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Infiniti Squadron PVE
Infiniti Squadron's Mod Collection For Our PVE Server

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ATLAS Harvester 10k 10% (v0.7.1)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1968810564

  • Remaps resources to AH resources with fixed enhanced stats, which scales well with active servers and eliminates the constant processing that CIS is designed to do, improving server and client performance.
  • 10k AH Resour
ATLAS Architect (v1.3)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1760515965

Welcome to the ATLAS Architect mod! My goal is to provide more structure options and enhanced QoL features, while keeping the file size to a minimum. I also want to keep the structures algined with ATLAS, so you will find more RP fe...
ATLAS Beastmaster (v0.11.1)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1906611197

Welcome to ATLAS Beastmaster! This mod is focused on enhancing everything related to creatures in Atlas, including the following:

  • INCREASES Bear Hat and Saddle Slot from 10% to 50% Each
  • REPLACES Vanilla Saddles with Qualit
ATLAS Overseer (v0.9)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1793770577

Welcome to ATLAS Overseer, a mod for admins. Most of the items added to this mod will require an admin to spawn in. Some of the items will be designed for admins to spawn in and give to their players for use.

Admin Commands[/
[SPUK] Advanced Structures
Created by Harley Quinn

IMPORTANT!!! - There is an issue with structures not dropping their inventory, when picked up - destroying will work. Since 0.11.0 there is a temp fix in SPUK, preventing pick up of non empty containers. But this is a va
Rustic Buildings
Created by Xylch
I did not think the normal wood and stone walls were not suitable for the barn I wanted to build for the animals my company had tamed. This mod was my solution to that problem.

All of the items are built at the smithy. They appear in a folder named Ru...
Atlas Transfer\Pickup Gun
Created by iSPEZZ
MOD ID:1674760813


This mod adds in a Transfer Gun which allows you to transfers Resource...
eco's ATLAS Foliage (Continued)
MOD ID: 2073833661




Placeable foliage, trees, bushes, rocks, and flowers to create beautiful gard...
eco's RP Decor (Continued)
MOD ID: 2073834577




Craft time appropriate furniture, kitchen items, and decorations for your RP (Role Pl...
Editable Server UI (WBUI)
Created by Don Camillo

Sponsored by:
You search a serverhost with the freedom of a dedicated server without the hassle to manage everything yourself? GameServerApp offers you the best of two worlds. For more informations cl...
Lanterns & Torches Galore
Created by darklore
Adds various useful and decorative lantern and torch structures to the game.
Lanterns and Torches can be set to Turn on/off automatically for day/night time.
Light intensity and colors are adjustable.
Admins have the option to set the mod's lanterns an...
One Pay Crew
Created by Kero
Pay only ONE time to your crew, High End Engram.


There is a new skill in Capitaneering that unlocks a TAVERN, in this TAVERN you can recruit crew at 100 gold and 2 grog cost, but no maintenance cost.

You need at least LvL 20 to lea...
Preserving Feeding Troughs
Created by TrevorJD
Adds a Feeding Trough and Larder that make use of Preserving Salts

* 36x spoil timer with Preserving Salts
* ==NO== preservation without Preserving Salts
* Unlocks with regular trough and larder engrams
* Crafted in Smithy
* Can be picked up

CG Respec
MOD ID: 2029320156

CG Respec
Introduces CG Respec soup and CG Ship Respec Soup

Recent Update:
Enabled CG Respec Soup to work on Tames and Crew as well as the player.
Atlas: ExtendedUI v0.2
Created by 123

The mod is made for private use, if you want your logo to be added to the mod, contact me in Discord.

Special thanks to: Infiniti Squadron ( Click ) []

Web Site ( Click ) []
InfinitiSquadron Utilities Pack
Created by Revy
A Mod-Pack specifically made for the InfinitiSquadron ATLAS Cluster!
Powered by
ATLAS Pirate (v0.3.5)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 2287568007

Welcome to ATLAS Pirate, a mod focused on improving weapons, armor, and tools that players use in their Pirate journey in Atlas.

Weapon Changes:
  • AP Arrows (craftable in player inventory and smithy)
  • AP Cr
WShop UI
Created by Wooly
Smart Decay
Created by Revy
Smart Decay will change your life as a Server-Admin, aswell as a Player!

To have the optimal Smart Decay experience I recommend having all Vanilla Decay Options TURNED OFF!

  • Same decay for everything!
    Every structure, every s
Better Chat
Created by Revy
MOD ID: 2506505957

Are you Mad with GS not fixing Characters like Ä Ö Ü or many others for the Chat for Years?

This Mod aims to fix that and more!
This Mod is lightweight (only a few KB) & completely compatible!

