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Fargo's Mutant Mod
Mod Features: Quality of Life
Mod Side: Both
Tags: 1.4.3
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Aug 9, 2021 @ 8:03pm
Apr 1 @ 7:05am
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Fargo's Mutant Mod

This is a Quality of life mod that adds the Mutant town NPC who sells boss summons of nearly every mod
There are several other items such as infinite ammos, craftable instant builds for common world infrastructure like skybridges, obsidian underworld bridges, hellevators, unlimited potions, increased spawn rates toggle item, and more!

NEW UPDATE - V 2.8.8
-Adjusted boss values to match Boss Checklist again
-Fixed Renewals sometimes deleting blocks when used in unloaded chunks in multiplayer
-Fixed item hotkeys e.g. Rod of Discord being usable when they shouldn't
-Added Semi-Bridgifier
-Fixed segment issues caused by using Wormy Food and Some Kind of Metallic Worm
-Fixed Portable Sundial right click not working in multiplayer
-Reduced enemy spawner multiplayer desync issues
-Deathbringer Fairy and Ancient Seal specify they must be used at night

NEW UPDATE - V 2.8.7
-Added an additional option to holiday and seed settings. It can be set to Normal which means it behaves with no modifications. This fixes some issues with seeds world gen and other mod holiday items
-Replaced King Slime Mask with Duke Fishron Mask in Mutant Body vanity recipe
-Altar Exterminator is now crafted at any Anvil
-Added a Hallowed Bar to the Tattered Bee Wing, Fire Feather, and Unholy Trident recipes
-Added the Decay Chamber to the Crucible of the Cosmos
-The Lumberjack now sells Bamboo

NEW UPDATE - V 2.8.6
-Added Semistation
-Added Omni-Bridgifier
-Added Pylon Cleaner sprite
-Added Altar Exterminator sprite
-Added recipe for Attactive Ore
-Added recipe for Eggplant
-Added notifications for unlocking Abominationn spawners for Pumpkin/Frost Moon enemies
-Queen Bee now forces Jungle biome when alive like Plantera
-City Buster no longer rolls
-Demolitionist sells Boom Shurikens for slightly more than their crafting cost
-Witch Doctor sells Bewitching Table post-Skeletron
-Updated Boom Shuriken tooltip
-Updated Half Instavator tooltip to clarify it does not work below some depth
-Adjusted recipe for Holy Grail
-Adjusted Lumberjack's Tree Treasures to provide more critters more easily
-Crucible of Cosmos incorporates Golden Dipping Vat
-Lihzahrd Instactuation Bomb now also works if you stand a short distance away from altar
-Fixed unlimited buffs working even when toggled off
-Removed class stations and Slice of Cake from Omnistation due to inventory unlims
-Reduced stack requirement for unlimited class stations and Slice of Cake from 15 to 3
-Made recipe easier for crafting Merchant into Travelling Merchant
Originally posted by tModLoader:
Developed By Fargowilta and Terry N. Muse
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Squirrel bug
Apr 9 @ 7:37am
need help cant summon bosses and do mutants gift in multiplayer
Apr 23 @ 4:53pm
< >
flussa236 May 18 @ 9:37pm 
@teejayfury LMAO
Lore Keeper May 17 @ 12:23am 
ever since I attempted to fight deviantt my game just closes itself and resets to the last save. I can't even play now because after a few seconds, the game just freezes and closes. not sure if this is a mod conflict since my whole run was fine before I fought deviantt
Eggy May 16 @ 1:31pm 
mod is busted on multiplayer, difficulty changer doesn't work and causes bosses to bug out
teejayfury May 15 @ 5:48pm 
squirell is fecked up. 11 gold for a goldfish he about to be homeless lol
ZaTrapu May 11 @ 3:09pm 
The mod is buggy because it won't load with the calamity mod
Shopkeeper Mr.D May 8 @ 2:18am 
How do you remove npc you have placed with acorn. ITS DRIVING MY CRAZY. i ahve 2 of the same npc
Biggie Cheese May 6 @ 9:10am 
You know Fargo, I have no clue what the hell is wrong with your mods. Your loot bonus bricks worlds and you've done nothing about it, and when I remove your mods from my world to try and make it more functional, it bricks it without it. I am astounded that your mods have zero defensive code. I don't expect you to make them compatible with every little mod, but nobody expects your mods to literally ruin their world for the second fucking time. Your mods are singlehandedly responsible for that twice, and I implore anyone having strange mod issues to never include a single mod of his in their pack, as it sure fixed all my problems.
Dr Doofus May 1 @ 9:21am 
It just deleted itself from my world. I have it installed but it just does nothing. I deleted and downloaded and reloaded multiple times. Now, to add to that, it doesnt let me open my world.
1ue999 Apr 26 @ 7:36am 
the mininuke 1/2 bags dont work with celebration mk2?
Misty_Breeze Apr 24 @ 1:17am 
I found a bug with calamity weapons. Its up to the developers to fix it, since it is only a calamity issue, i understand if they don't. When holding down a calamity weapon and pressing your quick rod of discord button will not teleport you however you still will have that debuff added. Again i have ONLY had this issue with calamity weapons and not vanilla weapons. no idea about any other mods' weapons. Also note that I am using a auto-swing mod and quite frankly i am too lazy to check if that's also messing with it.

I write this so others will keep in mind this little bug while fighting those really hard bosses.