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UMB Colombia
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Oct 24, 2020 @ 10:39am
Jan 12 @ 8:24am
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UMB Colombia

The map [UMB] Colombia is based on real satellite data of northern Colombia combined with a free interpretation of a Colombian coastline. It was/is being developed with a strong focus on tactical mil-sim, but should work with most other game modes, too.

Big shout out to the guys at 77th JSOC, who have helped and continue helping with placing down objects and testing the map.

You can expect updates on a regular basis, as we are pushing forward to get this map finished.

Map Details
Map size: 20x20km
Objects: ~2.000.000
Mod dependencies: None

- Spirit [77th JSOC]
- Hobbnob [77th JSOC]
- Daniel [77th JSOC]
- Cube [77th JSOC]
- Prawned [77th JSOC]
- Erson [77th JSOC]



Wanna watch me work on the terrain? Whenever I feel like it, I am streaming my building sessions on Twitch.


If you would like to help me making more mods for this awesome community or simply buy me a beer, check out the link below ;)


The Unit
My home in Arma 3 is the mil-sim unit called 77th JSOC, where I found all the lads helping me creating this huge map.
If you wanna check it out, use google or click on the image below.

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[ACPL] Jon Nov 27 @ 2:03am 
Awesome and severly underappreciated map.
alyn_94 Nov 17 @ 3:13pm 
podrias habilitarme la llave?
Chaser  [author] Sep 5 @ 3:39pm 
Thanks for your feedback - appreciate it! ☺️
Hans1995 Sep 5 @ 9:43am 
Hands down the best modmap i habe built qnd played mp missions on. Especially the rivers are awesome and open up new play styles with the speedboats.
Телетабис Aug 30 @ 2:25pm 
Me: Mom can i buy Apex DLC to play on Tanoa?
Mom: No, we have Tanoa at home
Tanoa at home: UMB Colombia
LordShade Aug 27 @ 1:08pm 
Numerical values are too small for some grass, so the AI can see much better through grass
configFile >> "CfgSurfaces" >> _x>> "AIAvoidStance"
configFile >> "CfgSurfaces" >> _x >> "grassCover"
Daddy Jun 17 @ 1:49am 
No worries, I get the workload must be never ending! Love the terrain mate!
Chaser  [author] Jun 14 @ 11:50am 
Well maybe one day... every update breaks the map for the Alive Index, so I am not really gonna push an update for removing things I forgot about ;)
Daddy Jun 14 @ 4:51am 
Quick preview of the map, love it so far - I noticed in the South East corner there is a collection of roads, logs, trees and rocks you've used, will that remain or be removed eventually? (I get weird with details like that, so I just need to know whether I should get over myself or not haha)
Machine Gun Kelly May 13 @ 6:58am 
@Chaser - You're welcome! I know some people do not know as much as we might and to 'help them', stuff needs to be 'pointed out'. I suspect this is how you got your 'start'. I know it was for me and STILL IS! ;)

As you know, ARMA can be quite complex in things and on some games such as RDR2 or COD, weather IS part of the map, so I do understand their question.

Thanks again for your kind words as well as your map!