Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

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Misc Fixes (Formerly Unit Fixes) | DO NOT USE - USE COMMUNITY PATCH (CBP) INSTEAD
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Sep 3, 2020 @ 7:51am
Jul 23, 2021 @ 2:35am
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Misc Fixes (Formerly Unit Fixes) | DO NOT USE - USE COMMUNITY PATCH (CBP) INSTEAD

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>>> This mod is no longer supported. <<<
Use the Community Balance/Bugfix Patch instead, which includes the fixes from this mod.

>>> This mod is no longer supported. <<<

This mod needs to be copied to your local mods folder to work. See below.

This mod fixes almost every bug and tooltip error I'm aware of and know how to fix. The enormous damage bug with object masks in RoN:EE is NOT fixed, but is instead fixed in CBP.

For length reasons, full details of each change are in the Discussions.

Gameplay fixes: More details on gameplay fixes
  • Brigs no longer deal 1/3 of intended damage per attack salvo, and have correct damage modifiers against fireships, submarines, fishermen, and helicopters.
  • Fluyts and Clippers no longer attack more slowly than intended, and have correct damage modifiers against fireships, submarines, fishermen, and helicopters. They both now have valid attacks while moving.
  • Bantu, Egyptians, and Nubians now have a single Main Battle Tank unit with sand camo, instead of three separate units with identical stats.
  • Takohs, Akweks, and Okwari are now properly affected by damage modifiers in balance.xml.
  • Continental Marines now have a 120% damage modifier against Heavy Infantry, like the Musketeers they replace (* see Known Issues).
  • Arquebus Immortals now have a projectile speed that matches the guns they're using, and are no longer incorrectly called Arqimmortals in unitrules.xml.
  • Barks and Triremes no longer deal and receive damage as if they're Modern Age units.[INCOMPLETE FIX]
  • Okwari now receive the expected amount of damage from the Armored Car line.
  • Carracks no longer have the longest attack delay in the game by a wide margin.
  • Ironclad no longer inherits all Fluyt bugs; attack recharge increased to partially compensate.

Graphics/Sound fixes: More details on graphics/sound fixes
  • Main Battle Tank (sand cammo): see Gameplay fixes.
  • Merchants now correctly change to their appropriate unit icon in the Medieval Age.
  • Cruisers now use the correct unit icon.
  • The American-exclusive Armored Car now rotates its turret when firing.
  • Armored Cavalry now play a sound when firing while moving.
  • The automatic Transport ability of units now has an ability icon instead of displaying a white square.
  • Female citizens of non-Asian nations no longer gender swap on snow/arctic maps before Age VI.
  • All Slingers and Light Horses now have attacking sounds.
  • "Arab" Crossbowmen no longer play their firing sound at the wrong time sometimes.
  • All modern-era Spies now play correct sound during Counterintelligence.
  • Snow variant of Major City used by some nations no longer has minor graphical anomaly.
  • Rules and Map Info header on loading screen no longer misaligned.
  • Iroquois' heavy infantry UU now use the correct selection sound.

Tooltip fixes: More details on tooltip fixes
  • (for length reasons, this summary has been even further condensed)
  • The following nation power tooltips have been updated: Americans, Americans (CtW), British, Iroquois, Romans, Russians.
  • The following unit tooltips have been updated: Riflemen, Marine Riflemen, Black Watch, Manchu Riflemen, War Elephant, Mahout, Gun Mahout, Culverin Mahout, The Despot, The Senator, The Monarch, The President, The Comrade, The CEO, Alexander, Athanatoi, Arquebus Immortal, Spearmen, Mohawk Spearmen, Heavy Mohawk Spearmen, Elite Mohawk Spearmen, Napoleon.
  • The following building tooltips have been updated: The Senate, The Forbidden City, The Red Fort.
  • The following technology tooltips have been updated: Socialism, Capitalism, Forage, Supply, Logistics, Tactics, Strategy, Operations.
  • The following rare resource tooltips have been updated: Salt, Obsidian.

Conquer the World fixes: More details on CtW fixes
  • Napoleon: Fixed scripting issue related to Savoy territory joining you after winning Battle of Montenotte (Piedmont).
  • Napoleon: Fixed typo in Sweden scenario.