  • A
Ship Repair Crew
Created by H2O-Melons
MOD ID: 2510799901

This Mod Adds Full Ship Repairing, Improves NPC Crew, and Provides Grid/Portal Crossing Protection
  • Fully customizable, set it up how you want.
  • Works with vanilla, modular and modded ships, as well as existing
Atlas Stables (Creature Cloud), Magic Flasks, Gold Bank, Aquatic Cargo & Animal Trading Platform
Created by Revy
Your Storage-Solution in Atlas! - MOD ID: 2139315708

Tames tend to drag down Server-performance & take up space.
Thus People are forced to build giant bases, which affect performance even more!
No More!

This Mod us...
Marvelous Spyglass
Created by Revy
MOD ID=1985458357

- Shows all relevant stats of animals
- Shows how all of the dino\'s points(wild & tamed) have been spent
- Variable zoom (mousewheel)
- Shows stats even if just holding it
- You can lock the stats to a certain dino by left cli...
Pickup-Hammer, Transfer-Hammer, Admin Tools, Euthanasia Dagger & Company Rank Tool
Created by Revy
Welcome to the QoL Mod you will need!

Mod ID: 1985358255

  • - Picks up Structures, retains their Quality & Stats
  • - Respects Tribe Ranks Players must have the appropriate Can Activate Structure Rank
  • - Latest Dupe
Revys Mods - Core
Created by Revy
MOD ID: 2539383268

This Mod is Mandatory for many of my Mods, while it offers only some Ini Settings in itself, it is a Central Communication Hub for my Mods to Interact & Integrate with each other!

Ini Settings:
CG Ballista Fix
Mod ID: 2663237416

Adds in a skill that teaches you Ballista and it\'s ammo as a temporary fix for the current game where it was accidentally removed....
Item Grinder
Created by H2O-Melons
MOD ID: 2665169680

Grind up old useless items to gain back resources.

Fully configurable, so set it up exactly how you want it. Adds a structure that will recycle items and give back a portion of their base crafting resources (what it would ...
ATLAS Architect Winter (v1.0)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1943088108

Welcome to the ATLAS Architect Winter Expansion Mod! This mod adds a holiday ham wild creature for players to hunt, that drops gold along with winter themed decor and food.
  • 3 Sizes of 5 variants of Evergreen Trees (15 total)
Custom Shipyards
Created by H2O-Melons
MOD ID: 2502182917

The Only Shipyards You Will Ever Need!
  • Ability to craft vanilla ships, modular ships, and ships from other mods in it. Can craft ALL ships in the Custom Large Shipyard.
  • No gold cost to craft.
  • Return alread
ATLAS Shipwright (v0.8)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1882120047

Welcome to the ATLAS Shipwright mod! This is a ship building mod with the goal to expose ship settings (for admins to set in GameUserSettings.ini) and add QoL features that every Shipwright, Captain, and Sailor need, while keeping th...
CG Captaineering Fix
MOD ID: 2652823443

Adds in the Captaineering dicipline unlock for 10 points under the Construction and Mercantilism unlock in the Survivalism tree.

This is for those that have other mods that displace the seamanship unlock to a different skill tree a...
I.S. Additions
Main version for the InfinitiSquadron server...
IS Ration Pack
Created by Shaolin
Ration Pack which fills Food, Water and Restores Viatmins...
GT Ammunition Box
Created by Shaolin
Ammunition Box which feeds manned weapons with additional Weight Reduction

Gives Additional Skill: GT Ammunition Storage
Additional Structure: GT Ship Ammunition Container

Three Structure Types
- Vanilla Ammo Box
- Munitions Storage
- Cannonball Stack

IS Oxygen Fix
Created by Shaolin
Oxygen, Swimming Fortitude Engram Fixes...
I.S Nature's Whisper
Created by Shaolin
Become one with the wilderness, granting you temporary aggro resistance from certain creatures.
For use on IS Server

cheat gfi ISCactusBuffSoup 1 0 0...
GT Compost Bin
Created by Shaolin
Compost Bin which automatically gathers Faeces in a small radius around it and converts to Fertilizer

The Bin will only accept Faeces and will convert at a rate of 1 Fertilizer every 10 minutes.

Gives Additional Skill: GT Compost Bin
Additional Structure...
Created by Infiniti85
Mod Made For InfinitiSquadron Servers...
Created by MÈGħþÖRWÌÇ
Market Island for Infiniti Squadron Server...
I.S. Plus
Created by Infiniti85
Mod Made for InfinitiSquadron Servers...
Created by MÈGħþÖRWÌÇ
Arrrg....Welcome t' Mount Fiery whar can go from freezin' yer hiney off t' sweatin' bullets in no time. This Unique little island be sure t' fire ye up and make yer Atlas world a bit more Adventurous, pass the grog! Caution, as th' Island be gaurded by Fir...
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