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Better Inspect
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Dec 19, 2019 @ 6:55am
Jun 18, 2020 @ 12:21am
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Better Inspect

Copyright 2020 LBmaster. Es ist nicht erlaubt, dieses Element auf Steam zu veröffentlichen, außer durch den Steam-Account LBmaster
Copyright 2020 LBmaster. You are not allowed to publish this Object on Steam. Only the Steamaccount LBmaster is allowed to do so !
You are not allowed to repack / modify / reupload this mod or parts of it !

Send me bugreports via Discord (LBmaster#7173), don't post them in the comment section, if they can be abused
If you have suggestions on things I could add, feel free to drop a comment

We all love the new Weapons of all the great modders out there, but what we hate is, that we are still unable to remember which weapon needed which ammo and takes which magazine or any other attachment. This Mod will help you finding the right attachments for all of your weapons.
It also highlights all items of the same type to make it easy to find small items flying around in your inventory or tents of your base.
To highlight an item just hover over the item with your mouse and press the configured Button (B as default). Items of the same type will appear in orange and compatible items in yellow.
This will work for all items held in your Hands, in your invetory and items in tents, barrels etc.

If you have any suggestions, questions or bugreports, send me a message !

Special Thanks to @CryDoXz for creating the images
If you want to see the mod in action, consider joining our server "DayZeption[]" ( or search for it on the DZSA Launcher

  • Server Config to controll displayed highlightings
  • Client Config to controll displayed highlightings
  • Add more info the the inspect menu
  • Ability to highlight craftable items

If you feel especially lucky and thankful and want to support me for my work, consider donating via PayPal[]. Thanks <3
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DeadShot Jan 18 @ 6:17am 
Hey there :) first great mod. If you have time, could you write me a message, i have a question i dont wanna shout out here, thanks in advance.
[2Low] LBmaster  [author] Jan 2 @ 10:02am 
It is compatible, but currently I don't have time to bring new content to the mod
inkihh Jan 2 @ 7:38am 
Is this still in active development? Last update seems to be from June 2020. Is it 1.10 compatible anyway?
GAD Dec 24, 2020 @ 5:28pm 
Easily one of the most useful Mods out there. This saves so much time. Thanks for all your work LB.
NOVA Nov 21, 2020 @ 11:29pm 
ya there is but was just wondering if there is a config for it to globaly change it
[2Low] LBmaster  [author] Nov 21, 2020 @ 11:18am 
The Players should be able to set the button in the controlls
NOVA Nov 21, 2020 @ 4:35am 
is there a way to change the default button for all players? says its bound to B but B is for book for expansion servers. used to be middle mouse button before no?
NOVA Nov 20, 2020 @ 11:41pm 
in scripts it says "@"BetterInspect/scripts/5_Mission/gui\inventorynew\iconcolormanager.c,173": Missing ';' at the end of line"
mod still works but thought ide let u know
GuguguBear Nov 5, 2020 @ 1:04am 
So far, it has performed well on the DAYZ expansion module.
There are no problems or errors.
But I have other gun modules, such as SQUAD MSF-C.
Is it possible to let it support firearms of SQUAD MSF-C module?
Dupiske Oct 3, 2020 @ 5:17pm 
I added you on discord, I would like to chat updates, if you can accept me there. ADM-Piskão ☣ # 3619