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Mod originally created by Brrainz

Puppeteer allows RimWorld players to give others control over a colonist. It's completely web-based and does not use things like Twitch chat to do so. As a gamer you install the mod and follow the instructions below to pair your game to your Twitch identity. Then you publish your game and as soon as you are in a game, your viewers will see you in the Lobby. You can now assign colonists to viewers that are waiting for assignment.

As a Twitch viewer, you can open your browser (or mobile phone) to wait until a streamer starts a published game and when you get assigned, you can see all the colonist stats and control your character. The one playing the game can restrict remote controlled colonists from doing bad things and every action is logged in the combat log of the colonist.

For Streamers

    First Time Set-up
  • Install the mod by subscribing to it on this page
  • Start your game and open a web browser at https://pupp3t.live
  • Use the Twitch button to log in
  • After logging in, go to Settings -> Streamer and create a game token
  • Download the game token and put the file in:
      AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config
  • Now you can configure your listing under Stream Information and put your game online

    During Gameplay
  • As viewers connect through the website, you can assign existing pawns to them by
    • (in-game) Right clicking on the colonist in the colonist bar
    • (website) Using the last section on the page
  • Or create a new pawn for them by using the [+] button in the top right corner of the screen
      Creating a pawn this way supports Prepare Carefully and you can even give new colonists weapons to start with if you like
  • There is also a connection meter in the upper right corner which shows you the load on your connection to the server (should normally stay at 0ms)

For Viewers

  • Open a web browser at https://pupp3t.live
  • Use the Twitch button to log in
  • After logging in, wait in the Lobby until a streamer has made their game available, then select it
  • When the streamer sees that you are in the game and available, he/she might assign a colonist to you
  • Once assigned the colonists data will appear and some commands are already enabled


Puppeteer has a respawn system that makes deaths caused by viewer interactions less fatal.
If you place a respawn portal in your base, colonists that satisfy the following conditions will respawn with their apparel and fully healed.

  • Tickets are given at start of a NEW game
    • EXISTING games will get the tickets the first time you load them with Puppeteer
    • The amount of given tickets is defined in the Puppeteer settings
  • A respawn consumes a ticket
  • Selecting the portal shows the remaining tickets in the lower left corner
  • Zero tickets remaining means all deaths are permanent

  • A death that is caused by a viewer will be compensated by a respawn
  • A death caused by the streamer/player will be permanent
  • Any interaction of the streamer/player with the colonist will start a cooldown (blue bar)
  • During the cooldown, a death is considered the fault of the streamer/player
  • The cooldown time can be set in the Puppeteer settings

  • You can have zero or one portal per map
  • Placing a portal starts a cooldown
  • Removing the portal is only possible after the cooldown to prevent you from moving the portal too quickly
  • Without portal, deaths are permanent

If you have any specific issues with either the website or the mod, you can submit an issue on Github:
Puppeteer Mod (for streamers)[github.com]
Puppeteer Website (for viewers and streamers)[github.com]

Incompatible Mods

Some known Issues
  • Pawns sometimes turn invisible
  • Toolkit integration is not always functional (viewers sometimes are not able to use the TT tab in Puppet) Fixed! Thanks saschahi
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