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Compressed Raid
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Compressed Raid

Compressed Raid 1.3(WIP)

2021-07-11 Updated.(The latest version is now 1.3)
Update notes:
  • RimWorld version 1.3 is now supported.
  • The configuration screen has been redesigned to no longer depend on HugsLib.
  • The settings have been initialized accordingly, but you can restore the previous settings by clicking the Load settings from old version button on the MOD settings screen.

  • Please note that this button will not appear on the screen of new users or users who have not changed the default settings.
About this mod
This mod reduces the number of raiders in a single raid and enhances the raiders in proportion to the reduced number.
It meets the need of "I don't want to lose the fun of incremental difficulty, but I don't want to freeze my computer with too many raiders."
By default, the maximum number of raiders is 100, and the enhancement factor is modest.
If you feel that this is not enough, you can make more detailed settings in the mod settings.
And by the way, "Mechanoid cluster" is not supported.
Explanation of MOD setting items
This section has been moved to the following thread because the text became too long and exceeded the character limit.
I will add it here in the future.
Setting Tips
If you use this mod with default settings, it may cause raiders too strong to deal with, depending on your environment.
If this happens, you will need to review your settings, but the amount of spoon feeding will vary depending on your environment.
If you encounter such a situation, we suggest that you set the Common enhancement factor to a small value such as 0.1 to make the degree of reinforcement milder, and then gradually increase the setting while observing the situation.
To mod developers
The Add Drug Effects feature added in 1.2.7 will automatically include drugs added by other mods in the lottery table if they are useful in combat.
However, if the mod creator decides to exclude your mod's drugs, or if they want to enforce a set operation with negative effect regardless of the mod settings, they can patch it that way.
Please check the below thread for details.
Special Thanks
- Contribution to translation.
English translation : Google, DeepL

Notice from the mod developer
Due to personal reasons, it has become difficult for me to continue updating this site at the same frequency as before.
Therefore, we will stop accepting spontaneous updates and suggestions with this version.
Future updates will be made to the extent possible only if there is a major update to RimWorld, such as a major update to RimWorld itself, that makes it difficult to run this mod in a vanilla environment.
If this is not possible, I will announce the end of development when it becomes clear, but for now, this mod is a WIP.
I would like to continue our activities as before, depending on changes in the situation, but it is unlikely that we will be able to do so in the foreseeable future.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your use of this mod to date.
I am sorry that I have to report this.

If you would like to continue to use this mod while it is still working without any problems, I would appreciate it.
(At 5 June, 2021)
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1004641652 Oct 19 @ 9:33am 
Before I meet 700% move speed 100 enemy I think this mod's default value was fine, and now Im fxxked up by those super man:steamfacepalm:
Chrispy Oct 10 @ 9:39am 
Does this mod just increase the wealth that pawns can get bionics from, or does it also give pawns more categories to get their bionics from?

In addition to that, does it insert bionics from mods that have their own bionic categories?

Also, with 'Chance of compress execution', is that chance applied once to the whole raid, and results in either the entire or none of the raid being compressed, or does it apply pawn by pawn?

Aka, will 0.50 result in half the pawns in every raid compressing, or will it result in half of all raids being compressed?
hkzmfn Sep 19 @ 4:14pm 
Thank you. Even if the update is late, I will always wait
Tanya Murderloli Sep 3 @ 4:35pm 
Hi. Is there a chance to have a received damage multiplier added to the settings?
Sirius Aug 7 @ 8:19pm 
There is a specific option that needs to be enabled for insects (but modded infestations aren't supported)
seppi141 Aug 7 @ 5:56am 
idk why but it dosent work the limit is set to 100 and i got a raid with 165 insects
Balzy Jul 29 @ 7:30pm 
question if u down a raider that is compressed do you get him with his compressed stats or how does it work ?
Sirius Jul 26 @ 7:42pm 
@adi tetac You're right, the issue was that this mod conflicts with powerful psycast ai
Adi Tetac Jul 24 @ 10:53pm 
Similar issue to @Sirius and @. though it turned out to be a mod conflict with Powerful Psycast AI
worthless(dont heal) Jul 15 @ 11:42am 
similar issue as @Sirius

set the limit to 25, received raid of 116?