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Apr 18, 2020 @ 5:32am
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This mod add more dynamic events to game. Its inspired by AirRaid mod for Arma 2.
When air raid is coming siren started. Then arrive bomber, release bombs and after some short time siren stops.
Explosions are very dangerous, be careful.
In Chernarus map also add some new dynamic event to sea - patrol Submarine. Its only sailing south coastline. Later will have more events.
New FishingBoat (WIP) sailing from Svetlojarsk to south.
twitch clip of some early version[]
Another dynamic event is AN-2 (Andula) biplane flying over map.
Sometimes you can see and hear Soviet MiG-21.
You can also met Soviet Mi-24 and Mi-6 helicopter.
During night you can watch UFO.
You can met Balloon too.

Installation: on server side just add mod, config file will be generated. Also dont forget copy key file to keys directory on server. Because mod adding new objects, of course must be installed on client and server too. Add -mod=@AirRaid to server startup options.

Configuration is server side in json file which is located in mod folder inside profile folder. eg. myprofile/AirRaid/AirRaid.json

You can configure:
-OwerrideMapSize (0= false/1=true)
-MapSize in meters - when is owerride true
-name of air raid location
-siren postion
-target position
-type (light, normal, heavy)
-number of bombs
-interval between air raids (in minutes, setting to -1 disable bombing)
-notifications(1 enable / 0 disable)
-interval of submarine patrol (in minutes)
-interval of Boat (in minutes)
-enable ships - (1 enable / 0 disable ) - set to 0 in Livonia...(not enough water for submarine)
-enable Andula (1 enable / 0 disable) Soviet biplane
-interval of Andula
-enable MiG-21 (1 enable / 0 disable) Soviet jet plane
-interval of MiG-21
-enable UFO (1 enable / 0 disable) Better in night
-interval of UFO
-enable Mi-24 helicopter (1 enable / 0 disable) Soviet battle helicopter
-interval of Mi-24
-enable Mi-6 helicopter (1 enable / 0 disable) Soviet transport helicopter
-interval of Mi-6
-enable Balloon (1 enable / 0 disable)
-interval of Balloon in minutes (do not set lower values than 20)

rest of config is WIP (work in progress)

Do not increase number of bombs too much - particles will start flickering/glitching.

-bombing types
-more dynamic events
-more patrol waypoints to submarine
-adjustable depth of submarine (diving)
-admin "flare"
-add particles TTL

Further Info

No repacks allowed. Don't ask. Repacking is cancer of DayZ community.

You are allowed to look into mod for learning purposes or if you want know how it works.

If you found some bugs or have suggestions, use discord. Thanks for any feedback!
Discord: HunterzCZ#4660



Thx to [Lusk]-hlynge for preparing and modify models.
Tu-95 model from helijah at
Kilo Submarine is from
Fishing Boat is from
AN-2 model is from
MiG-21 model from Tim Samedov at
Mi-24 model from manilov.ap at
Mi-6 model from Pavlo Haichuk at