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Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt
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Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt

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MOD ID: 2110243671

Welcome to Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt!

Latest Major Version Release:
-Added: Puretotokage
-Added: Diru-Ya-Ku
-New Item: Concussive Arrow
-Taxidermy poses for Armaedron and the new monsters.

This standalone mod aims to scratch a “certain itch”, bringing to your world stylized fantasy creatures. Dragons, Wyverns, mammal-like monsters, sea beasts, and much more! Every single design and creature created for this mod is an original design and concept, the intellectual copyright belonging to myself and their appropriate creators as members of the Shadlos Modding Team!

Embark on a hunt unlike never before as you track down various new creatures on your ARK. From the whimsical Diru-Ya-Ku to the violent Lukastiblos; from the maternal Emalroth to the regal Armaedron! Each creature is planned with specific roles and abilities for all players regardless of their difficulty. Each monster comes offering a viable service to every player at different terms of progression, allowing consistent enjoyment throughout your playtime on the ARK, regardless of how well you're off! Add in a balance towards vanilla gameplay, and you have creatures that can compliment any ARK world!

Many new challenges await you in this mod. Several of the monsters may seem a daunting task, but pay close attention to their abilities and weaknesses, and you'll prevail. Take advantage of a monster's buff or damage weaknesses to deal increased damage to them and make your fight easier. In the end, you'll be able to craft new gear from the spoils of your hunt: the stronger the monster, the better the gear! Both for offense and defense: with armors coming with a skill-set system to help you mix and match to find the perfect look and skill functionality for your playstyle!

(armor/weapon system is currently still WIP, models are being made and designs are being drafted!)

Embark on a new adventure with Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt!

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Mod mentor, true great friend.

Animations, Model Work, Texture work

-Scanova the Carnotaurus
Mod community manager and official biologist

-SpaceTyrant93, WaterWitch, DireCrusader
Mod Official Artists

-Fresonis, everynightxRIOT, Syntac, RePuG, ThatGermanGuy
Epic youtube supporters
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Sep 26 @ 7:45pm
workshop maps?
< >
Kýuubi :> Oct 25 @ 11:02am 
i tamed an Armaedron but i cant move with him can you maybe help me?
Dinosaurboy10 Oct 20 @ 12:18pm 
Everything you need to know about AC is in the description and discussions
Chka Oct 19 @ 2:54pm 
How much new dinow we get with just grand hunt ? I understand nothing with all Additional Creatures its annoying :(
Dinosaurboy10 Oct 14 @ 8:48am 
0_Starchild Oct 13 @ 3:36pm 
are the Puretotokage supposed to be able to kill you off the back?
TheGamingGirl Oct 7 @ 3:10am 
May i ask where do they spawn?
Aspergersaurus Oct 5 @ 12:57am 
Tldr: rebinding keys fucks with the movesets of creatures, so I'm hoping you could fix it.
Aspergersaurus Oct 5 @ 12:54am 
What I meant was that an action whose default control is, for example LeftCtrl, could be "locked" to said button, regardless of control settings, so that, say, an Armaedron's claw swipe is always bound to the C key.
Either that, or each mounted action corresponds to an unmounted action, i.e. the Armaedron's claw swipe is the "crouch" button, kaiser's flame is the "pistolwhip" button, roar is the "drop item" button, etc.
Shadlos  [author] Oct 4 @ 7:53pm 
Left control is naturally also the pistol whip.

I can set it to either "Left Control" or "melee fire" (pistol whip)

but that can cause issues for people who rebind both im afraid, if i do one or the other.
Aspergersaurus Oct 4 @ 6:45pm 
Some of us like to set LeftCtrl as the crouch button, but this causes the controls on your creatures to "overlap", making some moves inaccessible.
I propose that, either the inputs be fixed, i.e. so that a move that's bound to "C" won't be affected by changes in the controls setting, or have said moves correspond to unmounted actions, like the carcharo's hiss be the same button as the pistolwhip.