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I don't mod much these days as I've been focusing on game development, and as a result this mod went to the wayside a bit until some very helpful community members revitalized it. However now there's a new and better version of this mod for all to use!! This older version will remain on the workshop for people to do as they please with but I definitely reccomend going and checking out MDC's EvenMoreDoors mod.

More Doors!

This mod is made to assist in the process of locking down a vanilla house when a gate just won't cut it. Maybe you have some badass mod loaded like BBP and have all kinds of door options but just cant find the right one to fit the job. More Doors are craftable doors that behave like gates but are just a door and a frame, allowing you to lock down an entrance in a much smaller location without exposing any of the backside of your wall. There are also a few extra bells and whistles (and more to come ^_^) such as a lockable safe container that players can use to hide their most treasured valuables and a giant unraidable vault door for events and other creative uses. Lastly, the mod is equipped with its own server side config file that is generated in the profile folder and allows for various customization such as Raid times, toggle recipes, raid tools, etc. Hope you enjoy the mod, please report any issues and such you find to me. Steam comments are ok for little blurbs but discord is the place to talk and really get to the bottom of things if you need support.

Fresh out the door I may have missed a few bugs, consider this the beta of More Doors but as far as I can tell its very stable so don't feel like your takin a gamble. Just be sure to report any bugs to me and I'll try and fix em ^_^

Discord [Click Here For Support] [] (Link Updated 11/19)


5 Wooden Planks + Hammer = Shanty or Wooden Door Kit
10 Wooden Planks + Hammer = Metal Door Kit
Then you must put the required ingredients into the kit object before it will place the door you would like to build.
5 planks + 25 nails = Small Shanty Door
10 planks + 25 nails + Metal Wire = Small Wooden Door
20 planks + 75 nails + 5 Sheet metal + Metal Wire = Small Metal Door

Other noncraftable items = Vault door (still has kit for placement ease) and the Safe.


Do Codelocks lock these doors? Yes. Codelock, combination locks, any locks that work on a fence. Currently no proxy of the lock appears while its connected but will likely fix that in the near future.

Does this work with X mod? It should be compatible all around and if its not I'll be sure to fix it. Uses its own actions and configs so vanilla overrides also won't effect this mod hopefully.

Whats the best way to place these? I tried to size them in a way that would fit most small doors, I find its less finicky opening and closing them if you dont line them up on the exact plane as the vanilla door your covering (little to the forward or back). Keep in mind these place the same way fence kits do when building them as in, the dismantle side faces towards you as you place them and the destroy side faces away (unless you rotate the object).

Y u no do dis? :Facepalm: Spare us both the trouble, you are the because lol. I am happy to answer questions and recieve feedback in a civilized fashion. I will definitely remove your comment if your just being a turd, if you want to give helpful feedback you know where to find me

Come check out the server I admin on with a lot of custom content Sanctuary City []


This mod is open source, feel free to repack it or do as you will. All I ask is that if you are using the mod inside your own or picking it apart to learn from it, please throw out some shoutouts. Many brilliant minds other than my own are the only reason I am here with all of this anyway, what you see is the culmination of group effort, knowledge, and sharing. If you wanna customize anything that isn't already provided with the config buzz me and I'll see if I can throw you a hand.


Munghard the model man, Helkhiana the refactah mastah (more like fix the whole mod mastah lol), Jon and the whole Sanctuary Gang for being the best, Creep for giving me a nice working sample to get the OB juices flowin, Chopper and the BBP bois for always bein awesome but also the words "these are just a fence in disguise", MarkDaOne for assisting helk with rpc vodoo, All the modders makin great content and lending a hand when they can. Hop, SaltyBob, the list goes on and on.

Special thanks to Spud from DDU for his generous donations and his decision to share with you MoreDoor's newest addition: Window Barricades! Also just for a lot of great ideas and input in general, great people over there. Show them some love

Another special thanks to Islerok!! He sent me the fix for the punching of the doors going away, the community continues to support each other and it warms my heart, enjoy all!
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Weyland 9 hours ago 
Tested this on my test server...
You have a hologram issue that needs to be updated for 1.13. It's conflicting with CannabisPlus. This is what happens:
mCaverylow Jul 23 @ 3:50am 
can this be fixed please ?

NS3177793, 23.07 2021 00:30:45
NULL pointer to instance
Class: 'MoreDoorSmallKit'
Entity id:3057274

Function: 'hasTheGoodStuff'
Stack trace:
JUURIAAN Jul 18 @ 2:17am 
I found a glitch where ALL moredoors were removed from the map :( . I will not spoil it here, creator contact me for details
[CN]Nana Jul 16 @ 12:48am 
After Dayz updates version 1.13, it doesn't work properly!
Weyland Jul 15 @ 8:56pm 
Getting reports of code locked More Doors opening on their someone will come back to their door and its open like someone opened it. Anyone else?
[CN]Nana Jul 14 @ 10:29am 
After updating 1.13, the door can't be opened, please fix it:)
Shaggoth (Ищезаяц) Jul 7 @ 12:15pm 
try to type "barricade" in your admin tool, in spawning items, and you'll see correct classname
Jest probably forgot to add it ) i remember something like that
ImPaKt_7 Jul 7 @ 9:38am 
i am a little confused so not sure if this is the right mod, but does this mod have the barricades as well? made some of them but they despawned really fast so trying to fix them but i cannot find where they are at looked in types.xml but not finding do they fall under a different name or something?
Shaggoth (Ищезаяц) Jun 27 @ 1:59am 
press tab and drag codelock to it's slot
dntbesosrs[!] Jun 26 @ 2:16pm 
@seriousoggamer I'm trying the code lock mod on the door and there is no promt to attach it. Are you running this on Expansion?