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Progress Renderer
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Progress Renderer

Progress Renderer

See the original mod for more info. Also, all credit goes to Lanilor[github.com], the original author of the mod.

Safe to add or remove at any time.

Automatically create scheduled renderings of the full map or only a chosen part of it. There are many options to configure the mod in the settings, including only rendering portions of the map and the render interval.

You can use these renders to create an animated gif or video of your current run. People over at r/rimworldporn and the RimWorld Discord[discord.gg] eat that kind of stuff up.

  • 9 - render the current map
  • 0 - render the current map, ignoring corner markers
You can change the keybinding in Rimworld Options -> Keyboard

Notes and current known problems

There is a separate discussion for bugs
  • If you get an error about png_unity or jpg_unity, just save and reload and it should go away (I renamed some variables while cleaning up and making things more robust).
  • The rendering breaks at the largest map size and PPC. If rendering never finishes for you, you should still be able to save and quit, then turn down your PPC. An update is coming to fix this (and a lot of other issues) soon™
  • Large amounts (not sure the exact amount) of pawns/animals on the map may not have all of them rendered.

Reporting bugs
Before reporting an issue, try deleting your config. On Windows, this can be found at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config\Mod_2010777010_PRMod.xml. Also, make sure that if you're using local copies with Fluffy's Mod Manager that you've manually updated. Finally, please attach your settings with your bug report. Services like hastebin[hastebin.com] are great for that (but I'm not picky on the format).

GitHub: https://github.com/JonathanTroyer/Progress-Renderer

Currently looking for help testing the new performance branch! Also looking for someone who's experienced with Unity to help with some odd coding issues.
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pgames-food Mar 29 @ 12:45am 
oh ok :)
Nesano Mar 28 @ 11:20pm 
What normally happens. I just wanted to know what happens when you've got multiple settlements before I needed to know.
pgames-food Mar 28 @ 10:48pm 
ah no it seemed on at the time, i have several instances of alt1/2/3

whats happening when you try to take screens?
Nesano Mar 28 @ 10:04pm 
Are you sure it wasn't saving the same days from rolled back saves? I've had a few of those.
pgames-food Mar 28 @ 9:58pm 
for example, if my map seed was "fletcher", it would save them as rimworld-fletcher and some datetime values.png but the other maps were similar but had name+alt1/2/3.png
pgames-food Mar 28 @ 9:56pm 
well, it was rendering 3 images for quite some time, i think i turned off the others apart from main base (2x daily) as was low on space
Nesano Mar 28 @ 9:39pm 
That's pretty dope. You mean it did it reliably or it just rendered all three once?
pgames-food Mar 28 @ 8:27pm 
hi it rendered all 3 for me before
Nesano Mar 28 @ 1:37pm 
Which settlement does it render if you've got more than one?