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New York Division-Bergen County Line

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New York Division-Bergen County Line

Accurate representation of Norfolk Southern and MTA/NJ Transit service in Southern New York and Northern New Jersey. Route climbs from Hoboken, NJ, through the Hackensack Meadowlands, and finally, across the Delaware River to Westfall Township, PA. for 99.4 miles of main line running. Full, deep scenery provides an immersive setting that celebrates the rich railroad history of this line. "This route does not disappoint!"

Workshop Scenarios for This Route

(Please Review DLC & Route Description)
Needed Assets
  • The route uses the following DLC: Sherman Hill, Munich Augsburg, New Jersey Shoreline and both the American and European Asset packs.

    NOT REQUIRED: Metropolitan Line: Aldgate - Uxbridge & Amersham Route Add-On (Error by Steam)

  • *Munich-Augsburg is strongly recommended as so much scenery is dependent on it.

  • Sherman Hill :

  • Munich-Augsburg:

  • New Jersey Coast Line:

    Estimated Distribution of Assets

    • Track is Sherman Hill and signaling is UP Style Search Light from Sherman Hill additional Tri-Light Signaling is from the New Jersey Coast Line Route.
    • 25% buildings and 45% roads are from the Munich-Augsburg.
    • 25% Buildings and 40% roads are from Sherman Hill
    • 25% Buildings are from American/European Asset pack.
    • 25% of Truss and Plate bridges are from the New Jersey Coast Line pack.
    • 50% of Truss and Plate bridges are from the American/European Asset pack.
    • 25% of Truss, Plate bridges, 25% Buildings and 15% roads are from the New Jersey Coast Line pack.
    • The Secaucus and Hoboken Terminals are from the New Jersey Coast Line pack, integrating structures throughout the route.
    • Hoboken is custom built and NOT copied or imported from the NJCL Route!

      All the DLC is thoroughly used and areas transition from one type to the other and some blend all the packs. Scenery is dense on this route and you will find having these assets to be well worth it.

      Recommended Assets for Scenario Building and Operation on the Bergen Line - *Note only Sherman Hill and American Asset Pack rolling stock are placed on the route.

      • NJT F40PH-2CAT
      • Bombardier ALP-45DP
      • NS GP38-2 High Hood
      • SD70M-2 - Norfolk Southern
      • SW1500 Switcher - Norfolk Southern
      • Dash8-40C - Norfolk Southern
      • GE B36-7-Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On
      • GP40-2 Loco Pack Add-On
      • U34CH - NJ Transit
      • EMD SD40-2 NS Bundle (JointedRail)


      • Double Track Mainline, 3-Track Mainline, Super-Elevation
      • 4 Passenger Yards: NJDOT: Hillburn, NY, Waldwick , NJ & Hoboken, NJ (2) & Port Jervis, NY
      • 7 Freight Yards: Hillburn - Suffern Yard, Ford Mahwah, Passaic Junction-Coalburg, Dundee Park, Croxton Yard, Croxton-Intermodal, Campbell Hall, Port Jervis (2) and Harlem Station in the Bronx
      • Ford Automobile Plant in Mahwah, NJ recreated from historical imagery with 13 track yard.
      • National Biscuit Corp (Nabisco) Plant in Fairlawn, NJ with 2 sidings and surrounding industrial park.
      • 100 Customer Sidings
      • River Crossings: Ramapo, Mahwah, Moodna Creek, Passaic , Saddle River, Hackensack. Ramapo,Walkill & Delaware
      • Grades to 1.8% represented where they actually exist on the line
      • 99.4 Miles of main-line running.
      • 6 branch lines (Piermont, Dundee Spur, NJ&NY, Carlton Hill, Montgomery and Maybrook )
      • 26 New Jersey Transit Stations
      • Includes Free Roam and Quickdrive spawns.
      • Quick Drives are stocked with Sherman Hill assets and placed using satellite imagery.
      • Deep Scenery, no less that 1250 feet on each side of the track and up to 3 miles in areas
      • Detailed Towns and Cities with accurate streets and street elevations
      • Night Lighting, extensive use of lighting for overnight operations
      • 891,434 Trees ;-)


      New York Susquehanna & Western RR at 2 Locations: Hawthorne. NJ (2 Tracks) and Saddle Brook, NJ (8 tracks and 3 miles of track and 4 Customer Sidings)

      New York & Greenwood Lake RR. Garfield, NJ (1 Track) and 4 Track Yard in Passaic, NJ on the Dundee Spur

      Middletown and New Jersey Railroad (2 Track) at Campbell Hall, NY

      Stations: Erie Main Line

      Port Jervis, Otisville,Middletown-Town of Wallkill, Campbell Hall, Salisbury Mills - Cornwall, Harriman, Tuxedo, Sloatsburg, Suffern, Mahwah, Ramsey-RT17, Ramsey-Main Street, Allendale, Waldwick, Ho-Ho-Kus, Ridgewood, Glen Rock and Hawthorne.

