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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Jul 30, 2020 @ 6:02pm
Sep 27, 2020 @ 9:21am
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Adds a Dragon to your ARK!!

These fire breathing dragons can run, fly, swim, dodge and dive.
Activate the unique dodge ability by pressing a or d. Your dragon will jump left or right on the ground. If you look in a direction your dragon will spin during dodging toward that direction.
Swim to the water surface and jump out.
Pressing C while flying and running will give a rolling speed boost that can be done while diving as well. (no speed leveling..can get a boost from baby imprinting)
Pressing left ctrl will put your dragon into rest mode. (adds a boost to health and stamina regain)

Spawns nest eggs anywhere untamed female dragons Spawn(on any map)(can be knocked out tamed also)
Babies drink Dragon Milk (found on tamed and untamed female dragons)
Dragons will attack on the ground and in the air, try to fly away they will follow.

⫸Attack Info⫷
  • LMB - Bite (Ground,Air,Water)
  • RMB - Flame (Ground,Air)
  • C - Wing (Ground)
  • C - Grab (Air-Not Running)
  • C - Speed Boost (Air-Running)
  • X - Roar (Ground,Air)
  • D - Dodge Right (Ground)
  • A - Dodge Left (Ground)
  • Dive - Dive Bomb
  • Left Ctrl - Rest (Ground)

⫸Mod ID =

⫸Spawn Codes⫷
AdminCheat GMSummon "Dragon_Character_BP_Fire_C" 120
AdminCheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/game/mods/dragon/dragon_character_bp_fire.dragon_character_bp_fire'" 500 0 0 120

Things in the works
Controller Support (for dodging)
Smart AI (Ground and Flight)
Custom ini settings

I am not a social person but I do read all comments and suggestions and do my best to fix and improve my mods and remember I'm giving you this for free hate is not needed, have fun and enjoy!
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Vocal Tune
Aug 5 @ 7:44pm
Egg Spawns etc.
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Serb Oct 5 @ 8:00pm 
not sure if you're supposed to get milk by knocking females or killing them(have simple spawner in the volcano and so far it worked really well for spawning them with nests and all), but neither seem to work for me, so for anyone else with the same problem the spawncode is "cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Dragon/PrimalItemConsumable_DragonMilk.PrimalItemConsumable_DragonMilk'" 1 0 0"
Schächtelchen Sep 28 @ 4:47pm 
Hello, you can perhaps insert the possibilities:

- That one about the Inieinstellung the dragon eggs something extended to hatch?
- A dragon replacement milk itself could produce, not too easy, like very rare raw materials, so that young animals can be fed with it.
- Also, low level hatchlings should require dragon milk mandatory.

So that these animals are generally a bit more difficult to raise, just like the Wyvern.
Gladly also about the Ini an- and exhibitable.

Because unfortunately the dragons are relatively easy to get, because the nests remain so long.

And if the dragons are injured, that one also looks at them.

Thanks for the update, I was happy that one came out. But I have not yet seen what has changed, because I currently only saw the wild dragons.
Dingus213 Sep 22 @ 5:21am 
Great mod. dinos i carry get hurt when i sprint-fly... sort of annoying fix? :)
Martin Sep 20 @ 7:23am 
Great mod :D I have a small problem though, lost two dragons by landing, both 15000 health they loose huge amount from nothing and when landing they die :S not sure if it´s a bug.
ReaperQueen Sep 18 @ 5:15pm 
I cant find any dragons ive been looking for an hour and ive been in my world for about 4 or 3 and I play the viking DLC so why cant I find any?
Basileus Sep 17 @ 6:48am 
Servers with this mod?
imran_sabirov Aug 30 @ 4:47am 
THIS MOD IS PERFECT here soome respecc for ya *INTENCE SNIFF*
Yoho-Shuar Aug 29 @ 9:04am 
Great MOD!!!!! Amazing Dragons... wonderful motions and animations - compatible with everything, great job!!!
Sir Spoony Aug 19 @ 6:33am 
feels abandoned...
犽宿 Aug 9 @ 8:08am 
The magnification of 15 still does not appear...