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ARK: Reclamation
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ARK: Reclamation

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Welcome to Ark: Reclamation!
(Mod ID: 1989252120)
Mentally, this mod has gone through many different revisions, but I think I finally settled on an approach that could be a jumping off point for something BIG, so.... Let's all go on this journey together!

Some might think of this as another "dino overhaul" mod. Personally, I like to think of it as an "Unofficial Post-Extinction/Pre-Genesis game addon" (but since overhaul is probably more accurate, I'll go with that haha)

The goal of this mod: To give a new use to creatures/dinos that don't get enough love while also (subjectively) making the creatures/dinos you already love that much better

CURRENT Creature List:
- The Slag: Has a shell and "waste" composed of different raw elements.
- Comes in Stone, Metal, Obsidian, Element, Sand, Ore, Corrupted, & Lunar Variants
- The Luxpred: Small, illuminescent, flying jellyfish.
- The Embersteed: A fiery stallion that acts as an internal forge and cooker
- The Emberhorn: A fiery Unicorn that loves to jump... go ahead and try it out
- The Mystic Emberhorn: An altered Atlas horse turned Unicorn that will leave any land creature in it's dust
- The Pyjak: An arctic-spitfire Jerboa variant with freezing and preserving abilities
- The Ditetraceras: An Aberrant Trike-Shieldhorn hybrid that can produce a torpidity gas
- The Arid Shieldhorn: SE's Ditetraceras Variant (Uses the Atlas Shieldhorn model)
- The Aegiceras: A Styracosaurus-Shieldhorn hybrid that can pop a highly toxic shield that pushes back any creature in it's path
- The Arid Aegiceras: SE's Aegiceras Variant
- The Lutricampus: Part Otter, Part Sea Horse, but also your all-in-one underwater companion
- The Rhea (and Map Variants): This ethereal Griffin can make even the most infertile eggs fertilized... If it doesn't eat them first
- "The Forgotten": Pre-TLC'd Dino Models reborn into Alpha-killing machines that want to "Reclaim" their place as the true Alphas of Ark. (Consists of the Bigfoot, Direbear, Direwolf, Procoptodon, Raptor, Rex, Sarco, Spino, and Trike)
- The Abyssal SeaKing: Elusive and luminescent creatures; Also... taming one will give you the fastest underwater creature to exist in the ocean.
- The Atlan Seahorse: Being ferocious, toxic, & pack-orientated creatures, they take "You mess with one of us, you mess with ALL of us" far too literally

WIP Creatures List: These are NOT final and, most likely, expected to change (More Info on ALL creatures can be found on Reclamation's Discord)
- Chroma Fiend:
- Alpha and Omega (AlphOm):
- Roc:
- Gekkotan:
- Luminibi:
- Chupas:
- Grubby:
- Honeyhoarder:
- Tusonite:
- Fel Boar:
- Fiddler Crab:
- Medicinal Leeches:
- Snowstalker:
- Gacha Variant:
- Plasmus:
- Cryonix:
- Pestilence:
- Swarm Hawk:
- "Megarchelon/Carrier Turtle Variant"
- "Aquatic Astrocetus Variant":
- "Lunar Tuso Variant":
- "Eel Offspring":
- Sinotyrannus:
- Vastatyrannus:

I also plan on adding some ATLAS creatures (key word: SOME; not all). Custom names will also be thought of... eventually
- Abyssal Squid
- Hammerheaded Sharkopath:
- Dolphin:
- Ecco, the Dolphin (Rare Spawn):
- Seafaring Capu:
- Lion:
- Kimba, the White Lion: (Rare Spawn):
- Carrier Turtle:
- Bull & Cow:
- Babe, the Blue Ox (Rare Spawn):
- Rabbit:
- Jackalope (Rare Spawn):
- "Mean Whale":
- Moby (Rare Spawn):
- Cyclops:
- Hydra:
- Hydraling:
- Meiolania
- Skoll & Hati:
- MORE ARE TBD... Heck, these are all currently TBD

I ALSO plan on using some assets from the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Some of those assets include:
- BioTek Android:
- Z-Mek:
- *Some* Heroes/Villains from Paragon
- A couple Robot variants

And that's NOT all!
Obviously PixArk's Creatures have a different... "look" than traditional Ark does... That's why, some PixArk creatures will be getting an "Arkified Reimagining" in Ark: Reclamation.
- Angler Sub-Species
- Reindeer:
- Shadow Leopard:
- Specter Wolf:
- Thorny Boar:
- Treant:
- Void Manta
- Gem Spider:
- Minotaur:
- "Strange Duck":

