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A Guide to WeaponCore - From the Basics to the Advanced
By Wortho
WeaponCore is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system.

It is the framework that other weapon mod authors may use to create kind of weapon they can imagine. This guide will helpfully answer some questions about what it can do, what everything means and how to use it.
A small warning
As of 15/09/2021, this guide is OUTDATED.

I will update it in the future when I get time. In the meantime, join the WeaponCore discord and ask for help.

Getting this brand spankin' new weapon system in your world is easy, just follow these three simple steps:

  • Subscribe to and download the base WeaponCore mod.
  • Pick one or more of the supported WeaponCore mods (some of these can be found on the "Supported Weapons" section or on the main page)
  • Add the base mod and your chosen weapon mods to the mod list in your save.
Setting up your first WeaponCore ship
So, you’ve just spent two hours making a big cubic monster? Just downloaded that sick fighter ship off the most popular section of the workshop? Do you want to strap some cool stuff to it with some new WeaponCore weapons? Great, read on.

Meet the Empirata-9. A light fighter equipped with shields, two large reactors and some hardpoints for our new weapons.

Our unarmed ship. The black hardpoints are where weapons will go.

For this example, I will be using the “Replace Vanilla Weapons” and “Homing Weaponry” mods. Go ahead and place these weapons wherever you would like on the ship. As with other mods, ensure that you have conveyored up your weapons to the rest of the ship and that any energy or heat based weapons you have installed have enough energy to be fired. These weapons are usually not required to be conveyored to fire, but they will still draw power.

I’m going to place some gatling guns at the front and some homing missiles where the black hardpoints on the wings are.

Armed and ready. Almost.
Grouping Your Weapons
"So, how do I shoot the bad men", you ask? In order to summon the full potential of your weapons, you must first group them. Grouping your weapons is required to edit how they will function, which will be shown in the next section. Go into your terminal screen and group up each weapon.

An example of grouped weapons.

For example, all of your forward gatling guns, group them up with a recognisable name, like “Gatling guns”, missiles as “Missile launchers”, etc. You may also choose to group all of your fixed weapons into “Fixed Weapons”, or even group every weapon into “All Weapons”. Turreted weapons can also be done in this way.

IMPORTANT: Ensure every weapon on your grid is in a group or it may not work properly!

The easiest way to make your weapons fire is similar to the old method of adding the gun from the ‘block weapons’ section to the toolbar. With WeaponCore, you can have multiple weapon types firing at once. This is done by toggling the “Toggle Mouse Shoot” property on for each group. Simply drag each group you wish to manually fire down to the toolbar and select the “Toggle Mouse Shoot” option to on for each weapon. You can toggle it back off again at will. For each weapon that has this property on, when inside your ship and clicking with your left mouse button, those guns will fire.

Adding weapon groups to your ship's toolbar.

After grouping your weapons, sit in your cockpit and give that mouse a good old left clicking. Things should start happening, namely, weapons firing. Right now these missiles are unguided - and that's okay - because you haven't gotten to targeting anything yet. Homing missiles will usually home in to your selected target, done by scrolling your mouse wheel. Take a look at the controls section at the end for more information.

The end result.
Weapon Configuration Toolbar (MMB menu has been retired)
Please note, the old MMB weapon configuration menu has been removed. All of its functionality has been moved to toolbar actions for a specific weapon or group.

And now for the interesting part - the ability to set up a specific task or role for each weapon!
With the weapon configuration menu tool, you are able to edit how each weapon group (or even a singular weapon in a group) behaves. It can allow weapons to target certain subsystems that you specify, choose if weapons will only fire at your given target instead of whatever else it can see, turn all turrets to aim and fire at wherever your targeting reticle is and much like Keen’s weapons, you can set them to fire at friendly, unowned or neutral grids, meteors, biologicals, and even at projectiles (for supported weapons only).

To open this toolbar, move your desired weapon or group to the toolbar and select an action.

