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NMS activated indium farm!!! Get rich quick!!!
By Scaledi
activated indium is easily the easiest way to get rich in the game. With only a few hours of work, you can make 1m units a hour easy, compleatly passive. you dont even need the game open!
Hello games has nerfed this method and it is slower. So whatever you'd make normally you now need to do it on many locations to create the same amount as you may have made before. sorry!

This is still perhaps the most effective method known to date, but its slower still.
Getting started!
To get started, you will need a few things.
Indium Drive
this can be crafted using emeril. there are a few ways to acquire it
  • emeril drive
    (make it using cadmium from the cadmium drive) (need to buy from anomaly)
  • from space anomaly missions that take you to a system with emeril
  • from cheating and asking for it in the anomaly :)
Survey Device
this is needed to find hotpots.
you need
  • Sodium Diode x3
  • Cobalt Mirror x1
  • Wiring Loom x2
buy the wiring loom from the space station, and raid factory's to get diode and cobalt blueprints

you might also be able to get the diode and cobalt mirror from the tech vendor at minor settlements
industrial blueprints
you can get these from the anomaly using salvage. try to get all of them. it will make your life better
  • electromagnetic generator
  • electrical wiring
  • mineral extractor
  • supply depot
  • supply pipe
  • Solar panels
  • battery
  • landing pad
  • some prefab shelter
  • trade terminal
you will also want lots of
  • metal plating
  • ferrite dust
  • Carbon
  • Gold
Setting Up Camp
going home
use your indium drive to go to a BLUE system. once you are there, go to the space station, and buy all the metal plating and ferrite dust you can. Trust me.

once you do that, scan the planets for one with ACTIVATED INDIUM!!! then fly to that

once you are on the planet, first use your analysis visor to find a depot of activated indium, walk to that, use your manipulator to get it, and then put it in a Refiner to make mass quantity's of chronic material.
finding the riches
fire up your new servay device, and tune it to the mineral mode by pressing one. hopefully one bar will light up. turn in the direction of the bar until both bars are light, then walk in that direction. if nothing happens, walk in one direction for 1 minute, and check it again. keep doing this until it becomes lit. once you are at the source of the commoshin, check if it is activated indium, if it is, continue to step two. if it is not, wander further.
is it right for me?
There are a number of indium classes. each one can churn out millions of u's a hour, but the higher it is the rarer it is, and the higher the indium a hour will be. the higher the rating, the better the bang for the buck. the ranks are as follows (with c being the worst, and s being the best)
C, B, A, S
it is up to you what class you need to be happy, but I recommend setting up camp at a B or higher, then continuing to search for that sweet S class. if you are not satisfied, move on. after about 300u's your scanner will forget about the old thing it found, and continue searching.
Ready, Steady, Go!!!
place down a base computer, register your base, and continue onwards!
Mining it out!
There are a few key things in your indium farm
  1. A power source
    you need this to power your extractors
  2. Extractors... duh
  3. Storage, so you can get rich overnight (does not need power :))
you can go about this in any order, as long as you have everything
there are two ways we can get power. electromagnetic genorators are the best and most powerful, but harder to find
Power Sources
Electromagnetic generators
for this, you will need to find a power hotspot. to do this, activate your survayer again, and switch to power mode. then do the steps outlined in the earlyer section. for this, a C class is fine, as long as it is within range of your base. you can extend your base up to about 1k units, buy continuesly placing a wall right at the edge of the perimiter.

one extractor uses 50kz of power, and one generator at a C class depot generates 150kz without stop. plan ahead how much extractors you want to have, and place the according number of generators. NOTE: YOU CAN ALWAYS EXPAND IF YOU NEED TO.

if, you are too lazy to find a hotspot, or if there is none within a thousand U's (there almost definetly is in one direction, lazy pants), instead use solar panels
Solar panels
when it is day time, a solar panel will generate 50kz, just enouph to power one extractor. it will not, however, provide energy in the night. there are also middle times, when the panels produce 25kz. assuming that you need to provide 75zk/s to make up for the dark losses, you will need
2.5(rounding up) solar panels per extractor.

make sure to have enouph batteries so that is gets filled right before the panels enter 25kz time.
storing it
with eather of these methods, you should also budget in about 150kz to not be used. this is for a base, trade terminal, lights, ect. even if you have no plans for that, make sure to route the electromagnetic generators and solar panels through a battery, just so you can save the extra juice.
the amount of extractors you place is up to you and your reasorces.

