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{DEPRECIATED} Additional Creatures: Roya Creations
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Mar 24, 2020 @ 5:14pm
May 29, 2020 @ 12:47pm
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{DEPRECIATED} Additional Creatures: Roya Creations

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MOD ID: 2034355411

This mod contains creatures made by 3D Artist and modder HokiRoya. Since he was leaving the Ark modding field, and I had worked with him in the past, I asked permission to have his assets and keep support of his well-liked critters. He agreed, and thus I bring to you this mod!

Every creature from here comes from Mysterious Mysteries, Roya's series of creature mods. Not everything is implemented and Roya couldn't give me everything, but there's plenty of stuff coming right around the corner! Many of these creatures either haven't seen the light of day, or have been completely reworked. By that, I mean they may have new textures, custom animations, and such: The model and animation work done by my close friend Scorching_Kami!


this mod is a DLC to Additional Creatures 2: Wild Ark. This mod needs dependencies from that mod to properly work (venom debuff, healing buffs, AI, etc). Place AC2: Wild Ark on your server and in higher priority to use Roya Creations properly with no bugs!

Check the discussions for all the data you need, like spawn codes (incoming) and creature info!

Creatures that are/will be in the mod:

-Storm Drake (incoming saddle, slight texture reworks, implementation!) {IMPLEMENTED}
-Old Sky Viper (“Viperwing”) {IMPLEMENTED}
-New Sky Viper (“Sky Viper”) {WIP}
-Roya Drake {WIP}
-Fire Worm {WIP}
-Crawler {WIP}
-Leonopteryx (“Fulgopteryx”, re-animation and texure re-work) {WIP}
-Tropeognathus {IMPLEMENTED} (renamed Coloborhynchus)
-MataMata Turtle {WIP}
-Cornusaurus (Tail extended to proper proportions for a theropod, completely re-animated!)

I have the files for Sinoceratops and Royasaurus, but I do not intend to add them as of yet. If there's enough of a want for them, I will add them to my list! (Indoraptor will not be done due to the eventual “Indoraptor” by Garuga123 of Ark additions).

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Mod mentor, true great friend.

Collaboration work

Animations, Model Work, Texture work

-Scanova the Carnotaurus
Mod community manager and official biologist

-SpaceTyrant93, WaterWitch, DireCrusader
Mod Official Artists

-Fresonis, everynightxRIOT, Syntac, RePuG, ThatGermanGuy
Epic youtube supporters
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Jan 26 @ 2:59am
what are the spawn codes?
Apr 8 @ 5:08pm
Servers with this mod
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CafeSua Jun 5 @ 6:36pm 
garuda stop making indoraptor, so can u continue make it ?
Doctor RivaL Apr 2 @ 2:18pm 
Can you add Coloborhynchus on AC2 Wild ARK ? i love this pterosaur
Princess Ice Dragon Feb 28 @ 2:57pm 
Love it great idea~~~:steamhappy:
Revakyol Jan 11 @ 12:44pm 
I ran this mod without AC2 for a while to see what would happen and actually got some neat results. The Cornusaurus becomes more Wendigo-like; the babies are born starving and they couldn't be fed, making them eternally hungry. They had to be constantly healed or they would die. The adult's hunger also couldn't be sated by merely feeding them, they had to be constantly killing things to get any hunger back. The adults are also mostly silent, since the roar assets are missing, they could easily sneak up on you in the Redwoods. Just some cool things I found!
Dust-seal Dec 8, 2022 @ 5:03am 
@Shadlos Hello, I'm a game video writer. I want to make some videos with your dinosaur mod, can I?
Oceans Nov 30, 2022 @ 4:42am 
well its shame its starting to break on my server had to remove but regardless thanks Shad for the time you put into was a great mod for some time
sully7758 Nov 17, 2022 @ 6:47pm 
@swinaecologist bro some people dont have a choice, people have lives outside this kind of stuff, if you cant respect that then dont bother using the mod and be quiet, its a free mod so you dont have a right to complain.
JackGenesisX Oct 16, 2022 @ 9:47am 
Why was this mod abandoned?
chadalanbartlett Oct 3, 2022 @ 3:46pm 
crawler spawn command?
Swinaecologist Sep 13, 2022 @ 3:47pm 
I love how they just up and abandon some of their mods lol