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RTR: Imperium Surrectum - v0.1.3
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RTR: Imperium Surrectum - v0.1.3

Report issues in our Discord
If you have an issue, and wish for us to help, please visit our discord and let us help you out!
You need to have been a discord users for more than 5 minutes to join or you will get an error message!

Issues FAQ
To everyone who has issues with crashes when starting a campaign, please set your game language to English. We will push a quick hotfix for this issue soon.

  • Custom battles aren't working!
    This is because the last custom battle files are not modfoldered yet. You need to go to %localappdata%Feral InteractiveTotal War ROME REMASTEREDVFSLocalRome and rename the custom folder to something else. Sadly, this will also make it so that custom battles won't work in vanilla unless you repeat this process for vanilla.

  • Launcher keeps refreshing mod list infinitely!
    (Thanks to @finishingtouchpaintllc for the solution) Close the launcher. Open steam. Click on the Steam menu in the top left corner, then Settings. Go to Downloads and select 'Clear Download Cache'. Click Ok. Your Steam will close. Log back into steam and open the game launcher again. The issue should be fixed!

  • There's a message saying the Brutii and Scipii have been defeated!
    This is intended behaviour. Sadly, this has to be the case to prevent a CTD.

  • X unit is weak! Y unit is ahistorical!
    The unit roster and stats are temporary right now. We will improve them in future releases, but your feedback is very welcome!

  • What are you planning for the future of the mod?
    We have a FAQ here in the forums. Thank you for your support!

We are proud to present to you all: RTR: Imperium Surrectum - v0.1.3!
  • This is the first official version of the combined teams of Rome Total Realism and Roma Surrectum.
    Overall RIS will look to provide historical accuracy as well as fun and challenging gameplay.

  • In version 0.1.3 you will find all vanilla units replaced by Roma Surrectum 2 units, this is temporary but they look amazing!
  • All Roman Auxilia and Legion units have been added.
  • Some Greeks city states have unique hoplites, check them out!
  • The battle ai has been worked on as well as stats, and the campaign will have some tougher rebel settlements as well.
  • We also hope you enjoy our new menu theme!

Total War Center subforum
TWC Forums link[]

Official Discord Server
Discord invite link[]

ModDB page

The Team (as of version 0.1.3):
  • ahowl11: leader, founder and face of the Mod, coding
  • tone: units, unit cards, modeling, unit stats
  • jorellaf: minor mapping, minor 2D art, text editing, coding, testing, debugging, mod file management, historian.
  • Apple: workshop/discord moderation & administration, music composition, manager of testers and Mac OS testing.
  • burninator: modeling, 2D Art and unit cards
  • Swagger: environments, modeling
  • CaiusAntonius: 2D Art, unit cards
  • Lord Drake: GitLab maintainer
  • AmyClaraRose: GitLab repository owner and maintainer
  • moscaflaca: testing and some public relations
  • starkgate: upscales of RS and RTR textures, and getting main menu theme working
  • Mausolos: lead historian
  • Maurits: discord administration and public relations
  • El Santo Padre: 2D art
  • Remlap: 2D Art
  • Nelduin: public relations, modDB page maintainer
  • Our amazing testers: Neep, tungri_centurio, Tedric, Filip, Saxon Potato, mart br, Algerian-polak, xsithspawnx, sapientape, _Alexiares_, Sgt. Skillz, puns (canon edit), Alcoolamus, UseTheForca, legend87, TheKhan14, Igorche81, Bugs Bunny, ghostbuster, Cpt_Krunch, Alexander the Great, Primo, kylan271, Jackasaurus☘, SapientApe

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SGZ***71 1 hour ago 
Just wanted to say thanks to the RTR -IS team. I'm having a great time w a campaign using this mod. I'm very excited to see what the future brings , especially once you can take advantage of the 1.02 patch. Already like this game (w mod) better than any other TW game yet and it'll just get better and better. Happy days :)
Maurits  [author] 2 hours ago 
@all we're still working on implementation of mercs. The current built might not work yet on the beta patch, however, we're working towards an end-of-summer-ish release that will bring you loads of new stuff! Make sure to keep checking out our discord for sneak previews and dev diaries :)
a100167 13 hours ago 
The new patch seems to be the one that will allow mods like these truly shoot for the stars. Best of luck team!
thomasmdaywalt 23 hours ago 
it not working on beta
DeLastOne Jul 23 @ 12:10am 
mod is not working after last patch.
Stop Hippo Infantcide Jul 22 @ 6:56pm 
is there any news about the faction limit changes?
palmerm Jul 22 @ 6:43am 
That's a lot of changes!
palmerm Jul 21 @ 4:58pm 
I suspect the pros and cons of mercenaries will remain the same. Do they add some speciality that you need! Longer ranged archers or in early Roman games any archers or slingers. Do you need more men desperately? I don't buy mercs for the sake of buying them. But if I have no archers and I can buy some, I do. If I can buy some heavy cavalry and I need it, I do. If that enemy stack has 14 units, I have 12, and I can buy 4 mercs, I often do.
Tiree Jul 21 @ 12:20pm 
What will be the pros and cons of using mercenaries? Will they be highly experienced but very expensive?

Do you plan on having a logistics/supply system at some point in the game?

Since population wont limit recruitment that much, do you plan on having a limit on the number of units that a faction can recruit. e.g. Rome limited to a certain number of cohorts?