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Trait Diversity
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Dec 4, 2019 @ 11:12pm
Sep 20 @ 10:06pm
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Trait Diversity


This mod adds 220 new species traits to the game:
    ■ 169 Biological Traits
    • 113 common traits
    • 46 non-lithoids only
    • 10 lithoids only
    ■ 51 Robotic Traits
    • 33 common traits
    • 7 robots only
    • 11 machines only

The mod contains some origin traits which cannot be added or removed after the start of the game. The traits will provide very distinctive attributes/backgrounds for the species and some of them may alter the gameplay remarkably. They are indicated as blue icons.

User Interface Mods Compatibility
This mod contains Cadence's Extremely Lazily Written Genemodding UI to provide enough space for species modification window. Hence, the mod overrides the user interface file for species modification window:
  • interface/species_mod_window.gui
I've run several tests with some popular UI mods and I found no critical issue; you can use other UI mods without any compatibility mod. You can choose which species modification window you would like to use by sorting the mods. If you want to use the species modification window from other UI mod, sort the UI mod below of this mod. Otherwise, if you want to use the species modification window from CELWGUI, sort this mod below of the UI mod.

Other Compatibility Issue
Note that the mod manipulates and overrides vanilla elements of:
  • (game_rules) pop_has_random_ethics
  • (game_rules) species_has_happiness
I believe these are quite few changes, the mod should be compatible with most other mods.

  • Cadence - the creator of CELWGUI
  • Scradegn - provided polished descriptions
  • oh no - provided polished descriptions
  • C Moore - contributed on the update for Libra (v3.3.*)

If you really enjoy the mod and wish to support me, you can offer a donation for my work on this mod with a few dollars. Any support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hope you enjoy this mod, please rate it if you like it!
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Novus1994 4 hours ago 
Just updated apparently!
raw666 17 hours ago 
Hopefully the author is still active.

Also found a fix to traits not showing up. Duplication problems.
joakim.westergaard Sep 17 @ 2:36am 
They may have added traits in 3.9 but since this mod only adds new traits and only overwrites a vanilla gui-file I don't suspect that this will be a problem.
ItsDaKoolaidDude Sep 16 @ 3:55pm 
Ah yes this would require an update
raw666 Sep 15 @ 8:16pm 
They added traits, so yes.
joakim.westergaard Sep 14 @ 8:15pm 
Does this need an update for 3.9?
troy.spencer1980 Sep 10 @ 5:45pm 
Fantastic mod! Thank you for your effort!
Black Light Aug 3 @ 5:09pm 
can you make the eternal youth and the gost trait compatibil??? i wont to make my species truly eyong death as an rp and its not like eternal yourth cant die sooooo
Grendain Jul 30 @ 5:53pm 
Is compatible for 3.8.3 ?
以爱与恨的名义 Jun 20 @ 2:45pm 
Does the Exiles of the End trait interact with the end of the cycle event?