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Labels on Floor
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Jun 11, 2018 @ 4:36am
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Labels on Floor

Draws the names of rooms, stockpiles and growing zones as labels on the floor, like Prison Architect does.

-- Features
* Names are drawn on the floor, so they will not obscure items and furniture on top of them.
* Rooms can be renamed using a button on the 'Architect -> Orders' menu. Use a blank string to reset.
* Colour, opacity and size limits of labels can be configured in Mod Settings.
* The names of rooms come from their role. Rooms without a role don't get a label, for now.
* Stockpiles will draw their name.
* Growing zones draw their plant name, unless the player renames the zone, in which case that is shown.
* Labels will be shown along the bottom edge or left edge of a room or zone, whichever has the most visible tiles.
* Mod can be added or removed from any save and should not conflict with any other mods.

-- Settings
* Disable the display of room labels or zone labels, if you only want one type displayed.
* Choose between light or dark labels.
* Change label opacity.
* Customise maximum size of text.
* Configure minimum size below which a label will not be drawn.
* Configure furthest zoom level at which labels will be drawn.

-- Notes
* For now this only works in English (or any language using Latin letters without accents).
* The placement of labels is not always the smartest; the logic will improve in future updates.
* Rooms containing zones will show the zone names, but not the room label, as the mod is not yet smart enough to avoid the labels clashing. I will fix that in a future update.

Let me know in the Bug Reports thread of any situations where a room label does not update or display as expected.

-- Future Plans
* I will look at allowing renaming of rooms, including rooms without a role. This will be purely cosmetic, to control what label is shown on the floor.

Source: https://github.com/Falconne/
Standalone: https://github.com/Falconne/LabelsOnFloor/releases
Ludeon: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=41730.0
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Jun 14, 2018 @ 1:19am
Bug Reports
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WindSheep Nov 6, 2018 @ 8:20am 
:( cant work with chinese letters..
groovybluedog Nov 1, 2018 @ 9:19pm 
"v* Rooms containing zones will show the zone names, but not the room label, as the mod is not yet smart enough to avoid the labels clashing. I will fix that in a future update."

Can't wait for that :D
IAmDylann Nov 1, 2018 @ 2:33pm 
this is just a good idea, thanks. this will be useful. just like prison architect
falconne  [author] Oct 31, 2018 @ 3:51pm 
@Paladin: The labels aren't actually generated with fonts, as I couldn't get the engine to write text in a the map drawing layer (so it can appear behind furniture). So the labels are actually created from a texture of the alphabet. Unfortunately, to support languages other than English this way would be quite time consuming, as that means creating another texture and a mapping function. Maybe in the future I might figure out how to draw text on the map properly and then languages won't be a problem.
Paladin Oct 31, 2018 @ 6:41am 
Since Tynan made cyrillic symbols in 1.0, just want to ask about version with cyrillic support.
falconne  [author] Oct 20, 2018 @ 2:19am 
Updated to v1.0
Gurdel Oct 18, 2018 @ 10:36pm 
Thanks falconne
falconne  [author] Oct 18, 2018 @ 12:50pm 
Will do it in the next day or two, for all my mods
Paladin Oct 18, 2018 @ 2:58am 
Lack 1.0 version(((
Gurdel Oct 17, 2018 @ 10:06pm 
Hows 1.0 coming?