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Nominal Structures (N+)
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Apr 4, 2020 @ 1:45am
Jan 16 @ 11:15am
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Nominal Structures (N+)

ModID: 2047386374

Nominal Structures - a fork of Structures Plus focused on fixes and small improvements only.

Deprecation Warning!
This version of Nominal Structures is out of date and only being preserved here so that server admins can continue to run it with no risk to existing structures. It is based on the 2019 version of S+, and not the 2020 Update. There will be no further updates to this version.

A newer version is available here: Nominal Structures 2.0. N+ 2.0 is based on the 2020 version of S+ with all the same changes and improvements that this version has - and more.

Compatibility with S+
N+ is a drop-in replacement, only the config header changes to [NominalStructures]. This means that you can replace S+ with N+ and not lose any of your structures.

The only changes you need to perform are to change the Mod ID, and change the config header from [StructuresPlus] to [NominalStructures] in GameUserSettings.ini (if you changed the configuration at all)

Do NOT run N+ and S+ at the same time!

Changes in N+

Only changes compared to S+ are listed here. You can refer to the S+ documentation for a full list of features and configuration options.

  • Added 1.5x and 2x Feeding Troughs (refers to vanilla trough range, ignores range config, the 3x trough still obeys config)
  • Industrial Grinder can grind ungrindeable items, returns 10% resources by default (config: GrinderResourceReturnPercentUngrindeable, set to -1 to disable)
  • INI: New option "AdditionalEngramGroupBits" to unlock additional engram groups on any map (Instructions)

  • Cooking Pots: Removed Augmented Kibble, added Brainwash Stew (Brainwash Stew is a Mindwipe that retains Engrams)
  • Personal Teleporter can be uploaded through Obelisks (but will lose its Ammo like all Element-powered items)

  • All structures are renamed to N+, Config Header is [NominalStructures], options otherwise remain the same (even those with SPlus in their name)
  • All DLC-based engrams are now properly categorized into those DLC groupings (use "AdditionalEngramGroupBits" to unlock them on any map, if so desired)
  • Adjusted crafting cost and level of some items to match Homestead variants
  • The Tek Forcefield no longer pushes out unclaimed babies (still pushes adults)
  • Tek Replicator: All Engrams are properly included (Genesis)
  • Industrial Forge engram requires learning the original Industrial Forge
  • Tek Turret health updated to match vanilla
  • Many improvements on Flex Cables/Pipes (better snapping, proper visibility, better layout)
  • Removed the Tek ATV, its broken and useless
  • Triangle Foundations can no longer float
  • Taxidermy bases properly restore their rotation
  • The Demo Gun no longer picks up Ocean Platforms
  • Fixed Metal and Greenhouse Triangle Sloped Roof placement
  • Turrets now obey the Turret Limit, if any
  • The green range indicator around Feeding Troughs is hidden once again
  • Fixed disabling of snapping on Spike Walls when running with -structurememopts
  • Dynamic Gates properly emit gate opening/closing sounds
  • Fixed a crash when trying to paint humanoid structures (Farmer, Nanny, etc) (NOTE: No preview will be shown)
  • Removed the sounds from the idle animations of the Animal Tender


This mod was primarily created for use on my own servers, although due to multiple requests from other players I am gladly providing it for anyone to use.
The main goal for N+ is to provide a short-term replacement for S+, which has started to show its age (green circles around troughs anyone?).

I will maintain N+ for the forseeable future, and while there are some plans for more fixes, QoL changes and a handful of new structures, N+ will not be fundamentally changed.

For feedback, bugs and suggestions, please join us on Discord
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Sep 17, 2020 @ 2:54pm
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nevcairiel  [author] Jan 5 @ 2:32pm 
You can use N+2.0 which fixes those issues.

Do note that it has always done this, since WildCard took these items from S+ and they forgot to rename them - S+ had them first, which N+ is based on.

Simply renaming them now would be a breaking change for people that actually use the N+ Dedicated Storage, as the vanilla one cannot contain as many stacks, and resources would be lost. Hence these changes were not done here, and N+2.0 is being offered which fixes these things, among many others things.
MaidenSkyrim Jan 5 @ 10:56am 
I noticed that whenever I place Tek Dedicated Storages (because they are factually 100% superior for everything that does not have a spoil timer) I come back the next day and they've all been ruined by being turned into their n+ variants, I understand this to be because both items have the "PrimalItemStructure_DedicatedStorage" filename and because of this dedicated storage is completed destroyed this mod was so amazing until it started destroying all vanilla structures. Please edit the name just by 1 character so it stops ruining the factually superior vanilla versions?
Mama Sep 27, 2020 @ 10:47pm 
Hey, I was just wondering if you could add a toggle wheel to the vessel to give it different vase looks. Would just be a nice little bonus :)
NeuroticHeretic Aug 29, 2020 @ 11:18am 
Having an issue with the N+ Electrical outlet box crashing Ark Server, anyone else experiencing this?
oyoshi Jul 30, 2020 @ 3:43am 
Hi bro. Do you have the source code for the transmitter? If so, please reply to me. thank you
ST£AM_0:1:00000ZERO Jul 26, 2020 @ 9:00pm 
And where is the demo gun? How do I activate it on my singleplayer game?
ST£AM_0:1:00000ZERO Jul 26, 2020 @ 8:56am 
Why can't I pick up my structures at any time I want to? Is there a setting i need to change because in s+ you could just pick up structures whenever you wanted.
grieferbastard Jul 25, 2020 @ 8:54pm 
I have two mods. This one and Ultrastacks. I had S+, but did the drop in replacement and changing mod ID to switch to this one and it worked perfectly.

However I've run into an issue since then - The Chemistry Bench won't work. It's got an electrical outlet sparking next to it and the Fabricator right next to it (further from the outlet even) is powered. It has a stack of gasoline in it. However it says 'unpowered' and normally I'd have the 'turn on' option in its inventory to start using gas and running it, that option isn't there.

Anything anyone can think of?
Ryno8756 Jul 17, 2020 @ 3:58pm 
Just installed this instead of S+. After placing a structure down, the remote briefly allows me to pick it up. But if I leave and come back to it, the structure is no longer highlighted when I am in Pick Up Mode with the remote. How do I solve this issue?
Godith (Alpha) Shadowind Jun 18, 2020 @ 10:54am 
i tried this out then uninstalled it and now we can't place vanilla stairs... has this happened to anyone else?