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Lethals Reusables
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Jan 12 @ 4:25pm
Jan 25 @ 6:33am
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Lethals Reusables

MOD ID: 1967741708

⠀•⠀⠀This mod is clean and stackable. It has no list priority whatsoever.
⠀•⠀⠀No game content is remapped or altered. I only add 26 of my own items to the game.

⠀⠀⠀This is a small mod designed to add some quality of life to items by making them reusable. From infinite use grapples and flare guns, to removing durability over time for mining helmets, torches, or hazard suits. While the durability drain over time is removed, some items can still lose durability from damage. Most items are indestructible or infinite use unless otherwise stated.

⠀⠀⠀If you don't want certain reusables than you can hide the engrams, or set unobtainable level/crafting requirements using WildCard configuration options found on gamepedia.
Skins are disabled on weapons due to overriding weapon configs that make them reusable.
⠀•⠀⠀Boomerang - Doesn't randomly break
⠀•⠀⠀Climbing Pick
⠀•⠀⠀Delivery Crate - Returned at destination
⠀•⠀⠀Fish Basket
⠀•⠀⠀Flare Gun - Can aim while riding
⠀•⠀⠀Glider - No durability drain (except damage)
⠀•⠀⠀Grappling Bow - Works on Aberration (can be configured not to)
⠀•⠀⠀Hazard Suit - No durability drain (except damage)
⠀•⠀⠀Miner's Helmet - No durability drain (except damage)
⠀•⠀⠀Re-Fertilizer - 2x use speed, 3x range
⠀•⠀⠀Scuba Tank - No durability drain (except damage)
⠀•⠀⠀Spear - Doesn't randomly break, doesn't dupe with thrown pick-ups
⠀•⠀⠀Taxidermy Tool
⠀•⠀⠀Tent - No durability drain (except damage)
⠀•⠀⠀Torch - No durability drain (unless thrown)
⠀•⠀⠀Water Tank - Infinite water, can drink from, fills water containers

⠀⠀⠀Loading times are not about number of mods, but mod size. This mod (0.7mb) will load fast! Your standard HDD has a read/write speed ranging from 80-160mb per second and SSD's are even faster with a read/write speed of 200-550mb per second.

⠀⠀⠀All items from this mod will be deleted at server start once the mod is gone. You can recognize the modded versions with `(LR)` in their item name, or orange `Reusable` in the bottom left of the icon.

⠀⠀⠀I primarily give support through Discord because I get notified when you @Lethal or directly message me. This lets me respond quicker, and allows my community to provide feedback in a more efficient manner. Steam does not notify me in a similar fashion, so I deprioritize it. I do not mind Discord pings—I actually encourage it—because I'm here to ensure you can enjoy using my mod.

⠀⠀⠀If you like my work, sponsor me with a coffee. Don't feel pressured to though, just enjoy the mod!

⠀•⠀⠀Dino Storage v2
⠀•⠀⠀Remove Cryopods
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Lethal  [author] Feb 16 @ 6:04pm 
• Well than disable the engram, there's not much need for it to exist if you want it to act vanilla.
• It is, 3rd one on the list.
Torkkar Feb 16 @ 6:03pm 
yes but not having to pipe the tank to a water source just seams really op to me also the climbing picks were not on the list of effected items
Lethal  [author] Feb 16 @ 5:58pm 
• The water tank can fill empty containers.
• The climbing pick is infinite.
Torkkar Feb 16 @ 5:54pm 
you had me until the tank that makes no sense now an option to fill or empty containers would be better IMO if you do rework my server would love this for out acention series also an infinate climbing pick would be good too
castaway Feb 10 @ 8:03am 
when using re-fertiliser vanilla and the re-usable version everyone gets booted from my server does this happen to anyone else or would it be another mod conflicting?
TheExceed Feb 6 @ 3:41pm 
As well as a setting for the distance the grapple is shot?
TheExceed Feb 6 @ 12:48pm 
Hey would it be possible to add a setting for crossbow to be packable by flyers?
Le Roi Burgonde Feb 6 @ 5:42am 
Fun one !!
GobboKirk Feb 4 @ 1:42pm 
If God ever starts modding he'll have a Lethal complex ;)
Shammmm Feb 4 @ 1:12pm 
I just realized you do Dino Storage too! You do God's work... just saying.. <3