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Space Engineers

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May 27, 2021 @ 3:24pm
Apr 2, 2022 @ 11:51am
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Pipeline blocks allow the connection of cargo systems over long distances.

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Massive thanks to enenra for the pipeline models!

The theme of this mod is "minimal player help". Its left to the player to engineer pipelines efficiently.

- You can toggle helpful build visuals with /pipeline toggle.
- Pipelines can be turned on/off with the "Show In Terminal" control.

  1. Place a "Pipeline Hub" block on a static grid, anchored in voxel.
  2. The arrows on the Pipeline Hub indicate the direction of flow. The next pipeline in the chain should follow the direction
  3. Travel some distance forward, build another static grid and place another Pipeline Hub. There is a 10 degree tolerance, so the two pipeline blocks don't need to perfectly line up
  4. Repeat until you build your full network
  5. Any cargo inside a Pipeline Cargo will be shunted forward, after a small delay (~ 1 second)

Build Rules
  • All pipeline cargo blocks must be STATIC
  • Pipelines will not connect to another pipeline block on the same grid / subgrid
  • Pipeline hub blocks DO NOT need power
  • Pipeline hub blocks DO need line of sight to the next block in the chain. This is blocked by voxels (but not grids)
  • Maximum connection distance is 1km

Q: What happens if a pipeline block in the chain is destroyed?
A: Material will build up in the network, until it is no longer functional

Q: Can I branch a pipeline network?
A: Yes, with sorter blocks at the relevant node. The sorter should pull out cargo before it gets passed on
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Jan 13 @ 8:10pm
'KeithFromCanada' Olson
DracoNB Apr 11 @ 1:13pm 
@klime or @enenra is it okay to make modifications and upload a private version of this mod? We wanted to modify/remove the physics from the pipelines. Thanks :)
ceilyurie Apr 1 @ 4:54pm 
THe pipelines aren't transferring anything for me.
DracoNB Apr 1 @ 1:43pm 
Heya thanks for making this great mod. We were wondering if we could modify it to change the physics on the pipelines themselves and re-upload.
Matze Mar 11 @ 6:31am 
Would it be possible to use the codebase of the mod to make a railway mod?
I think I remember seeing a railroad mod for Medieval engineers back in the day
General Madman Feb 20 @ 12:35am 
question how do i get the pipeline to connect to seperate hub while on same grid?
TechCoder Feb 5 @ 7:10am 
Power outposts through Pipelines by sending ICE to them and using a gen..... (or add a solar panel and/or turbine.... :)
kinngrimm Feb 4 @ 8:55pm 
fair enough, thx
Tick-tock Jan 23 @ 5:09pm 
@kinngrimm they do not, as far as Ive tested
kinngrimm Jan 21 @ 6:36am 
"Pipeline hub blocks DO NOT need power"
ok, but do they let power through? So it could also be a way to power outposts from a central location?
ArcaneCyanide Dec 4, 2023 @ 12:42am 
Please for the love of god add tags or some sort of method to tell specific pipe hubs to connect to other specific ones rather than sending out THREE pipes (2 unwanted) out of one hub through my base walls into the outgoing port of another hub for some reason