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A3 Thermal Improvement
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Mar 30, 2020 @ 6:02am
Aug 15, 2023 @ 7:36pm
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A3 Thermal Improvement

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This mod overhauls thermal vision modes allowing them to be used in all conditions.
It is designed to work with any targeting pod or CROWS. The mod does NOT currently work with Night Vision Goggles. That will come with a future update.

This mod CAN be used Client Side.

Press B while in Vanilla DTV mode to bring up A3TI thermal vision modes.
Press B while in Vanilla NVG mode to bring up A3TI Fusion mode.

Mission makers can disable A3TI vision modes by placing the following command in a vehicle's init:
this setVariable ["A3TI_Disable", true];

Current Features:
Can be run Client Side
MWIR White Hot
MWIR Black Hot
IR/NV Fusion
Laser Target Marker
Available in Zeus
High Definition Targeting Pod Options
Configurable Brightness/Contrast
Configurable CBA Options and Keybinds

How To:
Select Vanilla DTV and press the B key to cycle through the A3TI Vision Modes
Select Vanilla NVG and press the B key to cycle through Fusion Modes

To use the Laser Target Marker (LTM), cycle to NVG or A3TI fusion mode, fire your laser, then press L
The LTM can only be seen in NVG or Fusion modes
You can change the LTM between Flashing and Steady modes with Ctrl+L
All controls are configurable via CBA keybinds

Known Issues:

Some Modded Tanks may have visual bugs for the driver. There is a CBA option to disable A3TI enhancements for tank drivers to mitigate this.

Please report any bugs to our Discord #bugs channel

Origins and Credits:
This mod was originally developed by Pingopete to work with the USAF AC130U Gunship.
HateAndCaffeine jumped in and helped to convert it into a standalone mod for the game; providing huge realism improvements, testing and facilitating collaboration with other teams.
This mod could not have been officially released without Lala's awesome code rework and optimization; bringing a fully fledged (and stable) mod to the community.
We also want to extend a huge thanks to BigBearZ, Fat_Lurch, Raynor, and Yax.
Could not have made this mod without your incredible contributions.

Honorable mentions:
Huge thanks to Voldy for his tireless work hunting bugs
Thank you to Reyhard for their assistance getting the RHS Raven compatible
Massive thanks to the whole A3TI community who have been on board since the beginning providing feedback, suggestions and support the whole way.

Check out some of their other work.

USAF Mod Collection

Fat Lurch Workshop

Yax Workshop

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