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Flogi's Buildings & Technology Mod
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May 18, 2014 @ 4:41pm
Dec 28, 2018 @ 6:41pm
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Flogi's Buildings & Technology Mod

Idea of the mod/What does it do?

As we all know, Crusader Kings II is a complex game. However in terms of complexity concerning buildings and technology it is not as complex as I would’ve liked it to be. So I decided to change that as good as possible. This modification adds over 40 new buildings and its extensions to the game.There are numerous knew ones, but the most exciting are terrain specific buildings like corn farmes that boost your income and do other useful things. There are stone pits and mines in mountains, vineyards in hilly terrain and lumberjacks in forests.
Apart from that every settlement type has a new basic building that reflects the size of the settlement. For cities this is, for example Village, Small Town, Town, Large Town and Metropolis.

But that’s not all. You will be able to invest a good amount of money to individually design your capital as well, similar to the family places you can build when playing a republic.

As for technology I always found it a bit odd that you could if you really wanted concentrate on 3-4 different technologies and don’t suffer anywhere. Now it will be neccessary for you to invest in each and every technology at hand because they all play a great role in unlocking the buildings. Almost every building has 3 or 4 technology stages required. To boost technology growth nearly every building you can build somewhere affects your technology points. This might be another good reason to also develop the properties of your vassals.

Direct Download via Forum:
Strategie Zone[]
(FirstPost, Downloadlink)Trade Route AddonCk2+ AddonMod features in overview and summary: - Over 50 new buildings and its extensions - Terrain specific buildings that will boost your income - Individual development of your capital- All buildings have numerous requirements in the technology section- 20 new resources and buildings- Nearly all buildings give a small boost of technology points- Rebalanced ship and troop maintenance costs to a more handy (ships) and realistic (troops) level; Readjusted retinue costs and bonuses accordingly- New units: Crossbowmen and Berserkers- New laws: Economy & Justice- New investment & money lending systems- 77 new mercenary stacks- New trade routes spanning nearly the hole map- Supported languages: English and German!Compatibility with other modsThe mod works with:- Your personal castle- Historical buildings mod- It should generally work with every mod that does not change the vanilla building files. As I have to overrite them for this mod this should be the only files that don't have their own file in my mod- HIPThe mod does not work with:- CK2+ (CK2+ overrides vanilla buildings as well)Known (Interface) Issues:- In the technology section only the terrain specific buildings that you can build in your capital are listed. You can’t see the others. That has probably something to do with the game mechanics.- In the technology section you might stumble over another little bug I cannot fix. The culture specific buildings that of course all have different requirements are not correctly displayed for nations who can’t build them. In fact you will see “released buildings” and then nothing. So don’t wonder about that either.Complete Changelog:Currently there's not a complete Changelog available in english. I'll provide one when some of you demand it.Credits:- The great "Game of Thrones" Mod that allowed me to use their Battle tactics sprite.- Ardrianer for Ideas and Testing- Korreden, Blacklist3d and Napoleon V for French Localisation- Improved German Localisation by RaschidalDin
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Stavros0141 Apr 21 @ 8:41am 
Will you update it in the near future?
napoli Apr 17 @ 2:02pm 
Thank you keep nice work
flogi  [author] Apr 17 @ 1:14pm 
@Calor: Most of the buildings for trade posts are exclusive for patricians as it would be a bit op if you could build all of them as a feudal ruler. The resource settings are dependend on the province id so thats why there are some missing. Just did not add them to every single one of them.
Shlazaor Apr 10 @ 5:54am 

I am a feudal ruler and can definitely build more than a garrison in my trade posts.
Calor Apr 8 @ 1:20pm 
I just found this comment: Quick question @flogi

I have noticed that the trade posts a feudal ruler builds are different than a merchant/patrician. Is it intended that a feudal ruler's trade post can only build a garrison in it? Cause if so, they are kind of... useless

It seems than that my problem is not that i can't build resource buildings in Trade posts, but that I CAN in almost all trade posts but a few :/ sadly I have no clue how this should be able to happen
Calor Apr 8 @ 12:34pm 
Hey sorry to leave this in the main thread is it clutters as i couldn't find a bug report sub thread.
First off I really love what your mod did with my ck2 and it's such a joy to play.

Here are a few things i noticed during gameplay:

IN: combat tactics
# Frank/Norman/German/Occitan/Breton
couched_lance_charge_tactic = {
days = 18
sprite = 5
group = charge

trigger = {
phase = melee
knights = 0.01
flank_has_leader = yes
leader = {
OR = {
culture = frankish
culture = occitan
culture = norman
culture = german
culture = breton

You missed to add outremer to the list

Same in retinue

OR = {
culture = frankish
culture = occitan
culture = norman
culture = german
culture = breton

Trade ENDPOINTS are missing resource buildings (couldn't verify if this is always the case but it applies to Toulouse and Palermo)

Keep up the great work and thanks for the outstanding mod :)
flogi  [author] Apr 7 @ 6:55am 
@Phorosrhakos: Good question. I'm not really sure whether its a graphic bug or not working properly. Not easy to check though.
Phorosrhakos Apr 7 @ 2:09am 
Hey, increased disease resistance from buildings doesn't show up in the province disease resistance tooltip - is this only a graphic bug ?
susannag Apr 3 @ 11:17am 
flogi  [author] Apr 3 @ 9:31am 
Yes, its compatible. There'll probably be adjustments in the future, but it can be played right now.