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Princes of Darkness

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Dark Ages just got a whole lot darker. Play Crusader Kings III as an vampire, hunter, werewolf, mummy or demon! You are the Prince of the city! Inspired by the World of Darkness, Dark Ages: Vampire, Vampire: the Masquerade...

Update 1.10.2 "Roma Aeterna, Brujah Panegyra", September 13, 2023
Compatible with CK3 1.10.2 "Quill", "Wards & Wardens" Event Pack DLC

Update 1.10.1 "Roma Aeterna, Brujah Panegyra", August 31, 2023
Compatible with CK3 1.10.0 "Quill", "Wards & Wardens" Event Pack DLC

Update "Roma Aeterna, Brujah Panegyra" Hotfix, August 23, 2023
Compatible with CK3 "Quill" Hotfix, "Wards & Wardens" Event Pack DLC

Update 1.10.0 "Roma Aeterna, Brujah Panegyra", August 22, 2023
Compatible with CK3 1.10.0 "Quill", "Wards & Wardens" Event Pack DLC

Now compatible Community Flavor Pack (CFP) with no compatibility submod patch required. If you are using Community Flavor Pack (CFP), put it BEFORE Princes of Darkness Mod in your load order.

This mod works with Agima's "Better Barbershop" if you install the very small "POD + Better Barbershop Compatibility Patch" mod located at

Load Order with Better Barbershop is:
Princes of Darkness
Better Barbershop
POD + Better Barbershop

If you are using the Community Flavor Pack and better Barbershop, the Load Order is:
Community Flavor Pack
Princes of Darkness
Better Barbershop
POD + Better Barbershop

If you are having trouble installing the mod you can try unsubscribing/subscribing. You can also try downloading it from mods at paradox plaza, nexus mods or mod db. Then do a manual install:

Princes of Darkness is an overhaul of the base game, aimed at bringing the World of Darkness into life in Crusader Kings 3. As such, it has many gameplay concepts altered, and use the extensive lore of its world to propose a different experience all around.

You can support us on Patreon (which includes access to the developer build of the mod.)

You also are welcome to join us on Discord.

We are also on Twitter.

We are also on Reddit.

Princes of Darkness Mod is part of the Dark Pack, officially sanctioned World of Darkness Fan Activity. See:

The first thing to note is that, as a Vampire, you are immortal... sort of. You won't die of old age or disease, but being put to the torch or decapitated will still end your unlife. As such, succession is a lesser, but still present, concern for you. In the same vein, Marriages can't produce children, so they are mostly a political tool available to a select few religions. Religions are a core part of the gameplay, even more than in CK3. Here, it represents the core philosophical tenets of your character, which help him not fall to the Beast. Indeed, the Beast -a literal manifestation of your inner monstrosity- is one of your worst foes, and managing your stress is paramount to not fall prey to it, as it would mean your character has become a feral wight, resulting in his abdication.Take notice of your hunger, a core modifier representing your need for blood. Hunger is used for many schemes and powers, and replenish slowly or with active hunting.

1230 AD: "The War of Princes" is the period of conflict in Cainite history that began shortly after the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade in 1204. The term refers to the conflicts over territory that the various princes of Europe fought after the end of the Long Night. The War of Princes began shortly before the Inquisition was formed. Although the Inquisitors were initially used as tools by the elders, they soon became a greater threat to the Cainites than the Cainites were to one another. Although it is not clear exactly when the War of Princes ended, it would have likely been forced to a conclusion with the advent of the Anarch Revolt, if not sooner. Will you be able to win conclusively the War before the mortals start their uprising against their rightful masters?

This is the successor mod to Princes of Darkness for Crusader Kings II. Same team has developed both mods.

Vampires are slow at learning new things. As such, you still have access to the base lifestyles, but at a lower rate of progression. You can instead choose to invest your time into the disciplines, opening the powers of the damned for your use. Buildings represent your influence over the mortal populace. Most are capped by a stat like control and you will have to choose how to balance these. Note that major centers of populations, represented by high development duchy capitals are the biggest asset any Prince can dream of. Warfare is sensibly altered, with a bigger emphasis on knights. The prowess of your knights can easily overcome a much more numerous foe, especially if mostly composed of levies. As such, be very wary of high prowess hostile Vampires. In a world full of deceit and tricks, intrigue plays a bigger role. There are new schemes to discover, some linked to your powers, and most of the characters have secrets better left untold... or used for blackmail if their religion allows it.

The World of Darkness is an universe running for more than 30 years now, with hundred of books and other medias covering it. The main idea is that, in our world, several factions of supernaturals creatures are interacting below the surface, creating an underworld full of intrigues and stories. The Vampires of the WoD are mainly the result of the biblical curse against Caine, the first murderer, and most are tracing back their lineage to him in a system they call 'generations'. This dynasty tree of the undeath has branched into several factions, the clans, each with its strength, weakness and geographical power base. In Dark Ages : Vampires, which you are playing now, we are following the undead world at the crossroad of several major crisis. The sack of Constantinople has happened, and broken the major Cainite Empire of the time, having a ripple effect as far as France and Persia. Meanwhile, the Church Inquisition is gathering support and information, almost ready to usher the age of retribution on the cursed bloodsuckers...
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Shotlouf 5 hours ago 
Create a french traduction pls :'(
The Stranger Sep 28 @ 3:49pm 
@ Kralazar Mallus there is a pair of vampires in lore that have found a way to have biological children in such a way. would be interesting to see that implemented eventually and a way for others to learn it from them.
Karde  [author] Sep 28 @ 10:34am 
We don't create from scratch, we follow the WoD sources.
Vampires are long lived, and change affect them very slowly. In 1230, Turkish is too young of a culture to be important for them. You can see that many areas are still dominated by Greek, Romans or even Ancient Egyptian.
It gets more modern in 1510. You can see a powerful "Turkish" vampire like Karsh being an important player.
Nerwök Охотник Suri Sep 28 @ 6:36am 
Well hope you work on Turkic areas too, like you did with almost anything else.
Karde  [author] Sep 26 @ 1:13am 
Not at all.
Total conversion mods aren't meant to be compatible with other mods.
Hans-Landa Sep 25 @ 10:05pm 
Question how compatible is PoD with mods like RICE, VIET, Africa Plus and other historical mods?
luifasi93 Sep 23 @ 8:09am 
@Mal they have an hoke on you or the vassal concract have "council garanteed"
Mal Sep 23 @ 7:40am 
Every once in a while i end up playing king+ and i got to admit i wonder what ability the npc is using that forces them on the council for 25 years? And how do i protect myself against it. My entire country is plastered in dead 8-11 gen shitty vamps, that don't seem to take the hint of it being quite unhealthy to force themselves on my council, despite im a gen 4 more or less godlike vamp with maxed everything i can think of. Atm i have 3 vassals stuck permanently in my prison because i know as soon as i release them they will force themselves on my council once more with 0 fail apparently. Maybe if they are using som ability from Presence or Dominate, then if i could use the same ability to tell them to fuk off? 25 years force locked is just madness, and utterly not tolerated by a Camarilla prince ffs lol. A generation 8+ vamp should have enough self preservation to know this is one fast route to final death to try this...
luifasi93 Sep 23 @ 7:35am 
@Karde i realy have tryed everything but i cannot manage to get access to this type of casus belli :/
Karde  [author] Sep 23 @ 1:16am 
No, I'm not sure. We didn't change much related to this casus belli so it's likely still very close to vanilla where it's locked to the Northern Lords DLC. If it's also tribal locked, it won't be available in the mod. If it's only locked to the adventure dynasty legacy, some clans like the Ravnos should get it.