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WeaponCore - 2.4
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Nov 22, 2019 @ 6:33pm
Mar 9 @ 9:16pm
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WeaponCore - 2.4

Version: CoreSystems - 2.4(14)

Weapon Core is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system. The way combat works in this system is very different from Vanilla and many conventions that you are familiar with will be different.

This "mod" by itself does not add new weapons to the game, it is the framework (engine) by which other weapon mod authors may create pretty much any kind of weapon they can imagine.

This mod will convert all of the default vanilla weapons to WC versions. In addition it will remove any incompatible third party weapon blocks from the world, unless you override this behavior in game.

Current WC ModList

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Discord Server

Having issues? Click the link below:

WeaponCore Tutorial World

The WC team and many other mod authors receive a constant stream of "bug reports" and confused users due to inherent incompatibilities between WeaponCore and mods based on Vanilla weapons.

The following is just a sample of the kinds of issues that arise due to this issue:
1) ThirdParty turrets cannot find targets to track and will not automatically fire on targets.
2) ThirdParty fixed weapons breaking Custom Control Block.
3) ThirdParty weapons and WC not able to shoot down each others projectiles.
4) Programmable block scripts which depend on vanilla controls/actions break.
5) Damage is incompatible breaking WC functionality. Including shield support.
6) ThirdParty weapons are invisible to WC, no HUD status, grids not seen as threats, etc...
7) Block UI is very different, this leads to user confusion and bug reports.
8) When WC and non-WC is active on the same grid this leads to performance issues.
9) Supported mods (e.g. MES) cannot operate properly if both WC + non-WC exist on a gird.

*NOTE* If you have incompatible third party weapon blocks in your worlds, are willing to accept loss of functionality and instability you can enable UnsupportedMode by typing "/wc unsupportedmode" in the chat console or by editing the mods world config file.

There is a "ThirdParty whitelist" for known compatible mods, e.g: Beam Drill mod by Gwin.


[Moders Guide]

Useful WC Programblock scripts

To mod authors that use this framework I only ask that you include a link to this page, but I would very much appreciate if you let your users know they can contribute to this project if they would like. Thanks.

Example for Weapon Modders:

ProgramBlock API Howto

Thanks to Ash for server override enhancements and quality of life work on v2. Thanks to CriegwareFare for his work on the block animations and assisting with ammo inventory and weapon loading ui! Thanks to NukeGuard for the awesome GUI/HUD design and textures. Thanks to Derek for weapon area placement limit feature. Thanks to the math wizard himself Whiplash for all of his help with the mind bending math required to pull off the advanced target tracking and smart projectile guidance systems is this mod. Thanks to BDCarrillo for his help with eliminating the last of Keens grid area effect damage code and working on the drone code.

Also much thanks to "Abisius" for providing support in the steam comment section! He has answered a ton of peoples questions over the last year or more!


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Mar 18 @ 4:44pm
Weaponcore Decal Error and Crash
< >
Junkfood James Johnson 21 hours ago 
Vielen dank für den geilen Mod, es macht das Game um einiges besser
Abisius Mar 23 @ 6:25pm 
the crash of wc while placing something wc based down, which the vanilal interior turret would be through the buildin vanilla replacer of wc, is a sign of file corruption or mod conflict.

a mod conflcit can be checked via trial and error with removing or adidng mods till you found out the mod which is i nyou load order that triggers the problem, i would recommend doing a checkfor file corruption before writing it down a sa modconflict to reduce the possibility that it is just caused by a corrupt file of that mod.

the wepaons not spawning in is probably because these wepaons are not based on the weaponcore weaponframework.
Abisius Mar 23 @ 6:25pm 
stuff not disappearing after grinding it down is from my experience usually a case of file corruption in either the ram or the files on the drive.
the ram file corruption can be easily fixed by restarting se and loading the world again.
file corurption on the drive can get a bit more complex.
for the gamefiles just tell steam to check for file integrety.
for the mod files clean out the workshop folder of the steam library in which you did install se from all files of the affected mod as well as the main storage %appdata%\spaceengineers\storage and the world specific storage %appdata%\spaceengineers\saves\yoursteamid64\yourworldname\storage folders before doing a redownload, preferably without any type of interruption and a speed betwenn 1mb/s and 100mb/s to reduce the possibility of file corruption.
Abisius Mar 23 @ 6:14pm 
in short:
weaponcore is a weaponframework for modders to build weapons with instead of using the vanilla weaponframework and is not compatible with the vanilla weaponframework and should never be mixed with non weaponcore weapons.
there is a basic build in replacer for the keenside provided vanilla weapons that are i nthe actuall stable build.
you can use weaponcore with any mod that is no weaponmod and with every mod that has weaponcore as a requirement and is not totally out of date, there is a list of most of the weaponcore based mods on the github.
weaponcore allows for a better performance with many weapons in use, gives the possibility to have different types of ammo that can be defined for the same weapon with a dropdown menu in the control menu of the weapon to choose the ammo you want to use, gives a different amount of informations for modders to use than the vanilla system and many more things.
Abisius Mar 19 @ 3:10pm 
in the control panel of a fixed weapon yo ucan assign a target lead group to get a target lead indicator when using them.

it is mentioned in the player tips of the wc github site

you should avoid putting weapons with visible different ballistics into the same target lead group to get a proper lead for a target.
razarunz Mar 19 @ 3:03pm 
MY control panel for one of my weapons show: "WARNING: fixed weapon detected - without a Target Lead Group set!" Not too sure what this means, and don't see it mentioned in the guide
Abisius Mar 18 @ 6:02am 
most ful vanilla weapons end at 800m-1200m while some modded weapons reacht out to aorund 2-3km.

there are wc based weapons out there that reach 5km+ and the usal distance of wc based weapons is around 1-3km.

there is a modlist on github linked in the moddescription where oyu can find most working wc based mods and most of them have ranges written down in either the moddescription or a google sheet linked inside the moddescription.
thezale19 Mar 18 @ 5:43am 
I know in vanilla weapons tend to have a very short range, about 2km before the bullets vanish or something like that. Does weaponcore extend that range?
Abisius Mar 18 @ 5:19am 
i think there is something lost in translation.

as far as i understand it you have some problems with firing the weapons, but i cant grasp what problems.

there are some video based guides linked in the moddescription, i would suggest trying if they can help you.

if the videos arent helpfull please try to make a more simple test if you use a translationtool hoping to give the translationtool an easier piece of text to translate.
hunterwms Mar 18 @ 3:32am 
The weapon module behind the weapon core will not be automatically launched using AI mode. It will only be launched when the "Shoot" function is turned on, but when this button is turned on, it will cause the weapon module to be launched even if there are no enemies