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RTR: Imperium Surrectum 0.4.2
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May 15, 2021 @ 3:12am
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RTR: Imperium Surrectum 0.4.2


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We are proud to present to you all: RTR: Imperium Surrectum!

This is the fourth official version of the new mod presented to you by the combined teams of Rome Total Realism and Roma Surrectum. Overall, RIS will look to provide historical accuracy as well as fun and challenging gameplay. Most importantly, RIS is one of the first mods to utilize the many new features unlocked and introduced in Feral’s amazing RR patch from December!

In this version you will find, among many other things:

  • 32 Playable factions, including 11 brand new ones: Baktria, Epeiros, Achaian League, Aitolian League, Athens, Syracuse, Rhodes, Massalia, Kyrene, Boiotian League & the Saka!
  • A brand new unit roster, for the first time utilizing the great feature of unit texture variation for a number of core factions such as pre-Marian reforms Rome, Carthage, Antigonid Macedon, and the Arevaci, with many more to come!
  • An updated campaign map based upon our own overhauled variant of Mundus Magnus with beautiful new textures, as well as lots of new regions, settlements, and resources based off historical research.
  • Loads of new descriptions for factions, units, as well as the new recruitment buildings, written by- and based on proper historical research by our own historians.
  • A brand new economic system, focused on farming early and trade later. This is a much more difficult system than vanilla, but not impossible by any means!
  • A brand new recruitment system focusing on homeland and development: your homelands start off with easier recruitment options, but as you expand and build annexation, you must now build up your barracks, stables and ranges to access their respective units. This is a WIP and not final.
  • New BI-based religion system, simulating 22 cultures of the time (Italic, Greek, Celtic, Germanic, Iberian, Illyrian, Baltic, Thracian, Scythian, Libyan, Phoenician, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Arab, Judaean, Assyrian, Anatolian, Caucasian, Armenian, Mesopotamian, Iranian, & Indian!).
  • New Cultures to simulate factional differences and the various independent diverse kingdoms, tribes and nations who aren't represented by a faction. You'll notice these in new Rebel banners and symbols (Roman, Greek, Western Hellenistic, Eastern Hellenistic, Thracian, Gallic, Britonnic, Celtiberian, Germanic, Dacian, Scythian, Phoenician, Libyan, Anatolian, Armenian, Iranian, Egyptian).
  • Massive amount of new music, combining the works of RS2 and RTR as well as the compositions of Tyler Cunningham.
  • A much tougher free people’s faction, they act independent, are strong and might even attack you! Also they represent the various nations that we have not yet defined as factions.
  • New environments, ground textures, trees, rocks, skies, LUTS (lighting), weather, and clouds for a more in-depth and realistic experience.
  • All new faction icons, campaign and battle map banners, including a new variety for the rebels.
  • New trait systems from RS2, VE, and other sources including: Roman Leadership, Roman Provincial Governors, Greek Leadership, Carthaginian Leadership, Barbarian Leadership, Hellenistic Dynasties and Satrapies, and Personality traits. In this version, a characters ethnicity will contribute to religious growth and unrest.
  • New horses, combining the Remastered horses with RS2 saddle, cloth and armour models and textures.
  • New scripts such as garrisons scripts in important cities, AI scripts, as well as an emergency army script to help factions survive and form a proper challenge for you as player.
  • In this version, we overhauled unit stats to make battles more enjoyable and tactical. All units have less morale and armour so they are more susceptible to morale shocks. Missile units have been improved to be more effective but need to attack on the flanks to deal significant damage. Some units have also had their costs adjusted in order to better reflect their capabilities and value.
  • Various military reforms for multiple factions, some are simple, some change a lot of the roster. This is currently a WIP and will be made more complex and refined in future versions.
  • The Greek City States faction is no longer on the map, but it can appear during a revolt in a Greek region, so watch out!
  • The Suebi have had their roster and stats adjusted to better reflect them as a unique nation and culture.
  • Each faction now has an intro message that gives a brief explanation about how RIS plays compared to vanilla RR & RTW.
  • Too many other things to mention here, check out RIS and discover your favourite feature!

