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Real Engine
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Jun 11, 2020 @ 10:42pm
Apr 14, 2021 @ 9:47pm
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Real Engine

Real Engine (RE) - includes systematic enhancements improving the perception, interactivity and pace of Arma 3. This mod is developed pursuing simplicity, compatibility and modularity. It works great with the Vanilla game and should be compatible with all kinds of other Mechanics and AI mods such as ACE, ASR AI etc.

Mod includes:
1. Camouflage system [real_camosystem.pbo]
Now your cloths make difference for the enemy spotting you, making AI spotting in Arma 3 very human-eye-like. So that you can sneak buy in the full ghillie but not even close in a white tee. Script continuously maintains the dynamic camouflage value for ALL units cross-checking the current cloths vs. surface unit stands on. It works for all Vanilla, RHS Escalation and CUP cloths vs. all Vanilla and CUP Terrains. If else - it just keeps the default values (as if the mod was not applied).

2. Slots-to-Rails module [real_slots_to_rails.pbo]
Adds vanilla-native rails system for all vanilla weapons for the unified compatibility of scopes, pointers, bipods and silencers. While effectively the addon fixes a few "official" inconsistencies with 6.5mm and 7.62mm silencers, it delivers the flexible native platform for the universal accessories compatibility like did an outdated ASDG Joint Rails.
Now for accessories compatibility all vanilla weapons exclusively listen to these vanilla classes: CowsSlot_Rail, PointerSlot_Rail, UnderBarrelSlot_rail, MuzzleSlot_556, MuzzleSlot_762 and MuzzleSlot_65.

3. Real Armor by Olds & Bakerman with the clean-up [real_armor.pbo]
Adressing many requests to fix vanilla and RHS armor I found it appropriate to implement a Real Armor script that normalizes the armor properties of every vehicle making the vehicle damage model more realistic.

4. Animations Fixes
- Assigned step blending option to vanilla animations (so the character responds to your WSAD commands faster) [real_animations_step_blending.pbo]
- Tweaked timing for vanilla animations (to make it even smoother not making it faster) [real_animations_timing.pbo]

5. Special Effects (SFX)
- Sparks as a particle effect for metal (now you can see when the vehicle gets fire and enjoy an extra juice hitting the enemy units) [real_sfx_sparks.pbo]
- Blast wave refract for explosions (now you can better "feel" and estimate the explosions power) [real_sfx_blast_refract.pbo]
- Missiles and rockets fly by whistle sound that applies to all vanilla and modded weapons (now you can hear the incoming missiles) [real_fix_weapons.pbo]
- Body fall sound for the units being killed that depends on the surface unit falls at (e.g. dry grass, sand, etc. on Vanilla and CUP terrains) [real_sfx_bodyfalls.pbo]
- Blood Mist that is more natural in shape but seamlessly matches the other vanilla blood effects (no more vanilla "paintball" hit markers) [real_sfx_blood_mist.pbo]
- Inventory open/close sound (just improves interactivity) [real_sfx_inventory_sounds.pbo]

6. UI Fixes [real_fix_ui.pbo]
- Removes action menu text duplication at the middle of the screen (only icons are now shown)
- Icons for actions "Heal Yourself" and "Reload" now don't block your view when you are hit or run out of bullets
- Separate icons for "Open backpack", "Heal teammate", "Take weapon", "Take UAV Turret Control" and "Release UAV Control" (to make it more interactive and avoid occasional hits)
- Bigger compass to follow the bearings easily
- Faded map textures to see the topographic symbols easily

7. Other Fixes
- Vanilla medium-range scopes now have a "scope view" as a default instead of collimator [real_fix_scopes.pbo]
- Vanilla flashlight now has a direct beam that works for 100-150m (like the best modern flashlights) [real_fix_weapons.pbo]
- Increases grass surface value for Mediterranean grass making it little bit easier to hide at Altis, Stratis and Malden. [real_fix_terrains.pbo]
- Adds vehicles for NATO (Woodland) and adds missed groups for NATO (Woodland) and FIA OPFOR/INDEP. (so now they are full-blown factions) [real_fix_factions.pbo]
- RPGs are now can be used by AI to hit the nearby slow moving helicopters. [real_fix_weapons.pbo]
- Vanilla grenade launchers initial zeroing is set to 100m for all weapons. (not 75 for some and 100 for some) [real_fix_weapons.pbo]
- Increased GL and artillery flares brightness to the realistic values [real_fix_flare_lights]
- Decreased hand/GL grenade and smoke shell bouncing to the realistic values [real_fix_grenade_deflection.pbo]
- Unlocked Uniform [real_uniform_unlock.pbo]
- Realistic weights for weapons and magazines [real_fix_weapons.pbo]
- Hides excessive color versions of casual items in arsenal (like a dozen of racing suits) [real_hide_casual_content.pbo]

Credits for the inspiration, ideas and more:
ACE team
KW Driver
Mr Goose
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