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ATLAS Overseer (v0.9)
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Jul 6, 2019 @ 2:10am
Oct 29, 2020 @ 9:21pm
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ATLAS Overseer (v0.9)

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NytDragon's Fury Atlas Mods
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MOD ID: 1793770577

Welcome to ATLAS Overseer, a mod for admins. Most of the items added to this mod will require an admin to spawn in. Some of the items will be designed for admins to spawn in and give to their players for use.

Admin Commands
  • DestroyAllAOE: Same as calling DestroyShipsAOE, DestroyStructuresAOE, and DestroyTamesAOE together (default radius = 9 foundations):
    cheat ScriptCommand AO DestroyAllAOE [<radius in foundations>]
  • DestroyEmptyShipHulls: Destroy those skeleton ship hulls hanging around with 0 planks and no other admin commands to remove them safely. This also works via normal RCON (without the "cheat" prefix) to purge your entire cluster of these unwanted hulls:
    cheat ScriptCommand AO DestroyEmptyShipHulls
  • DestroyFlag: Destroy a nearby claim flag placed by a player in the wrong location:
    cheat ScriptCommand AO DestroyFlag
  • DestroyShipsAOE: Destroys all ships within a radius of the player (default radius = 9 foundations):
    cheat ScriptCommand AO DestroyShipsAOE [<radius in foundations>]
  • DestroyStructuresAOE: Destroys all structures within a radius of the player (default radius = 9 foundations):
    cheat ScriptCommand AO DestroyStructuresAOE [<radius in foundations>]
  • DestroyTamesAOE: Destroys all tames (including corpses) within a radius of the player (default radius = 9 foundations):
    cheat ScriptCommand AO DestroyTamesAOE [<radius in foundations>]
  • DestroyWildAOE: Destroys all wild creatures (including wild corpses) within a radius of the player (default radius = 9 foundations):
    cheat ScriptCommand AO DestroyWildAOE [<radius in foundations>]
  • KillWildAOE: Kills all wild creatures within a radius of the player, leaving their corpses on the ground. Useful for testing creature loot drops. (default radius = 9 foundations):
    cheat ScriptCommand AO KillWildAOE [<radius in foundations>]

AO Admin Flag
The admin flag provides admins with the ability to lockdown specific islands from player claiming and also the ability to perform island structure wipes without having to wait for the dev timers.
  • Scaled Up 200%
  • Instant Claim
  • No Gold Upkeep
  • No Decay Timer
  • Unclaimable
  • Island Structure Wipe within 1000 days (pickup and replace to wipe again)
  • Destroyed When Dropped (prevents others from obtaining)

Spawn code:
cheat gfi AO_AdminFlag 1 0 0

AO Billboard
This admin billboard is perfect to leave messages for players that break building rules by building bases where they shouldn\\\\\\\'t. Admins can now spawn this billboard item in and leave a message, while preventing them from building in the area.
  • Scaled Up 200%
  • Can be placed near, on, or inside player bases.
  • Toggleable no build area with a toggleable wireframe sphere.
  • Toggleable Red beam with audio over the billboard.
  • Does not decay or take damage.

Spawn code:
cheat gfi AO_Billboard 1 0 0

AO Dragon
This allows an admin to spawn in a dragon they can use to travel around the islands within a grid cell. It is faster and can fly underwater. The perfect fun way to scout around your cluster.
  • Scaled Down 50%
  • Increased Stamina
  • Reduced Timer to 1 hour (admins should not need more than this)
  • Reduced corpse decay timer to 1 minute
  • Added Alpha Buff to make it easier to find at night.
  • Increased Flight Speed and Handling

Spawn code:
cheat gmsummon "AO_Draco_Character_BP_C" 150

Include paint colors like this black and red version:
cheat gmsummon "AO_Draco_Character_BP_C" 150|cheat settargetdinocolor 0 14|cheat settargetdinocolor 1 17|cheat settargetdinocolor 2 14|cheat settargetdinocolor 3 17|cheat settargetdinocolor 4 17|cheat settargetdinocolor 5 17

AO Resource Box
This resource box contains up to 10k stacks of every non-decaying resource, which is useful when testing quality BP crafting.

Spawn code:
cheat gfi AO_ResourceBox 1 0 0

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Azgeda Aug 29 @ 11:56am 
Admin Flag
Hi We've tried painting and adding our own image to the admin flag but it doesn't seem to work, is it us doing something wrong or is it not possible?
Lorien Apr 27 @ 10:11pm 
I get the error jf3000 when placing the Admin flag on a freeport island. Is it possible to allow the admin flag on a freeport island that's why I wanted to use this mod to prevent claming of the Freeport island. It should be able to do that cause the F1 flag has 0 issue claming the freeport and I don't want to disable claiming on the region cause it has no freeport islands in it.
TVSNOWOWL May 16, 2021 @ 3:32am 
Nothing better then a old ark stuf ACM mod style
123 Feb 4, 2021 @ 8:02am 
How do you get tribe log webhooks to work on unofficial?
Nyt  [author] Jan 18, 2021 @ 10:12am 
Yes, and have been working on the next update.
SMooreAce Jan 18, 2021 @ 8:51am 
Of course it is
unhappyangel83 Jan 18, 2021 @ 8:43am 
is this mod still fully functional?
greetings and thank you
SMooreAce Jul 25, 2020 @ 8:02pm 
Ignore this dude. He cant figure out how to secure config files, now hes arguing aobut how to place a flag.

Go back to minecraft or paper airplanes!
Joe Swanson Jul 25, 2020 @ 6:45pm 
works fine for my server as well, now if your trying to put the flag on a freeport or powerstone you will get that error
Nyt  [author] Jul 24, 2020 @ 11:19am 
It WORKS... we use it and others too. I even double tested it on the test server with different settings. The problem isn't the mod or the dev. If there is a bug, you're not providing enough information on how to reproduce it. Good luck.