Mod integration: (these mods have been integrated directly into Misc Fixes)

Optional changes: More details on optional changes
  • Restored black Attack Helicopter skin for Asian nations.
  • Added a modded version of the removed modern Asian Spy skin.
  • Reduced the visual loudness of the radar jamming effect in EE.
  • Modernised Emotes instead of Interface Icons Fix.
  • Can zoom out slightly on the world map in Napoleon CtW campaign.

How to use:
1) Subscribe to the mod. (doing only this will not load the mod)
2a) Locate the downloaded Workshop files. E.g.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\287450\2218254050\
2b) Copy the Misc Fixes folder into your Rise of Nations\mods folder. E.g.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rise of Nations\mods\
3) Ensure that the mod is loaded and enabled in the Rise of Nations mod manager (accessible via Tools & Extras -> Steam Workshop).
4) To enable the optional changes, go to the local copy of the mod you've just made and copy all relevant files from the Optional fixes folder into their respective locations in the mod files, overwriting any files as necessary. To restore the originals, just repeat step 2 to restore the original configuration.

Due to a bug with the mod manager, you can't use the load/unload button for this mod. If you need to ensure removal, simply delete (or move) the COPIED files and leave the original Workshop files intact.

See this thread if you need a rough file list for mod compatibility.

This mod is not well-supported for multiplayer, but will work in some circumstances if all players are using it.

Known Issues:
Please see the relevant Discussion for known and potential issues.

Moved to this thread due to lack of space.

If you like this mod, please consider rating it. If you notice any issues, please let me know so I can fix them!

To support my modding:
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Origin Jul 27, 2022 @ 8:38pm 
I have another question, where can the damage bonus of heavy infantry to cavalry be modified
Origin Jul 27, 2022 @ 7:47pm 
OK, I'll try. Thank you for your reply.谢谢
MHLoppy  [author] Jul 27, 2022 @ 1:36pm 
@EdwardSun I don't know. You might be able to find the texture it's using (in the /art/ folder) and replace it - but I don't know what it is (and it's not guaranteed that it's using a texture). Otherwise you would probably need to patch the game to remove it.

Please ask in a public place the next time you have a public question https://steamcommunity.com/app/287450/discussions/
Origin Jul 27, 2022 @ 11:29am 
Hello, I am a Chinese player. I love this game very much, but there is a problem that has been bothering me. In the game, turn the field of vision to the maximum, and a yellow circle will always flash after the building is built. I really want to know how to remove it. I hope you can tell me if you know the method. Thank you very much
MHLoppy  [author] Jul 28, 2021 @ 1:00pm 
You need to copy the contents of the Optional Changes folder as per step 4 of the instructions if you want those changes enabled (copy everything there if you want all the optional changes, or just copy the files related to what you want otherwise). I've changed the structure of the core files so that those changes *can* be made, but they're not done by default.
♪melody_melon🍉 Jul 28, 2021 @ 12:00pm 
I did it, and it works! However, is it normal when I play as the Chinese and see their helicopters as default, not black?
MHLoppy  [author] Jul 28, 2021 @ 11:43am 
Yes, that sounds right. An easy way to check that it's working is to load into a singleplayer game and check if the bottom-right header (Rules and Map Info) is centered or not.
♪melody_melon🍉 Jul 28, 2021 @ 11:37am 
Yeah, I copied the Misc Fixes to the local file which is entitled "mods." What I actually did was susbcribing to the mod then finding the "workshop" where the Misc Fixes was located. After that, I copied the file and sent it to the "mods" folder as required. Please correct me on this. Thank you in advance!
MHLoppy  [author] Jul 28, 2021 @ 11:32am 
@s1mple_waifu This isn't a dropdown mod, so if the files are in place (and the mod is loaded in the mod manager) then the mod is always active - no selection needed in the lobby.
♪melody_melon🍉 Jul 28, 2021 @ 11:29am 
@MHLoppy, oh by the way, I followed the instructions on how to activate it. Do I need to activate this through the mods in Quick Game? It seems that it does not want to appear; however, it said in the Steam Workshop tab that the Misc Fixes are activated.