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1.3 SS Researchable Stat Upgrades (Reupload)
Mod, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
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Sep 9 @ 10:11am
Oct 13 @ 9:56am
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1.3 SS Researchable Stat Upgrades (Reupload)

Reupload of [SS Researchable Stat Upgrades] for 1.3 by yours truly, kd8lvt.

I'll be maintaining this where I can for as long as I can - AKA as long as I stay interested in RimWorld modding.

Surprisingly, it had no errors in 1.3, despite what Mlie's description says. It just needed to be recompiled against 1.3, which I did using firefoxpdm's github repo, since Mlie didn't include the Source folder.


Updates for 1.3:
> Slaves do not get Combat-related bonuses
> Mod Config

This replaces Mlie's old Steam Reupload - please unsubscribe from it, to prevent errors: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2034010625

If you encounter any bugs, please send me your HugsLib log through pastebin/gist/etc, as I can't do anything without it. If you can't get HugsLib to export a log for any reason, the Player.log will also work.

--- Mlie's Description ---

Steam-upload of firefoxpdms mod

This mod will not be further updated as the original author is no longer active and neither is firefoxpdm. I tried fixing the mod for 1.3 but failed.


Adds stat upgrades that can be researched.

Mining: Improves mining speed. Included Pneumatic Picks research back from Alpha 12 for nostalgia.
Growing: Improves harvest speed and harvest success chance.
Building: Improves construction speed and construct success chance.
Animals: Improves animal gather speed and animal gather chance.
Productivity: Improves move speed and global work speed. Also a repeatable research at the end of the tree
Combat: (courtesy of Swenzi) Improves various stats in combat. (Daniel_USA you were just a bit too late :P)
Medical research: (Courtesy of KingSihv) Improves medical operation speed, quality and success chance.

Nutrient Resynthesis: Nutrient paste dispenser uses 33% less resources. 1000 research points. Also back from Alpha 12
Gun turret cooldown: Gun turrets fire shots in bursts of 4 instead of 3. Also back from Alpha 12
Nutrient flavoring: (name from rageage001) reduces mood debuff of eating mutrient paste meal from -4 to -2.
Psychology: (Courtesy of KingSihv) Prisoner recruit chance increased by 15%
Scanner Efficiency: (Courtesy of KingSihv) long-range mineral scanner takes 50% less time to detect new resource but can appear over wider area
Meat Cut Charts: (Courtesy of KingSihv) more meat yield per animal

Does this require a new save/colony/world/game/map/thing/stuff/computer/universe to use? No
Can I suggest something? You see the empty spaces in the research tree? Fill them. (Yes)
I've found a bug, what do I do? Tell me how you got to the bug, post a screenshot, and backup your save file because I might ask for it
Do you have the stats in detail? Get the mod, you don't need to do anything, just enter the research screen. If I put it here it might not be up-to-date
My items keep truncating, and it's really annoying what do I do? Right now the solution is to put Researchable Stat Upgrades higher up in the modlist (Thanks Hinanawi-sama). If that doesnt work join in the bug discussions!

Just a few tips on how to make ideas:
1. Does this really work as a research? Maybe your idea is better to be a special item or a special building, instead of a stat upgrade.
2. Think up of an ideal cost/tech level of your research
3. Think up of a nice name!
4. Where would it go in the research tree?
5. That tree is getting rather full, which means short but sweet researches probably have a higher chance of getting in!

GitHub repo: https://github.com/spdskatr/ResearchableStatUpgrades
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Oct 13 @ 10:01am
PINNED: Bug Reports
Oct 13 @ 9:59am
Similar mods?
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H'aku Nov 28 @ 10:57am 
Alright, thank you! I don't have any other stat boosting mods, so that should help me out a ton. <3
kd8lvt  [author] Nov 27 @ 11:50am 
If you check the vanilla info window (click the i button on the info pane after selecting any of your pawns) and look at the Plant Work Speed stat, you can see how much it has been boosted.

It doesn't say how much it has been boosted by the mod, but unless you have other mods boosting it, RRSU should be the only thing adding to the total after the text is generated.
H'aku Nov 27 @ 11:00am 
Is there a way to check the current stats? I just researched better farming and wanted to see what the farming speed is at now.
Lurmey Nov 24 @ 12:50pm 
Ah okay thanks for the info. Also yeah for sure don't make yourself mod when you don't wanna :P
kd8lvt  [author] Nov 24 @ 8:26am 
As far as I know it affects all turrets that shoot things the way vanilla would expect them to. (AKA: No fancy C# magic)

As for changing what it does, I _could_ do that (or even just add an additional research for it) but for now I want to keep the mod mostly the same as it's always been - I'm maintaining the mod, not developing it ^-^ Maybe in the future when I'm back in the RimWorld modding mood. For now, I'm just keeping a list of everyone's suggestions for when said mood eventually hits me :)
Lurmey Nov 24 @ 7:57am 
I always thought it was weird that gun turret *cooling* just made them fire an extra round rather than, I dunno reducing the *cooldown* time? Also does that affect Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security's Military turrets?
kd8lvt  [author] Oct 22 @ 7:40am 
Research is made repeatable through C# code. The full source code of the mod can be found in your Steam folder.

By default on Windows it looks something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\2597460077\Source\
문어다 Oct 21 @ 10:38pm 
how can reesearch repeat?
Geronimo Oct 14 @ 12:33pm 
Could you add repeating bonuses for other areas as well? Im at the end game with no research options left. So this is all I have going in that area. Im already at 300k for the next unlock. lol

Regarding the nutrient paste bonuses. Could you add support for nutrient paste tiers?
kd8lvt  [author] Oct 3 @ 8:45am 
@CMDR Youth
It doesn't do anything if you have the Transhumanist meme. I'd avoid researching it to not waste your pawns' time. The way Ideology changes moodlets based on memes is very difficult to modify at runtime, and every solution that I tried to do made the mod incompatible with base-game.