Creature List: The... Unbreedable Portion?
These are some already existing creatures that... well... just like the title says: If they're not breedable, they might have a variant coming up that is.
-This has to do with insects, ocean creatures, etc on a smaller scale that I have a use for...
- Wyverns & Rock Drakes on a larger scale...
- Maybe... I could figure out a way to have some Boss Variants
- Also have plans for acquiring Event Dinos, Bone Dinos, & Corrupted Dinos

Creature List: The "Mobile" Portion?
If you weren't already wondering.... "you've already got FAR too much planned... WHY look at the mobile version?"
Honestly... Not even sure, but let's see what we come up with
First Boss from Ark Mobile:
- Noctis (resembling a fiery unicorn and is aggressive)

- "Eerie Dino Variants":
- Other Mobile Bosses - (Minus the Megapithecus and Broodmother variant):
Argentustus(A larger and more powerful variant of Argentavis)
Beelzemorbus(A larger and more powerful version of Beelzebufo)
Gula Beetle (A larger and more powerful version of the Dung Beetle)
Dodobitus (A larger and more powerful variant of the Dodo)
Obsidequus (A larger and more powerful variant of Chalicotherium)
Deodocuris Vastus (A larger and more powerful version of Doedicurus)
Cubozoa multis (a stronger version of a Cnidaria)

Thanks to the Modding Discord for answering all of my noobish questions
Special thanks to Alphamon for helping me figure out the Dev Kit for the past several months
Special thanks to Revy for the Lutricampus weight painting and Milokamilo for the scaly texture rework on the Lutricampus
Special thanks to Zythara for creating the model for my new "Rhea's Reclaimed Saddle"

Ark: Reclamation has officially been sponsored by Nitrado! Have you tried out their servers yet? These guys are great server hosts and you definitely will NOT be disappointed! Go check out Nitrado today!

ARK: Reclamation ALSO has a new YouTube page featuring a new Modded Survival Series - From Beach Bob to Max Ascension! Check out the channel HERE and stay tuned for more videos!

If you like the work I do on ARK: Reclamation and you feel like supporting my progress, I also now have a Patreon!

Check out Ark: Reclamation's Discord for all of the latest updates!
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larsong79 Sep 16 @ 1:17am 
Did a wipe and then tested again, and you're right; that took care of it! Thank you!
Also wanted to mention that the Atlan seahorses showed up now, but despite them being a passive tame, they didn't accept the meat in the last slot..
(I resorted to immersive tame in order to get a few) (Not sure if they are supposed to drop Abyssal Seaking eggs either. Went to the Reah to fertilize;-didn't work. Then tried giving the unfertilized egg to the male seahorse to see if the fertilization worked like real seahorses, but that didn't work either. )
Amalgamaniac  [author] Sep 15 @ 11:57am 
@larsong79 Um... they're no longer supposed to spawn in the Redwoods? Have you done a wipe recently?
larsong79 Sep 15 @ 11:41am 
A question: Is there a way to turn off The Forgotten? They overswpawn in the redwood forest (specifically the direbears) and for the others, they seem to suddenly appear everywhere else! It's become a real problem in my game. :(
Amalgamaniac  [author] Sep 6 @ 10:26am 
@lee.crowhurst What about it doesn't work?
lee.crowhurst Sep 6 @ 9:44am 
Why doesn't the mod work? I have 3 other mods enabled as well
Amalgamaniac  [author] Sep 3 @ 5:05pm 
@Koji Kajael I can definitely put up some more info in a Discussion spot. I know Discord has a little more detailed info, but I'll post something on here later as well
Koji Kajael Sep 3 @ 4:14pm 
I saw in the change notes that the corrupted slags produce corrupted hearts, this is news to me. I feel like there is a lot to this mod that is explained no where here. Is there anywhere with comprehensive information about the creatures in this mod?
Also from what I can see the corrupted slags are only producing corrupted chunks, how do I get them to produce corrupted hearts?
Hyena-Princess Sep 3 @ 12:36am 
so apparently the issue is that it didn't install properly the first time, it's all working now, thank you ^_^
Amalgamaniac  [author] Sep 3 @ 12:09am 
@Hyena-Princess Like:
gmsummon "Lutricampus_Character_BP_Reclamation_C" 150 0 0
Hyena-Princess Sep 2 @ 11:59pm 
Indeed I did,