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The Winter Testing Initiative
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Dec 7, 2013 @ 11:28am
Dec 14, 2013 @ 7:00pm
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The Winter Testing Initiative

A new testing course has arrived just in time for the holiday season! Can you make it through the five festive tests GLaDOS has in store for you?

~We strongly recomend playing this map in high shader detail, as certain custom textures will not look as good with lower settings.

~There is an extra special secret hidden in the map....read the signs carefully to find it!

~Difficulty: Hard
~Estimated Time: 40 minutes - 2 hours

Q: I can't solve (insert puzzle number here)!
A: A video walkthrough is avalaible on this page.
Q: How long did the map take to make?
A: Seven months.
Q: How did you get the test chamber/map to look like this?
A: Hammer World Editor (also known as Portal 2 Authoring Tools Beta). Keep in mind most the holiday models and textures are custom made and unavalaible to the public however!
Q: Will the team be doing any other holiday maps?
A: None are planned at this time.
Q: Can you give me <insert custom texture or model here>?
A: To keep these custom elements special, and to respect all the effort the creator's put into them, they will not be released for public use.


Tmast98 - Project Leader, Mapper
DaMaGepy - Mapper, General Support
Colossal - Texture Artist, Modeler, General Support
Josepezdj - Mapper, Texture Artist, Modeler, General Support
P0rtalPlayer - General Support
CamBen - General Support
vanSulli - Music
Johny[SRKA]* - Christmas Tree Model
Prototstar* - Skybox Texture

*Use of these custom creations from cssbanana.
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Jul 21, 2016 @ 11:54am
Winter/Festive Texture
*|PEZ|* Venima
May 21, 2014 @ 2:57pm
If you're stuck then I've made a walkthrough
Feb 2, 2016 @ 12:28pm
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bgordon1 Jul 2 @ 4:59am 
So what do you do with the cake?
Took it to the end, but nothing......
bgordon1 Jun 29 @ 4:26am 
But I eventually got there with your help..........
bgordon1 Jun 29 @ 4:12am 
Людович Jun 17 @ 4:46pm 
Awesome man.
I had to use the walkthrough for the last puzzle otherwise my brain would have exploded. :steamhappy:

Thanks for all this entertainment.
SethMT May 31 @ 5:07am 
Such a beautifully designed map! So many little details! You can tell a lot of love was put into creating this and it was an absolute privilege to play.

I will say though that I think you gave us just a few too many hints in the tests - particularly in the final chamber. I feel that if you removed some of the pictographs whilst leaving the arrows, the tests would have been more satisfying to solve. Specifically, the pictograph telling you to use momentum to get up onto the light bridge in the final chamber. The arrows were already enough of a hint.
[LINUX] domestos May 4 @ 6:51am 
Mooooore... :steamhappy:
智子被锁死 Apr 16 @ 11:14am 
so hard but awesome puzzles. It is the one of a few maps that i can't get through without other gamers' videos. This really puzzled me, especially the last level design. Thanks for your amazing works.
jandlml Mar 24 @ 10:44pm 
this map was lots of fun. i agree Oz . i love the logic maps the best . this map started out simple and got trickier as you went. not terribly difficult but really fun.loved the winter theme and the christmas trees are great.
0z Mar 6 @ 2:33pm 
Very cool to finally find a map where you actually have to sit down and think a little. Afterall that's why many play Portal I think, because they like a logical challenge. Part 5 was brilliant and took me about 1.5 hours. When I found out I had to exchange the cubes to have the other one create the light-bridge I was sold on its ingenuity and cohesiveness.
Szarps; Feb 19 @ 1:46pm 
this should be on top maps, period, the last puzzle is a master piece. For the longest time i procastinated, mustering patience to complete it, going as far a years (because i play every so often portal to wait for new puzzles), finally now after who knows how many time i done it. Cant believe i was so blind. Once i got the cube on the 3 and 4 laser room the rest was a cakewalk but damm it that shit felt near impossible