for me, one extractor on a B class depot produces about 350 activated indium a hour. the selling price is 950u's per item, so after a hour, I got 332500u's. 300k u's passive is not bad, but keep in mind, with only 3 extractors, you can get 1m a hour, and with 30, make that 10m a hour, and 240m a day.

keep in mind, you also need to store it.

first, however lets link it up. connect the power source (batteries) to one extractor, and from then, connect one extractor to the other, until all of them are running. do the same thing with the pipes in the industrial section.
the amount of storage you need depends on how long you go with out playing. it is really the most important thing. it aint matter how much you mine if it aint go nowhere! I reccomend thinking about it and placing accordingly. one storage depot can hold 1000 indium, so you may need a lot of it.
Selling... the dos and donts
YIPPY!!! you came back to your farm after a few hours off and you have thousands of indium? great! just don't, under any circumstances, sell it.

I know what you are thinking, scaledish, thats insane! but hear me out.

have you ever noticed indicators below products saying -2.8 demand or something along those lines? those are afected by YOU! and you guessed it, the lower the demand, the lower the prices. the more you sell, the lower the demand. that is not gonna work. so what should you do? go to the freighter!

if you don't have the freighter upgrades, set up a teleporter in your base, and have a base on a system your freighter can go to, and teleport between them. go to the freighter, and sell to the people who land on the landing pads in your freighter.

  • Trade terminals
  • Space stations
  • base landing pads
Scaling up
here are a few things you can do to scale up
better depots
While your B class is working away, go seaching for better depots. the higher the class the better bang for your buck
set up multiple locations
Call each one a genaric name


Switch to electromagnet generators
Upgrade your storage
Upgrade your miners

the more... the better
Sit back and chillax
Wait for the money to come pouring in!

if you enjoyed this guide, be sure to like it and give it a fav for further reference.
(Just kidding. you do you :))

if you have any comments or sugestions, leave em below! I will be sure to read them!

Enjoy the riches!

oh and thanks for the clever and all the other awards to whoever gave them. just saw it now and it means a ton.
RipinPieces Jan 28, 2023 @ 9:02am 
Just mine for Gold now guys. Easy to find, I run 4 gold mines and every (real) day, I can collect gold worth 100 million units. It's definately better than activated indium.
Pedestrian Nov 8, 2022 @ 10:32pm 
Alternative: sell stolen pirate goods to outposts, or better yet, back to the pirates. Reduced profit, but a HUGE time saver If you can find a pirate system with frigates.
infra-dan-accelerator unit 84725 Jul 23, 2022 @ 6:53pm 
just the hotspot-to hotspot thing d wont conect
infra-dan-accelerator unit 84725 Jul 23, 2022 @ 6:52pm 
the power thing dont work
Gregorius Jul 23, 2022 @ 12:20am 
You can make more profit just by simply buying/selling trade goods (using the correct economies for buy low sell high) than "1 mil per hour".
Dracula420 Jun 22, 2022 @ 4:10am 
@Sentient_Pickle true they have to be monitered. but who says you have to do that all the time? you can set them up, which takes no prep time at all really, and just do it passively as you return to base or while your building stuff like that activated indium farm. there comes a point when the grind is no longer needed and you can use a simple chlorine farm to maintain some cash flow. after all you only need so much money before it just becomes a bit of a waste.
Sentient_Pickle Jun 22, 2022 @ 3:41am 
@Dracula420 Yes, but you have to babysit Chlorine Expansion whereas Activated Indium farms are passive up until you fill all the tanks. If your idea of fun times in a video game is sitting around twiddling your thumbs while Chlorine expands, feel free. With Activated Indium farms, I can leave the system and go about having fun doing other stuff, returning as much as days later to pull out my Indium for selling.
Tye Evans Jan 5, 2022 @ 3:24am 
have you done this?
each piece of activated indium gives about 1000$ on an S class deposit that is a million dollars per miner (and you can spam tons of miners)
Dracula420 Sep 23, 2021 @ 11:40pm 
if you put oxygen and chlorine in a medium refinery you get like 4 times the chlorine back. you can sell this for millions and just keep some in reserve to start over and stock up on oxygen while you travel around. way faster and less involved then this.
Resolute Sep 4, 2021 @ 5:23pm 
I should add, set the refiner output down a click (so it'll show up 242, then 248 after the first run finishes) so you don't waste most of the last cycle.