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Maps (co-op): Checkpoint
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Jul 18, 2020 @ 2:53am
Jun 19, 2021 @ 12:10pm
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Left 4 Dead 2 map port from 2nd chapter of 'Dark Carnival' campaign with some changes.
Original author is Valve. Ported by Positive.

To play this map enter in console

map fairgrounds checkpoint

General changes
  • Alternative routes to some map parts
  • Some buildings now have open windows
  • Bright environment light values
  • Removed every door from map for better navigation
  • Prop_physics objects were converted to prop_physics_multiplayer or prop_static
  • Removed non-functioning entities from L4D2 to prevent server crash
  • Clipped rooftops and level boundaries to prevent players roaming

  • Final HDR compile w/ builded cubemaps
  • 9 objectives
  • 20 player support
  • Restricted areas
  • Tactical map
  • Working soundscapes
  • Polished AI navmesh

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peen macheen Apr 17 @ 4:28pm 
Hi I run a server and we LOVE Fairgrounds a whole lot! I am inquiring today because I have map editing experience and I would like to make a reverse or "open" map of Fairground where you start near the Tunnel of Love and work your way back to the start, but with some points moved around, nothing at all major in regards to changing your current layout. If it is within your realm of power to provide me a vmf file for the current version, it would be greatly appreciated; my players would just go crazy about another Fairgrounds!
Joel Mar 19, 2023 @ 3:11am 
Cheney, what do you mean checkpoint with bots is "whack"? Checkpoint with bots is the ONLY way to play checkpoint!
Nullifidian Mar 19, 2023 @ 12:48am 
It works fine for me.
DaQuan El Smatterings-Of-Horse Mar 19, 2023 @ 12:24am 
you need to stop making these maps checkpoint. 90% of reason people download custom maps is to play with bots and checkpoint with bots is whack
Proteus Feb 10, 2023 @ 5:40pm 
How to make this Push map? Thanks.
Stray Jun 22, 2021 @ 3:07am 
Will do. Thanks for the reply! ;-)
Positive  [author] Jun 21, 2021 @ 8:55am 
Contact with server admins and tell them to update server mods. The previous map version has about 60 MB file size + 150MB additional content. In the last update I packed everything except audio files in BSP map file. I publish only in the Steam Workshop, server owner should follow Workshop version and not use fastdll to distribute my works.
Stray Jun 21, 2021 @ 8:10am 
Hey Positive.
Subscribed to this map and did the "verify local files" several times and also reinstalled Steam.
It keeps download a map size of 202.3MB and not 207MB as you state and when I try to enter the 2HR server with this map I keep getting the "Your map differs from that on the server" error :-(
Is it the wrong version in workshop or have the people put an older map on server?!
Positive  [author] Jun 19, 2021 @ 12:49pm 
New update available now. List of changes:
- Added final cache objective
- Reworked A objective
- Added extra resupply zones to hard objectives
- New global lighting and color correction settings
- New tactical map
- Moved or added some covers for better flow
- Adjusted fog density, end and begin distances for better visibility
- Adjusted prop fade distances
- Optimised navigation mesh
- Some minor changes I don't remember
fireglow May 26, 2021 @ 7:16am 
Love it