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UMB Colombia
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Oct 24, 2020 @ 10:39am
Jan 12, 2022 @ 8:24am
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UMB Colombia

The map [UMB] Colombia is based on real satellite data of northern Colombia combined with a free interpretation of a Colombian coastline. It was/is being developed with a strong focus on tactical mil-sim, but should work with most other game modes, too.

Big shout out to the guys at 77th JSOC, who have helped and continue helping with placing down objects and testing the map.

You can expect updates on a regular basis, as we are pushing forward to get this map finished.

Map Details
Map size: 20x20km
Objects: ~2.000.000
Mod dependencies: None

- Spirit [77th JSOC]
- Hobbnob [77th JSOC]
- Daniel [77th JSOC]
- Cube [77th JSOC]
- Prawned [77th JSOC]
- Erson [77th JSOC]


If you would like to help me making more mods for this awesome community or simply buy me a beer, check out the link below ;)


The Unit
My home in Arma 3 is the mil-sim unit called 77th JSOC, where I found all the lads helping me creating this huge map.
If you wanna check it out, use google or click on the image below.

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Mar 10, 2022 @ 4:38am
Bug Tracker
Oct 13, 2021 @ 11:26am
Arntor Sigurvegari Apr 1 @ 6:15am 
To further my observations :
At least 3 bridges are bugged where no units can get on them
map coordinates
1: 007-982
2: 099-005
3 : 102- 099

The southern end of the bridge at montelivano is bugged where a unit can get on it from the north but not get to the southern bank, it will stop before the end of the bridge.

This map is absolutely awesome and might be even better than the vanilla ones. If this issues can be fixed it would be very nice !
Arntor Sigurvegari Apr 1 @ 2:23am 
Hi, I'm using this Map in antistasi and it seems there is a few bridges (wooden one center/east of the map) that the AI doesn't use resulting in entire convoys not moving. Any idea how to fix this?
Machine Gun Kelly Mar 25 @ 11:30am 
*** PART ONE ***

@Undecieved - You're more than welcome! :)

Due to Steam's lame 1000 character limit, I had to split this into 2 parts...

I did look a little bit further after my original post and I noticed that the some person is doing what you're wanting to do. I would suggest that they might be your 'best bet' to ask, as they ARE running a server using the 'UMB Colombia' map with the 'Antistasi' mod with no issues (and 20+ other mods too).


The above post was made about 1 month ago, so it is quite recent!
Machine Gun Kelly Mar 25 @ 11:30am 
*** PART TWO ***

Also, though it CAN BE considered 'cheating' and/or 'underhanded', you CAN join their server and as soon as you get in, quit. Then go and 'un-PBO' their mission file and you might find what you need from THEIR mission file. In other words, your error could be on the CLIENT END. Doing what I suggested will allow you to 'check' your mission file against theirs and hopefully find your mistake! ;)

This 'advice' is very old (50+ years old). It comes from the very early days of programming and it is termed:
"Do not re-invent the wheel" - i.e., Learn from others.

Do note: You will NOT be able to use their mission file as you do NOT have their server files! Do not even try - IT *WILL* FAIL! Nothing 'bad' will happen except the server will not start, that is about all that will happen! :)

Also remember! Google is your BEST FRIEND! ;) (This is how I found the Reddit post!)

Good luck to ya!

Undecieved Mar 24 @ 8:56am 
thank you for your response sir. have a woderful day
Machine Gun Kelly Mar 24 @ 8:17am 
@Undecieved - An 'Old Tech Tip' - NEVER throw 'everything together' and 'hope' it will work.

ARMA and map, then test.

I STRONGLY suspect it is NOT the map as I have NEVER HEARD OF a map working in SP yet crashing in MP. And I have been with ARMA for 22 years now, every since day one with OFP.

And there is NO WAY for us to tell you 'what is what' as there in NO CONFIG FILES LISTED!

As a former owner of 3 ARMA servers and admin on others, I am 99% sure your issue is 1 of 3:

1 - Improperly set up/configed server

2 - Bad/corrupt/out dated/missing mods

3 - Both 1 and 2

Besides, why would the Antistasi dev team say this works with this map if it did not?
( )

We can not help you - It is impossible.

The ONLY help is to: Read on how to setup an ARMA server and TEST ONE 'PART' AT A TIME!

Undecieved Mar 24 @ 5:23am 
hey guys , need help , this is my favorite map and I play it extensivly locally. I decided to rent a server and it craches my sever. can somone help please. I am playing antistasi ultimate.
Machine Gun Kelly Mar 22 @ 9:37am 
@hateandcaffeine - It has been so long since I used this map, I do not remember.

BUT, here is what you do:

Load ARMA, this map, and NOTHING ELSE.

And if you REALLY want to be sure, create a new ARMA profile and use it to 'test with'. Make sure your 'hardness level' is set to REGULAR and NOT VETERAN (just in case).

If it works, then it IS a setting/mod on YOUR END.

However, if it FAILS with ARMA and just this map, it is the map,

Good luck!

hateandcaffeine Mar 19 @ 10:53am 
Is there a setting I'm missing to allow the map to have grid locations? The actual map does not appear to have grids, GPS, and CTAB also do not populate any form of location data. Is this an error on my side?
Machine Gun Kelly Jan 7 @ 7:42pm 
@☠ Booshy ☠ - Your issue is NOT from the map. This is an ARMA issue that has been around since A3.

Google this: arma dying on stairs

You will see a LOT of people with this issue.

If anything, it is an OBJECT issue and NOT a MAP issue.

It will happen on stairs and not ladders 99% of the time if I remember.

There are some 'fixes' for this, and if they will work for YOU, is unknown to me.

Google: arma dying on stairs script