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Care Packages V2
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Dec 23, 2021 @ 7:43am
Jun 24, 2023 @ 3:44pm
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Care Packages V2

========= DO NOT USE ON YOUR LIVE SERVERS =========
============== YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ==============

The Care Packages mod allows randomized Care Packages to drop throughout the map. This brings player PvP and custom loot events to your server.

Players are notified of Care Packages and how far away they are, via a pop up message in game. This mod is fully customizable; you can customize the loot that the packages drop, add attachments to items, set randomized quantities, etc. This mod includes custom containers and parachutes you can choose from, or feel free to reskin to fit your server.

The Care Packages mod is designed to have minimal impact to server performance, therefore some features will not be added.

Configuration is done under ProfilesFolder/CarePackagesV2 (Created on first startup)

If you run basic map markers will show automatically
If you run VPP Map please install this module to show markers on the map

---- NEW IN V2 ----

- You can now run multiple Care Packages at the same time, meaning you can have a run dropping to the coast with lower tiier loot and another in land with better gear!
- There is now an option to lock packages when they drop, meaning players need to hit F to open the package and cannot loot it otherwise stopping players from looting inside cars.
- The smoke coming from packages has been recreated to look much more interesting and fun
- Server owners can now define the loot more effectively, setting how many guns will spawn seperately from other items.
- Some instances where the Care Package would pass through the ground now will be automatically fixed and the package sent back above ground
- There is now an option to set a minimum player limit so players are less able to farm drops at low pop.
- Cleaned up some of the logging that was unessesary from V1

For future:

- Adding option for player called drops.
- some other stuff im sure.


Special thanks to everyone at the DayZ Modding Community discord for their help and support!

@HunterzCZ#4660 and @Braindead#4599 for general scripting and config help.
@PINKgeekPDX#0002 for the new cool smoke effects!
@djlightman#5459 for providing audio files for the mod and generally being a really helpful guy!
@Jebediah#8237 for converting the models for DayZ.
@Kuli_VT#1778 for help setting up the configuration manager for this mod.
@DaemonForge#5454 for the code to link in with Basic Map.

Parachute model source:
Container Model Source:

-- Support on all of my mods can be found on discord at: --

Usage & Terms
- You are not permitted to unpack, repack, edit or reupload any files from this mod.
- This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account of DannyDoomno1
- Permissions is granted to use this mod for server monetization under the conditions that you follow the DayZ Server Monetization agreement and have obtained permission from Bohemia through Bohemia[]

If you like my mods and wish to support me any donations are much appreciated!!
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