuxi, Chunhua, Purple Mountain, and
- Several working airfields

- Mountain Passes map
- Intended as a demo-map
- 2x2km
- Features Wheat fields, forests, and several destroyed villages

- Jungle Skirmish map
- Intended as a demo-map
- 2x2km
- Features jungles, plantations, and several destroyed villages

- Sakeshima Island 1945 map
- Sakeshima Island, a new terrain for the war in the Pacific
- 8x8km island which is made to typify Okinawa
- Features Okinawan style villages and homes
- Scores of hidden bunkers, caves, and trench defenses
- Massive, devastated and war torn areas
- Raiden Shiro (Made to be similar to Shuri Castle)
- Varied terrain from destroyed cities and harbors to thick jungles and pine forests
- Fort Biden
- Based on a real Japanese island, if you can find it

- Dozens of Chinese Village houses and structures
- Dozens of Chinese City Buildings
- Dozens of Japanese and Okinawan town and village structures
- Key and or famous structures, such as the HSBC Building or the Sihang Warehouse
- Scores of smaller detail objects, from Torii gates to Chinese Lion Statues and shop signs

- Finally, there are a few STATIC POSES for screenshotters to use:

What is coming out next? Whatever I want to make.


--- Credits:

- Teitoku Admiral for modeling the MP-28 and Type 89
- Muammar for providing innumerable Guns and Field Pieces
- SomeWeeb for helping on the maps
- WebKnight, for making the groundbreaking IMS mod
- Schraxt, for providing high-res textures for map objects
- Super Trooper, Horrible Goat, Gorechild for advice
- TootyFruity and Teitoku Admiral for providing historical info
- SimC for help with scripting, configging, and general modeling advice
- Google Images
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