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[RH2] Rimdeed® - Pawn Recruitment
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[RH2] Rimdeed® - Pawn Recruitment

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What is Rimdeed®?
Rimdeed is an online comms console service that allows businesses to seek new recruits. Our online CVs offer just enough information about the jobseeker so our clients can hire a new beloved member of their team!

In summary: A mod where you can hire pawns

How do jobseekers work?
Upon paying for the Rimdeed® service package of your choice, you will receive applicants within 1-3 days. Applicant CVs are randomly generated text where the jobseeker attempts to sell themselves to their potential new employers!

Once you receive the applications, you can accept or ignore as much as you desire and your new team member will be sent by drop pod within 1 working day.

How to use:
* Use Comms Console and select "Use Rimdeed® recruitment website"
* Choose your service package to advertise your business, guaranteed 1-5 applicants within 1-3 days.
* Accept and reject as many applications as you want!
* Try our FREE Trial! 1 guaranteed application for your business. (Refreshes after 90 days)
* Use our Trade In system! Send us new jobseekers into our Corporate Hubworld!

Customer FAQ:
* Is Rimdeed compatible with Combat Extended?
- Rimdeed® prides itself with being compatible with Combat Extended.

* Could I order applicants in space? (SOS2 compatibility)
- Rimdeed® does not provide the means to give every applicant EVA suits and transportation in the unsafe elements of space, please make sure you order the applicants within a planet. Preferably a planet that supports life because our service is incompatible for orders made in space.

* So what does this mod do?
- Rimdeed® is a service that can be found in the comms console to hire new pawns to work for your colony. They will stay there permanently once you accept their application. You can also Trade In your colonists or prisoners that you would rather send to Rimdeed to be treated humanely instead of the dangerous and highly unethical slaver industry. Rimdeed® provides a protection period for newly hired jobseekers and will ban businesses who endanger the lives of our applicants from using our service.

* Is Rimdeed compatible with "Set-up Camp"?
- Rimdeed® will run with the mod with no errors or other intrusive issues, however ordering applications may not work with being inside a camp that was set up using the mod, due to those "maps" having problems with incidents that trigger on their map.

* Is Rimdeed compatible with other faction mods and races?
- Rimdeed® believes in equal opportunity, therefore applicants from other factions and races are compatible with our service!

* Could you please change the prices?
- Rimdeed® has a mod settings option for players who wish to edit the age range of applicants, ban certain techlevels from applying and change the cost of the service packages.

* Can I enable Rimdeed mid-save?
- Yes, you can safely enable Rimdeed mid-save.

* Can I remove Rimdeed mid-save?
- Yes, you can remove Rimdeed mid-save however you may receive errors especially if you are pending applicant arrival. Simply ignore the errors and move on after removal.

* Is this compatible with Map Wide Orbital Beacon mod?
- No, that mod seems to use its own version of a beacon radius and is therefore undetected by this mod. You have to use a normal orbital trade beacon or mods which utilise the version of coding that vanilla has.

* I am getting errors when I use free trial, and the pawn never arrives
- If you use mods or use the settings that blacklist techlevels, human race and factions or completely destroy a faction you are recruiting from, it will cause this error to happen.

* Can I sell my pawns in Rimdeed?
- Rimdeed® is not a human trafficking service. However, we have a Trade In system for both your prisoners and colonists where we send the new arrivals to our Corporate Hubworld. There they will be given their own accomodations, treated to five star dining and given high quality medical treatment as they await a new place of employment.

* Will Trade In with Rimdeed cause "sold to slavery" negative moodlet?
- Employees sent to the Corporate Hubworld, will be taken care of and provided high quality facilities for the benefit of sending them to future employment that they are consenting to and are given incentive to apply for. This therefore sets a mutual understanding between all of our clients, that Rimdeed® publically condemns the slaver industry and is an official business that conducts things according to what the laws require.

* What is the Corporate Hubworld?
- The Rimdeed® Corporate Hubworld is where we take former slaves and other offworld employees. Rimdeed® believes in delivering quality of care to every employee who we highly value due to the profits they generate. Our facilities have single housing accomodations, five-star dining, recreational facilities and GlitterTech level medical treatment. During their stay in the Corporate Hubworld they will undergo training to become effective team members for when they progress to a new career.

* I'm getting a 404 ERROR on my applications!
- "404 Error" is a feature in the mod and is not a real error. It is the result of you hiring all applicants in the job applications page, it's only there until the page expires completely after 30 days. If you wish the close the incident letter, simply right the letter on the bottom right side of your screen.

* Can I get a refund? I did not find an applicant I like!
- Rimdeed® does not offer refunds for its service. We cannot be held responsible for the quality of applicants that our clients recieve. Upon using our service, you agree with our Terms of Service.

* Could I please speak to the manager?
- Rimdeed® customer support is managed and run by exactly one muffalo, Mr. Fluffles the Team Lead. Any and all complaints will be redirected to Mr. Fluffles. We will send you a confirmation email to look into the issue and an investigation will be conducted.

Legal Disclaimer:
Rimdeed® does not offer refunds for its service once employers have agreed to pay by clicking the purchase button. We are not responsible for the quality of applications that are received by our clients. We have the right to reserve our jobseekers' personal information including medical records for data protection purposes. Any and all information in the jobseeker's CV are given with written consent. Rimdeed® cannot be held responsible for any potential cannibalism, workplace fires, organ harvesting, lack of tables and other workplace related incidents both caused by and inflicted on jobseekers once they have been accepted by their new employer. Rimdeed® is in no way affiliated with any other company that exists outside of the outer RimWorlds and cannot be sued because our GlitterWorld lawyers do not want to visit other planets. Rimdeed® is not a human trafficking service, we are a service that provides a platform for jobseekers and employers.

Taranchuk - C# coding, .xml coding
Chicken Plucker - Art, .xml, CV generation
RimWorld discord and Ludeon studios community - CV phrase generation contributions
Tynan Sylvester and the Ludeon team - RimWorld
Indeed® - The inspiration for this mod
Mario Cerame - The lawyer who saved this mod from trademark ban

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I very much appreciate the disclaimer that Rimdeed® condemns slavery *publically*.
Big Cheese Feb 10 @ 10:55am 
Your moral guide left you, and now you're morally lost. "I need Rimdeed." Find quality matching candidates with your job description.
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I can never receive any applications no matter what level of product I choose. Have no idea if it is related to mod incompacity.Anyoone could help?
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I've noticed that sometimes the merchant for the trade in function does not have any silver
what a wonderfully written advertisement
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i never get the prompt to select applicants after i buy any of the packages and same goes for the free trail
Budd Dwyer Jan 16 @ 9:21am 
whenever i get the chance to open the applicants it says all applicants accepted when i open the menu then they never arrive
crashfly Dec 25, 2023 @ 5:29pm 
Nevermind. I think it just has to do with the pawns that come from the empire. That is their title and not the faction. Seems I misread how that worked.

Still, good mod as long as you have money.
crashfly Dec 25, 2023 @ 5:27pm 
According to your "documentation", it says this mod helps to hire new paws who stay permanently at our location. Do these pawns actually join the colony? Because the pawns I have received still show to be a part of another faction even though they are at my colony.
A.J.in Dec 7, 2023 @ 2:00am 
It's a brilliant idea. brilliant really.
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