      Stations: Bergen Line

      Glen Rock (Boro Hall), Radburn, Broadway, Plauderville, Garfield, Rutherford, Secaucus and Hoboken, NJ

      Stations: Pascack Valley Line (NY&NJ Railroad)

      Wood-Ridge, NJ


      The Minerman thank the following for their help in making this route: Kris120, Jalsina, Mainlines, Michael Stephan, Martin06 and LordMannu

      The Minemen also appreciate the work of SQK4477 for his work on his rebuild of the "HX' Draw in Secaucus as well as his incredible meadows for almost 3 miles between HX and the Pascack. Visit his amazing route the BSRR and see his great work.

      Route Map


      On June 3, 2014 our route was recognized in the Official Rail Works Site here:

      And again on July 1, 2015:

      Matt Peddlesden reviews the Bergen Line on "Train Sim Live"

      View all videos in the Bergen Line Video Haus!

      We hope this encourages other people to try their hand at route creation. It was a great deal of work. The son had 183 hours in the game when the route started, was at over 530 hours when work started April 3, 2014. As of June 2021 we estimate 11,200 man hours of work. Work consists of building, testing, research and a ton of 'kitbashing'.

      Extra effort was given to topography and elevations. So the grades, while an average between stations,reflect the real - life grades along the route. Extensive use of USGS maps, historical aerials and Google Earth aided in recreating the elevations for hills, mountains and streams. Road and building placement are either dead on or within 20ft. Satellite images where used extensively as some of the buildings and track do not exist today. The large industrial area in Mahwah is the Ford Mahwah Automobile plant which closed in 1980. The way the track is laid west of Hillburn Yard is also circa 1980. What is interesting about this layout is that one could recreate the era between 1955 and 2021 by simply subtracting or adding very few bits of track and structures.

      I am sure the fans of this area and of the Erie-Lackawanna, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, and New Jersey Transit will appreciate the work.

      Carry on!
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Minerman146  [author] Apr 27 @ 6:17pm 
Movermiles kudos to Schnauzapowah for getting these videos out there...seeing the route narrated ..portrays the excitement I had building this thing. And thank you and all the other folks who have dived in a soaked up the scenery is why I did it!
MoverMiles Apr 25 @ 11:08pm 
This route is fantastic, Minerman! I found out about it after watching Schnauzahpowahz's videos of it, and boy, is there a lot to take in! I've had the route for quite a while now, and there's still a lot more that I need to check out! The amount of detail in this is beyond superb!

I snapped a quick screenshot of your character as I was doing your scenario of NS H70:
TrainFan126 Mar 30 @ 3:52pm 
PapiRenzel Mar 30 @ 12:27pm 
Do you Need the U34CH for the DLC to work?
DirtyDeeds Mar 19 @ 8:34am 
Part 2: I was on the train when we had that massive storm about a decade ago (long before Sandy) - where the tracks were severely damaged and washed out by the Ramapo closing the railroad for months while they rebuilt the tracks - we made it as far as Suffern that night - then went back to Hoboken due to the tracks flooding - where I slept on a bench before getting a bus out of the Port Authority the next day - my commute was nearly 24 hours before I got home. I canoe over on the Delaware and you got that right as well. Again - I am mesmerized by the absolute attention to detail on your route. Incredible. Thanks again - regards - Scott.
DirtyDeeds Mar 19 @ 8:34am 
Part 1: Yes sir - LOL- I live about 4 miles from the prisons down that road. I'm an ORTS guy and I 3D model steam locomotives for same - that's my real niche - huge fan of the LHR and BM. When I saw the video on your route by Schnauzahpowahz - I just HAD to try it. I've experienced it all on the Bergen Line - been on trains that hit people twice - one car collision - one time we hit a deer breaking the control connection to the cab car - had to drive at restricted speed all the way down to Hoboken as the engineer was in the rear locomotive.
Minerman146  [author] Mar 18 @ 6:46pm 
Awesome DIrtyDeeds! I used to giggle to myself while building...if a local sees this they are gonna know i know what they know. You know? And if ya fly above the tunnel you will see Otisville itself. Almost put the prisons in. Anyway it's a hoot for me to out this together so you can do the ride up front.
DirtyDeeds Mar 18 @ 5:39pm 
Hi Minerman - been riding the Bergen line daily to Otisville for 30 years - so I've been staring out the windows for a long time - you didn't miss a thing and I finally get to see what it looks like out the front - absolutely incredible - THANK YOU so much for this obvious herculean effort!!! Regards.
TrainFan126 Mar 2 @ 3:30pm 
@trainmasteraiden theres already a route for pascack
Minerman146  [author] Feb 20 @ 1:03pm 
Aiden can't add Pacack Valley to the route as we are final. I'm now working on scenarios for the Begen so no new route projects.