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Issues FAQ

  • How do I trigger the Marian Reforms when playing as Rome?
    Reach huge city and build an imperial palace in any of the Roman starting cities + Ancona, except for Rome itself.

  • How do I know when military reforms will occur when playing as another faction?
    Military reforms for other factions than Rome have their unique triggers. For now, these are usually just dates. You will receive a pop-up message when a reform occurs; afterwards you will see the new and changed recruitment options in your government buildings.

  • Help! I don't make any money!
    We have tried to make the economy as challenging as possible. This means that you might face a negative income during the first few turns. Focus on expansion straight away, secure trade rights with neighbouring factions, and spend all of your starting funds to construct especially farms and to train some additional armies. This should set you up for a fun and successful campaign!

  • I cannot recruit any units, how does recruitment work?
    Upon conquering a city, you first need to construct an 'Annexation / Occupation' building. This represents a city or region being politically integrated into your faction. Higher government levels unlock more and better units, however, you will also need to upgrade military infrastructure (barracks, stables, missile ranges) in order to be able to recruit them!

  • What is the recommended difficulty?
    Of course, the recommended difficulty depends on your experience and preferred playing style. We balance the game for Hard/Hard, but feel free to turn difficulty up or down if you like!

  • X unit is weak! Y unit is ahistorical!
    The unit rosters and stats are still temporary right now. We will keep improving them in future releases, but your feedback is always welcome!

  • What are you planning for the future of the mod?
    Please keep checking our Dev Diaries at our Discord to keep up to date with the most recent news and announcements. Thank you for your support!

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van_snick001 Aug 10 @ 6:42pm 
WTF performance hit... I get 140 FPS (while I just need 60FPS) in the base game so my guess is you all play on potatoes instead of PC's,... So maybe it will drop a few frames with this mod but so what I don't need more tthan 60 fps. the person that can't run this game on ultra at atleast 60 fps should really buy a new gaming laptop or PC.
LukyLucaz Aug 10 @ 7:11am 
Some personal complaints about the campaign map

Being used to playing Roma Surrectum, the current map feels so cramped, mostly due to the new UI. I can barely see towns and units in Greece because the town widgets overlap armies, agents or even other towns. Any chance the map will be upscaled or you will make changes to the UI to improve this?

Second, any plans to create more realistic, desaturated textures like Roma Surrectum had? The current map is better than the vanilla remastered but still looks too bright for my taste.
griff Aug 4 @ 6:26am 
why does the campaign map look so discolored? I have played with the Post FX and brightness sliders per the mod's recommendation but everything I try looks awful. Otherwise love the mod -- I just find it kind of unplayable when the campaign map looks like that.
Witch-King of Angmar Aug 3 @ 8:29pm 
It would be great if there were more playable factions in Persia like Kingdom of Atropatene or Parthian Empire
Apple  [author] Aug 3 @ 1:21pm 
@v.i.levczek we really haven't started on buildings yet, but that is something we will do eventually. :)
v.i.levczek Aug 3 @ 12:59pm 
Any future plans for unique buildings for certain regions?
Apple  [author] Aug 3 @ 8:14am 
@Athropos We work tirelessly to make it the best-looking mod. Don't like it, play something else. ;)
Iceni Total War Aug 2 @ 3:17pm 
Mine too is an old brick but i'm building a new one this week, maybe i'll do some test comparisons videos.
Athropos Aug 2 @ 10:36am 
@kiwi411111 The devs of this mod worked tirelessly to make the remaster run worse than the original Rome 1, and they are proud of it. It's not you :)
Iceni Total War Aug 2 @ 12:50am 
@kiwi411111 yep definitely performance hit on my PC with this mod.