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WARNING: When paired with Arcana, any mod that changes how defense works, or makes any other such major change to the game may result in bugs ranging from inconsequential to game breaking.

Update v1.1, Golden Skies

We're happy to announce that the 1.1 update is here, and a new race is being added to Arcana! Alongisde with that, three new planets are added as well as new encounters to explore and find!

New Race, Gilten
Residing in sky-bound arks, the Gilten are descendants of holy dragons who worship the divine Light of the Aeon. Possessing affinities harnessed from the Light, the Gilten are naturally resilient against basic elements, but weak from physical strikes.

The Gilten's artifact collection branch, Aurea, has supplied Gilten spacefarers with an unique ship. However, you'll only gain access to Aurea's more advanced furniture in the next update.

New Planet, Amorous
The Amorous is a lush planet bathed in eternal sunset, rich in gems and other luxury resources. Many nobles have settled here for the planet's beautiful rivers and skies.

Notable Enemies
  • Mudmidge, a mud-slime that lurks in the Amorous outskirts.
  • Paintlin, a goblin that has taken a liking to freeform painting.

New Planet, Ruinous
Infected by the influence of the Ruin, the Ruinous is now engulfed with air of blight and catastrophe. The entire planet's surface has been encased in shadows, leaving the skies in eternal darkness. Troops of the Horizon have set up camps here to conduct research on the ancient powers.

Notable Enemies
  • Erexeno Fencers, melee combatants of Horizon research expedition troops.
  • Erexeno Hunters, ranged snipers of Horizon's research team.
  • Horizon Pyrocraze Hoplites, Horzion elites that utilizes flame shotguns and plasma-shield technology.
  • Horizon Cryocraze Hoplites, Horzion elites that specialize in ice spells and lances, as well as plasma-shields.

New Planet, Empyrean
Home of the Gilten, the Empyrean is a planet filled with golden rays of light. Visiting travelers are automatically directed to the flying ark looming amongst the clouds, surrounded by sky-islands and ancient ruins.

Notable Enemies
  • Trispiel, an ancient light being that once guarded the sky-arks.

New Dungeons
Several new dungeons are introduced in this update, as well as a new type of dungeon: General Dungeons! These can be found in most Arcana planets except for in Tripolar and Mirage stars.

New Dungeons
  • Blistering Sanctum (Blistering)
  • Windswept Sanctum (Windswept)
  • Pearlles Provincial City (Amorous)
  • Empyrean Sanctum (Empyrean)
  • Gilten Reception Ark (Empyrean)

New General Dungeons
  • Koel Industries Outpost (commonly found in Arcane planets)
  • Miniknog Research Camp (commonly found in Arcane planets)

New Furniture Sets
- Romantic Set
- Studio Set
- Archaic Set

Texture Changes
- Many blocks, items and furniture pieces have received new textures.
- Most crafting stations now have improved texture as well as the feature of being upgradeable.

Biome Overhauls
Numerous biomes have been overhauled and polished. Several planets such as the Superstorm Expanse, Windswept, Stahlern Badlands and Ardent Taiga now have new parallaxes. Planets now have new icons by @eXyter as well!

Planet Merges
- Arcane Desert, Arcane Tundra, and Arcane Forest planets have been merged into Arcane planets.
- Sanguine, Ardent Taiga and Golden Forest are now subbiomes.

Arcana Wiki
A WIP Wiki page has been setup for those who need help with obtaining certain items and resources.

General Improvementsi
  • Katanas and Greatswords have been reworked and given new combos.
  • Dungeon loots now have a chance of dropping Arcana legendary weapons.
  • Several planets now have general encounter dungeons that feature friendly npcs as well as hostile foes.
  • New legacy and unused items have been added to the Shady Vendor's shop at Nova Station.

  • Greatspear of Light, Luxiant

Arcana, a Mystical Universe

Arcana is a growing techno-magic themed Starbound mod that features a vast amount of added content, including:

  • 28+ new planets

  • 80+ custom weapons

  • 80+ armor pieces and cosmetics

  • 600+ new tiles and objects

Arcana is also constantly updating with new contents, aiming to always provide new magical elements for the star explorers to find.

New Bosses & Monsters

An Abundance of New Content

New Encounters!

A new race, new locations, as well as several new weapon types are added.

Compatible Mods

Planned Content

A good number of planned content, bug fixes & quality of life improvements will be added on a frequent basis!

If you like the mod or wish to contribute to the ever-growing content, you are more than welcome to join the official Arcana Discord server!




Chuckfish Forum Download:

Recommended Addons

A separate UI mod is avaliable for you if you want to get the cool magic feel!

Arcana UI:

Most mods are compatible with Arcana; You are also not required to start a new character or universe.

Patch Mods:
Supper's Combat Overhaul:

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!
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