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waypoint autopilot
Microcontrollers: Navigation, Cockpit, Microcontroller
Tags: v1.0.15
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Apr 19, 2020 @ 3:44pm
Oct 8, 2020 @ 1:25pm
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waypoint autopilot

route autopilot the main feature of which is to hold the original direction of movement as shown in the picture.

you can specify up to 800 waypoints
buttons: upd[some buttons have been replaced with SMARTtouch]
zoom: to scroll, you need to hold E in one place and Q in another. you can do the opposite. if the second tap is higher than the second one the map will move away and if it is lower it will move closer
move map: you need to hold down the tap on the map and then it will start moving in this direction
R : center of the player
B: canceling the last waypoint
С: clear route
click on the map to set a waypoint
autopilot is activated only if a signal is given
the controller gives a signal if there is a route
supports all screen sizes except 1x1
property smoothness indicates the sharpness of holding the course

UPDcompletely redesigned autopilot now it works even better and according to a new principle and now the distance is specified not to the nearest point but the length of the entire route,
now moving around the screen is smooth]

use the following link to download an additional controller that will allow you to add points from the keyboard as well.
mod -

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aria Nov 14 @ 11:32pm 
oh also a heading hold function, a auto stop output for a throttle, and a position hold function would be great also the ability to edit and existing route and or the ability to save an load routes would be great too
aria Nov 14 @ 11:09pm 
could it be made to make the vehicle follow a curve which is bound by 3 way points with the start of the turn starting at a point on a line between WP1 and WP2 and whose turn ends at a point on a line between WP2 and WP3 and whose turn start and end point can be determined by either a predefined radii or by a radii that is calculated on the fly by factoring in the vehicles current speed and a value for it maximum allowable turn? so that the turn radii is as small as possible without losing control of the vehicle also if this sounds weird or is hard to follow thats probably because i ...reaally didn't do well in maths class and im almost certainly using the wrong terms or something anyways great controller love it i use it in my hydrofoil
aria Nov 14 @ 10:49pm 
...just figured out what smoot was .. it was smoothing being clipped in the text box i am a stoopid lol
CosmoMomen Nov 7 @ 7:49am 
My favorite autopilot. Any way you could make the map zoom controlled by a set of buttons on screen, or external input? Perhaps a button to toggle the distance between distance to nearest waypoint and distance overall as well?
Random Sep 29 @ 2:19pm 
Surprisingly good, my hovecraft with weird steering mechanics still works with this.
SquidgyJack Sep 6 @ 1:17am 
Its now just deciding to just go 80 degrees and not go to the other waypoints
SquidgyJack Sep 6 @ 1:01am 
It goes 90 degrees the wrong direction, do you know why?
TheGdog Sep 1 @ 12:05am 
is this name something else in the inventory, i dont see it even after multiple restarts of the game, ect
aria Aug 14 @ 7:25am 
...WHATS A SMOOT... and why?
aria Aug 14 @ 6:45am 
help my ship keeps doing s turns like a drunk fish please help your mc is connected to the jet controller from spiders cheetah mk1 i can upload if you like thankyou