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Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Reforged Eden - Empyrion 1.4
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Jul 4, 2020 @ 5:12pm
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Reforged Eden - Empyrion 1.4

This scenario combines the configuration modifications of the Reforged Galaxy mod with the custom content of the Project Eden scenario.
Please see the respective workshop pages for details on what each one adds to the game.
I will keep this scenario updated with changes from both Reforged Galaxy and Project Eden (Reforged updates may lag behind by a day).

There is a new announcements post in the discussions. You can subscribe to the post to be notified of any announcements:

Coop should be fixed in the upcoming 1.4 update.
For now please run a dedicated server (you can run it on the same PC).

This scenario is for the current public version of the game
Do not use this scenario with the experimental version
Make sure you are running the current version of the game by opting out of all betas in Steam. This scenario will only function correctly on the current public branch of Empyrion.
This scenario will not run on any experimental or older versions of Empyrion.
Also make sure you are NOT using any custom config.ecf on your game or server.
Please always verify your current game version before reporting any problems. Thank you!

Reforged Galaxy by Vermillion:
Reforged Galaxy is a difficulty and gameplay amplifying mod for the game intended for improved PvE performance and gameplay. It's still undergoing improvements regularly and i'll try to keep the scenario up-to-date with each major update.
This mod aims to slow down the late game and give meaning to everything you do, whether that be choosing what to stuff in your inventory or what crop to grow.
Some of these changes have made their way to the vanilla game in A12, so there won't be as much of an increase in difficulty in some aspects.
Please see this workshop link for complete details on Reforged Galaxy: Link.
Or check out the Reforged Eden post[empyriononline.com] on the official forums.

NOTE: Reforged Galaxy greatly changes the way CPU works. There are no longer any CPU tiers, instead each and every extender you add to your ship allows additional CPU. You can have up to 7 extenders for maximum CPU. (one T2, two T3, and four T4)
It is STRONGLY recommended that you look over the detailed CPU explanation in the above links for Reforged Galaxy when playing with CPU enabled.

Project Eden by ravien_ff:
Project Eden is a lore friendly, PvE exploration scenario currently in development intended for single player or small group play. It is compatible with public online play but you will want to configure your game options for it.
This scenario aims at slowing down the mid and end game progression for those who want a longer play through with more of a focus on open ended exploration instead of linear progression.
Please see this workshop link for complete details on Project Eden: Link.
All deposits in Reforged Eden are Voxel instead of SSOR nugget. Some planets might be missing their ore textures but it's just a visual glitch.

For Single Player:
Simply subscribe and start a new game using this scenario.

For dedicated servers:
Install on a dedicated server the same as any other custom scenario (remember to rename the folder you copy to your server since leaving it as default will cause errors).
Please read the section on dedicated servers on the Project Eden Configuration Guide for setup instructions and important info.
The scenario folder you'll need to copy over is 2154284616 for this scenario.

The configuration guide contains important information on proper setup of a dedicated server. Please carefully read over the guide when setting up a server.

This scenario uses highly custom configuration files and content:
Read through the details of both Reforged Galaxy and Project Eden before starting a new game so you know what to expect. Together they greatly change the pacing of the game.
Some starting planets may be much harder than normal with Reforged Eden.

Blueprints created and saved under Reforged Eden might not function as expected in normal games.
As with all custom configurations, there may be bugs and some might even break save games.

Please do not report any game bugs to the Empyrion team unless you can reproduce it in a default, unmodified game.
Reproducing the issues in a default game helps both the game developers and myself. If it is a game bug then it will show up in a default game. Likewise, if it is an issue with the scenario then this will help confirm it so that I can fix it.
Before reporting any issue, please take a moment to read back through recent comments or bug reports. It's entirely possible your issue has already been reported or a workaround is available.
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Vermillion  [author] 11 minutes ago 
If you're using an unupdated version there was a bug that's been long-fixed with the dialogue tied to the Primary Control Board console deleting an entry.
It did not require a fresh game to fix.
PEENER 58 minutes ago 
chapter 6: Hostile apparatus: data driver. this step has bugged on me more than any other.. am i missing something?
grogez 3 hours ago 
@Adalon - Well just about every B class star seems to have a black desert planet for example and you can usually find one crystal on the planet. You need to find 15 crystals to make an advanced scanner then another 4 for the voidium drill. Have you found an enhanced laser drill? Start hitting poi's. Find navigational data too. Get your warp range to 160LY so you don't think those core systems are so far away. When you find a hell planet, hit everything. You get a few drone processors from each of the harvesters. I've always found something good in the ultra rares in the legacy poi's. And as many as 4 voidium crsytals on the surface.
Bob-O-Matic 3 hours ago 
@El Geo: I have same problem with Nitrado. I did have this scenario working a few months ago but now server won't recognize it. Starts with 'vanilla" planets. Unfortunately these guys can't give server advice. (they are very helpful with scenario specific problems though) I'm still waiting for that one person who knows to post here. So far, the forums aren't any help either. :(
Adalon 9 hours ago 
@ grogez

It's sad.
I have seen Voidium crystals on Core systems all the time, but they are far away and the only Hell planet that is not far away. On which planets are crystals most often found besides Hell? Could it be on the moons?
El Geo 12 hours ago 
Cant seem to get it started on a (nitrado) server, any advice?
desmundo 14 hours ago 
Thanks Vermillion, I just found two a few minutes ago. Great to hear Ravien; looking forward to being able to continue story.
ravien_ff  [author] 15 hours ago 
I think I found the problem with The Dead part 2. Will try to get an update out this weekend to fix it. :D
Vermillion  [author] 15 hours ago 
Ultra Rare loot containers.
desmundo 16 hours ago 
How do I find Advanced Heavy Armour?