Here is a list of each menu item and its description. Default values are bold.

Toggle block On/Off - just as it says on the tin.
Shoot On/Off - set the weapon (group) to constantly fire.
Toggle Click to Fire - set the weapon (group) to fire when left click is pressed.
Neutrals On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target neutral grids
Friendly On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target friendly grids
Unowned On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target unowned grids
MaxSize Increase/Decrease - increase or decrease the maximum size of a grid the weapon (group) can target
MinSize Increase/Decrease - increase or decrease the minimum size of a grid the weapon (group) can target
Targeting Mode - cycle through automatic targetting of any, moving, mobile or moored targets
Control Mode - cycle through automatic or manual control (manual control aims at the targetting reticle)
Cycle Subsystems - cycle through a list of subsystems a weapon (group) should target if FocusSubsystem is enabled
Projectiles On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target projectiles
Biologicals On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target living targets
Meteors On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target meteors
FocusTargets On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target the selected target rather than other grids of opportunity
FocusSubsystem On/Off - set the weapon (group) to target the subsystem set in "Cycle Subsystems"
Increase/Decrease WC_Range - increase or decrease the range of the weapon (group)

Old, legacy menu:
Menu item
enabled, disabled
Activates or deactivates the weapon
any, offense, utility, power, production, thrusters, jump drive, steering
Chooses a subsystem block to target if “Focus subsystem” is enabled
Focus subsystem
enabled, disabled
If enabled, weapons in the group will target the subsystem set in “Subsystems”
Focus target
enabled, disabled
If enabled, weapons will only fire at target instead of other grids of opportunity
Manual control
enabled, disabled
If enabled, weapons will only target and fire manually, towards the targeting reticle when mouse 1 is pressed. This new menu option combines the old 'Manual fire' and 'Manual aim'
Target painter
enabled, disabled
If enabled, turreted weapons will automatically fire upon the targetting reticle. This will not work if 'Manual Control' is enabled
enabled, disabled
Target blocks owned by nobody
enabled, disabled
Target blocks owned by friendlies
enabled, disabled
Target meteors
enabled, disabled
Target characters, wolves or sabroids
enabled, disabled
Target projectiles (usually missiles)
enabled, disabled
Target neutrals
On-screen Information
When going about your spacefaring duties, you will notice some new on-screen elements. You will see some information about your target (top center screen), your target indicator (blue and red circle, on your target), and the targeting reticle (usually centre screen). Below shows an image of two ships engaging in combat, with this information shown.

Target Information

When targeting a ship, some information about it will be shown at the top center of the screen. If you have a secondary target selected, another one of these will show to the left of it.

A short description as to the purpose of these icons is as follows.

The size of the ship you are targeting.

Small grid
0 - 2000 blocks
2000+ blocks

Large grid
0 - 2999 blocks
3000 - 5999 blocks
6000 - 11999 blocks
12000 - 23999 blocks
24000+ blocks

Shows your target’s threat level from 1 to 10 based on the target’s optimal DPS vs your ship’s optimal DPS. Shields also add to the threat level. A threat level of 5 is roughly equal to your own ship.

Shows the distance between you and your target compared to how far your weapons can reach. If the green bar is full to the top, then your weapons cannot reach the target.

Shows the speed of your target, in percent of the world’s maximum speed limit.

Shows a ship that has either red (intercepting you), green (fleeing you) trails, or a ship in a target icon (in engagement).

Shows the target’s current shield percentage if DarkStar’s Defence Shields are enabled in the world and the target has a shield.
The following keybinds are controls for some advanced features of the WeaponCore framework. Please note that some controls are only available in a specific view (ie first or third person) only.


Side note: When moving the view with alt in first or third person, the targeting reticle will move with the view to stay in the centre of the screen. This can be used to pick targets off to the side.

