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Sukritact's Egypt Rework
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Sukritact's Egypt Rework

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Egypt isn't a badly done civ, but it's always struck me as relatively passive and unexciting (which I suppose is good for a starter civ, but I want my Egypt to be exciting darnit!). They receive an uninspiring (but not weak) bonus to constructing districts and wonders next to rivers. The damage from their floods is just negated with no extra changes, which ironically makes those events less interesting than they would be for other players. hardly fitting for a people who relied so heavily on the flooding of the Nile.

Plus, I hate the Sphinx conceptually. It feels a bit like giving France a gargoyle for a tile improvement if you ask me. It's been removed, and it ain't coming back.

So this reworks changes things up a bit. While this reworked Egypt still revolves around rivers and floods, you will have to actively plan to make the most out of their new abilities; and if done well, you will reap much more impressive rewards.


Unique Ability: Season of Inundation
For every other district of the same type built along the same river, City Centers receive +1 Amenity, and specialty Districts provide +1 of the appropriate yield. Tiles are immune to Flood Damage, and specialty Districts next to a river provide a burst of the appropriate yield whenever the river floods.

Unique District: Set-Ma'at
A district unique to Egypt that is cheaper and available earlier than the district it replaces, the Industrial Zone.

+1 Production from a tile containing a River edge. +1 Production for every two adjacent Farms. After unlocking Apprenticeship, +1 Production for every two adjacent Mines, and +1 Production for every adjacent Quarry. +1 Production for every adjacent Farm after researching Buttress.

Only provides Great Engineer Points with Apprenticeship. Its adjacency bonus is doubled while the city is constructing a Wonder.
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GAFM Aug 16 @ 4:31pm 
@Black Snorlax (is that a shiny? I don't Poket, but am friends with a mad fan), and @D34DLY, thanks so much for your help, when I see, I copy, but when it is explained, I learn. Done.
DestrockQc Aug 11 @ 7:33pm 
Notepad++ is probably the most popular
D34DLY Aug 11 @ 8:03am 
comment out a line of code by going to the start of that line of code, and typing "-- " but without the quotes. That is, dash, dash, space


cool code goes brrrrr


-- cool code goes brrrrr

then that line becomes a comment. you could just delete the line of code, but when you comment it out, it is easy to restore later.

I just use the basic windows Notepad to edit, because they are simple text files, and I am too lazy to download something else.
Nomad Aug 3 @ 12:35am 
Are there any plans for this to be integrated into Civilizations Expanded like the khmer rework
DestrockQc Aug 2 @ 12:15am 
I have mod conflicts, would it be possible to fix it ?

Gedemo Hatskepsut

I would like to keep your 3 civilization traits and only change the leader traits from the other mods. I dislike the vanilla bonuses (the sphinx and the military sux)
Black Snorlax Jul 27 @ 6:12pm 
@GAFM "comment out' in 'Noob-speak' means to make a line of code inactive. It's like putting invisible 'white-out' on your code so the application (Civ 6 in this case) won't run it. We (programmers) do this to leave notes or "comments" in our code so that other programmers can read and understand what the code is the supposed to do.

So if you were to comment out the line that tells the game to delete the sphinx out of the game. the game would not read that line and thus not nix the sphinx
Black Snorlax Jul 27 @ 6:05pm 
@GAFM if you want to see this for yourself open up any of the game files that end in .sql open it with a code editor (VS CODE is amazing one...its also free) highlight a line of code and hit

on PC : CTRL + /
on Mac: Command + /

do this and you'll see that line of code go from whatever color it is to dark or grey meaning it's been "commented out"
GAFM Jul 26 @ 6:16pm 
@D34DLY, could you step-by-step that change for me please? I'm not a complete idiot, but I'm also not a modder...
GAFM Jul 26 @ 6:14pm 
@RadicalSpinach I did notice, but it's not written in NOOB-enough speech for me to do! What the hell does "comment out" mean? If it was super-clear, so I didn't worry I was going to bugger up my game, I would give it a go, but it's not quite clear enough for me to be confident I wouldn't wreck everything!
RadicalSpinach Jul 18 @ 6:38pm 
@GAFM Don't know if you've noticed yet, but the comment directly before yours gives instructions about how to re-enable the sphinx.