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SigSauer SIG 516
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Sep 15, 2020 @ 12:13pm
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SigSauer SIG 516


In the 2010 shot show, more companies continue to join in the big scuffle of piston ar. Even SIG is reluctant to join this group of scuffle, and has launched two caliber models of sig516 and sig716. The earlier sig 556 is the sg55x series with similar operation mode to AR type, but now it is simply making the authentic ar type. It only uses the guiding piston system with gas regulator similar to that of Luger sr-556. There are two types of lower casing for military and police, which are fully automatic or three shot firing respectively, while the civilian type can only shoot single shot.

Sig516 / 716 basically does not make any other changes to the AR type except that the air blowing system is changed into a short stroke air guiding piston system. For example, the re entry device is still a buffer tube extending from the rear of the casing, and the lower casing can be used in common with other ar type lower casings.

At present, SIG516 is being used in many countries and regions. The most famous are the Flying Tigers of the Hong Kong police force——Special Duties Unit (SDU), the Counter Terrorism Response unit (CTRU) and the Special Tactical Squad (STS) of HongKong. Some SWAT in Taiwan are also using it. Mexico, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Singapore's Army and Police all use it extensively.


SIG516 10inch CQB and 14.5inch Tactical Partol versions.

Black and Tan.

Magpul ACS Stock, LMT Sopmod Stock, Magpul CTR Stock.

Rail Cover Left and Right.

Patches for various Hong Kong logos.

AM/PEQ-15 + SureFire M600v flashlight Black and Tan.

DBAL-A3 + SureFire M600v flashlight three versions. (For DBAL-A3, SDU uses it a lot. So I made three different variants.)

Need to load NIArms core, thanks again for Toadie's great work!

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2010年的SHOT SHOW上,继续有更多的公司加入活塞式AR的大混战中。连SIG也不甘寂寞地加入这团混战当中,推出了SIG516和SIG716两种口径的型号。早前的SIG 556就是操作方式向AR式接近的SG55x系列,而现在干脆就是做正宗AR式,只是采用了与鲁格SR-556相似的带气体调节器的导气活塞系统。军警用型的下机匣分别有全自动或3发点射两种类型,而民用型只能单发射击。


目前有许多国家和地区正在使用SIG516。最著名的包括香港警务处的飞虎队——Special Duties Unit(SDU)和反恐特勤队(CTRU)以及速龙小队(STS)。台湾地区亦有部分SWAT也在使用。墨西哥,土耳其,英国,新加坡的军队和警察都有大量使用。


SIG516 10英寸 CQB与14.5英寸 Tactical Partol (战术巡逻) 版本。


护木变种:Magpul ACS stock,LMT sopmod stock,Magpul CTR stock。



AN/PEQ-15+SureFire M600V flashlight 黑色和沙色版本。

DBAL-A3 +SureFire M600V flashlight三种变体版本。(关于DBAL-A3,在流出的图片中显示SDU有大量使用它,所以我照着图中的镭射手电安装方式做了三种不同的变种。)

需要加载NIArms core,再次感谢Toadie的伟大工作!

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