View specific?
first person
Hold to show targeting reticle
third person
Press to toggle targeting reticle
Ctrl + Mouse wheel up/down
third person
Move reticle up/down
Mouse 1 (reticle over target)
Select highlighted target
Shift + Mouse 1 (reticle over target)
Select secondary target
Mouse wheel up/down
Cycle targets
Cycle primary/secondary targets
Alt + Shift
Clear targets
Middle mouse button
Open weapon configuration menu
Supported Weapons
Add as many of these to your world's mod list as you want. More weapons made by the community will be coming out as the framework receives more development!
Tips and Tidbits
  • If you do not have a target selected, WeaponCore will use its internal wizardry to detect which enemy grid nearby poses the nearest threat to your grid and automatically fire turreted weapons upon it. A grid is likely to be selected in this way by a high visible threat level (shown when manually targeted), if it is moving to intercept or if it is close by.

  • WeaponCore will usually not target very low threat grids (like floating generators or bits of drifting machinery) leaving stuff available for salvage! That juicy looking unguarded large reactor doomed to space you have your eye on to grind up will no longer be blasted to oblivion by your broadside cannons.

  • If a turreted weapon does not have a target, after a short delay it will rotate back to its idle position - the orientation when it was first built or placed.

  • If you add all your weapons to a group, put them on a toolbar and select "Toggle mouse shoot", you can make all of your weapons forward fire, just like fixed guns.

  • Looking to make your own turret model? Take a look at AutoMcD's guide:

Side notes
There will be further guides soon as to how to config your own modded weapon to work in game.

Have a bug? Something not working as expected? Report it here!

Documentation is always a work in progress. Maintained by Wortho. Please feel free to leave a post on this guide if you have any questions or if you think the documentation is missing something.

Please do not reproduce this guide or translate it without my permission. 2020
Abisius Oct 17, 2023 @ 5:32am 
@Justin Case
sounds like you didnt read the moddescription of wc which states that nonwc weapons wont work together with wc if you dotnt ell it otherwise and accept incompatibility probs. there is also a list with most of the weapons based on wc linked inside that moddesciption.
and if you take wc out of the modlist and it is back there the next worldload you probably have a mod i nyour modlist that has wc listet as a requirement.
Justin Case Oct 17, 2023 @ 5:15am 
as i now see that all this mod dose is restrict me to basic weapons blocks all other weapon mods i try and then wont work if i overide
Justin Case Oct 17, 2023 @ 5:14am 
@YungPro Did you solve the issue i am trying to remove weapon core but fresh spawn it pops up with weapon core text
YungPro Sep 4, 2023 @ 3:00am 
after removing weapon core from my world/save it seems that the small grid block, fixed gatling gun no longer does any damage
half life enjoyer Jul 1, 2023 @ 11:52pm 
Is there a way to quickly sequence a bunch of guns? Rather than going through each one in the control panel and setting them 1, 2, 3 and so forth.
JackMFMcCoy Jul 1, 2023 @ 9:38am 
how do you do the override command on the turrets tho?
Abisius Jun 23, 2023 @ 4:05am 
@Goof TommyTheBad
that depends on the weapon in question.
every wc based weapon can be made from modderside to allow shooting on specific stuff or not, if it is allowed to shoot on soemthing you then also have the option to decide for yourself if you want it to shoot on it or not.

so if a modder has made the wepaon so that it isn allowed to shot on meteors you wont eb able to allow it to shoot on it, if the modder has made it to allow shooting o nmeteors yo uhave an on/off switch in the control menu of that weapon for shooting on meteors.
TommyTheBad Jun 23, 2023 @ 3:56am 
How do you get weapons to shoot at meteors, there dose not seem to be an option as far as i'm aware?
YungPro Apr 13, 2023 @ 1:39am 
I need way more Intel about the different target tracking modes, a lot of settings are not explained
Abisius Mar 12, 2023 @ 3:13am 
i would suggest going with that case and atleast some pictures on how it is setup onto the wc discord, link for that is i nthe wc moddescription.