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Modular Vest System - Reworked
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Oct 16, 2021 @ 9:59am
Feb 20, 2022 @ 8:35am
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Modular Vest System - Reworked

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✔️ Compatible with 1.19

Modular Vest System is an excellent mod that is widely used within many DayZ servers - and for good reason. However, I've always held a number of nitpicks in regards to the naming scheme of all the newly added items, as well as how some of those items were balanced.

I am no expert modder or coder, but when MVS's original creator decided to step away from the mod and publish the source files on their GitHub (with repack permissions), it provided the perfect opportunity for me to act upon my OCD; and now here we are.

In short, Modular Vest System - Reworked serves as a kind of standalone "consistency update" to the original mod. It renames everything to be more in-line with the vanilla syntax, and also rebalances various items within for the sake of immersion. Item descriptions have also been added to items that lacked them, and those that already boasted descriptions have had them modified.

For server owners, the mod folder includes an up-to-date types.xml and a functioning spawnabletypes.xml. Additionally, a traderconfig.txt and a number of market files (.json) for the DayZ Expansion mod can be found in there, too.

Sections that are suffixed with a '*' are likely to be continually tweaked, improved or iterated upon with each update. Any notable changes will always be recorded in the mod's changelog.

  • All of the items within the mod have been renamed to better fit the vanilla syntax. The 'MVS' prefix is no longer used, and the colour/camouflage of relevant items are no longer stated within their names. The classnames haven't changed, however, so server admins will still be able to easily find all of the mod's equipment using their item spawning tool of choice.*

  • Every attachment slot has been renamed to better fit the vanilla syntax; no longer do they display their internal classnames.*

  • Items that lacked a description have been given one. Those which already boasted descriptions had them modified.*

  • The reportedly buggy 'Armor Rack' has been completely removed, as well as any config references, crafting recipes and script entries that are attached to it.

  • A number of items have been re-weighted and given more (or less) storage capacity based on their size and purpose.*

  • All vests and helmets have been re-balanced to fall more closely in-line with the stats of their respective vanilla alternatives. Some are slightly better, others are about the same.*

  • Various clothing and vest pieces have had their heat and water absorption values modified to better reflect their weight, material and purpose, using the vanilla values from similar items as reference.*

The changes I have made to the original mod are not significant, nor will they likely ever be. I cannot code from scratch, model or create textures, so do not expect brand new content from this rework unless somebody volunteers to create and/or help implement such things. However, I will attempt to keep up with DayZ's official patches and provide what fixes I can should any of them break this mod.

Thank you to Pepe Julian Onziema for the excellent original mod, as well as for providing the source files and open repacking permissions. A full list of the models & textures used within can be found on the original MVS workshop page, and also within the credits.txt included inside this mod's folder. I claim absolutely no ownership over Modular Vest System or it's assets.

As with the original MVS, you are free to repackage this version for your server at will - just be sure to give proper credit to the mod's creator for doing all of the legwork, and perhaps to me for taking the time to make these changes, if you feel it necessary.

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