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Real Space - Ships in Scaling
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Real Space - Ships in Scaling

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Real Space - Ships in Scaling v 1.9.3

This version is compatible with patch 3.11 Eridanus.


This mod is an evolution of the Space Battles mod, adapted for the new version of System Scaling. This changes the radius of the battles and the speed of flights in the system, so that it would better correspond to the changed scale of the system.

When I started updating the Space Battles, I discovered a problem that I had not previously paid attention to. With an increase of 6 times, this became very noticeable. The fact is that with a proportional decrease in the range of the guns, the battles turned into a crazy ball of ships and flashes. Then I realized it was all about speed, which remained the same. After I reduced the speed of the ships in the system in proportion to the scaling, everything returned to normal. Space battles began to look wonderful again.

After update 1.1, these mods no longer reduce ship speed constantly. Although, in essence, they are still doing this, but with one important change. Now both modes globally slow down the flight speed of ships by 6 times, their difference is different.

I decided to add the concept of "cruising speed" to the game. This works as a significant increase in sublight speed when ships are not in combat. Thus, we solve the problem of slow and tedious flights and make space battles similar to those that were in the very first version of Stellaris.

I ask you to pay attention to the fact that Ships in Scaling is now one mod, and not two, as it was before. And this mod now has its own settings in the Real Space menu:

Ship Acceleration

By default, cruising speed depends on the ship's thrusters used, but you can change this setting so that acceleration out of combat is constant for ships of all types. This will make the game easier and more regular.

By default it is set to: "Depends on Thruster Type" (as it was in the Hard version). The parameter "Sustained for All Thruster Types" is similar to the Lite version.

Longer Battles

For more spectacular space battles, long battles are enabled by default. This is achieved by reducing the rate of fire and increasing the survivability of all ships. You can disable this mode for a more regular and faster game experience.

While the Real Space menu cannot be opened during the game, so you can use console commands to change the settings: effect sustained_acceleration_mode_on = yes, effect sustained_acceleration_mode_off = yes, effect longer_battles_mode_off = yes, effect longer_battles_mode_on = yes.

If you are used to playing Amazing Space Battles, I recommend that you use ASB Ironman version to avoid conflicts. With this, you will get all the slowdown effects from Ships in Scaling and the graphical effects from ASB.

Why you should (should not) use this mod
Originally posted by UncleJosephS:

> You no longer could have just 1 fleet / armada of fleets defending your entire empire, because if they are currently busy in another part of space, they would take literally years to get back.

> Having a shipyard close to the frontlines became a necessity, not just convenience. Also, you'd probably want to have 2, instead of just 1 buffer defensive systems between you and the next guy over, just to buy time.

> Guerilla tactics and fall back defences became a thing.

> Ample PD became crucial, because those bombers could eat entire fleet before it even got close to the space station.

> Enemies could capture the system station, repair it and turn on the FTL inhibitor, all faster than you could escape from the system (happened once to my pet Amoeba - that sucked).

> Early game influence could be used for edicts, since expansion was 6x slower.

> Sublight speed bonuses became the most important stat on both ships and admirals.

My work is completely dependent on your donations. I have a lot of plans, friends, but they will be realized only thanks to you.

As of late, Patreon no longer works for me. I can only get your help through Boosty[] and am switching to the new support model. You can now choose which project to support. I will be able to start upgrading as soon as we raise the necessary amount. The good news is that updates will appear immediately on Steam and will be available to everyone.

焱淼 Apr 9 @ 12:11pm 
为什么缩放逻辑不是 "放大"?感觉这样更能与其他武器MOD(如 ACoT)兼容,而且它们都能完美地融入 "真实空间MOD"。

Why isn't the zoom logic "zoom in"? It feels like it would be more compatible with other weapon mods (such as ACoT), and they would all fit seamlessly into the "Real Space Mod".
Tim Apple Mar 31 @ 10:32am 
I have the same issue as @AnotherExample

Happens both with Ships In Scaling or Ships In Scaling Lite
Fallor Mar 28 @ 4:21pm 
Strike craft seem to be absolutely broken. Fight starts across half the system but strike craft just randomly orbits their parent vessels.
Seppuku Mar 28 @ 6:19am 
@AnotherExample can't say iv'e run into these issues or (m)any significant bugs in the normal mod so i'd say your guess about AA range is fair
AnotherExample Mar 25 @ 9:17am 
Without the fix mod and BSB at all. Just this n requirements I worry about.
-Does PD vs strike craft work properly?, PD 1 range and Strike craft 2 (should be range 3, at least 2)
-Autocannon has range 1 no matter s/m/l - Shouldnt it be range 3? Is picket comp range 3?

if picket is range 3 or 5 - autocannon 1 - and only corvette can use swarm. Then it changes the balance from vanilla where u could use autocannon on picket ships for offense - to autocannons only ever firing with swarm computer or against swarm computer ships. Or am I wrong?
AnotherExample Mar 23 @ 6:12pm 
Either this mod or "BSB/CSS COMP : Real Space Ships in Scaling" is causing this issue I think

My covette swarm comp ships with autocannon & driller lasers (drill drone) is circling destroyer size driller drone. Out of range of their own weapons. My 10k fleet lose to 900 fleet in 50 years from now :P

Using Starnet AI + Iron ASB + Real Space + Real Space System Scale + Real Space Ships in Scaling + Real Space - Ships In Scaling Fix + BSB:Better Ship Behaviors + BS/CSS COMP: Real Space Ships in Scaling.

Any fix? Anyone else experience this? Please

I read now, issues like this in comments from 2023, is anyone playing this mod with no issues?
Rly want to play with this mod - appreciate any help thanks :)
Boo Hassan Mar 22 @ 3:45am 
Sorry for the late reply Annatar but i'm not sure ASB works properly atm, due the the mods version, the only thing I know that doesn't work is the fighters but other then that i'm unsure of other bugs. Cause my main problem with the game currently is that in the endgame too many sublight speed and base ship speed bonuses are being applied to ships whivch makes them zip around like crazy, even with Slower Speed Battles (that mod still works somehow without bugs that I know of) and ASB and this one.

I think that might be on my end as I remember back when I last played when necroids came out this wasn't a thing, so it's possible i've added a mod that gives ship speed that I am unaware of at this time, so ima do some digging on my end.
p6kocka Mar 19 @ 10:26am 
You will need a compatibility patch if there is any
p6kocka Mar 19 @ 10:26am 
Maladict Mar 19 @ 9:41am 
Will this break weapons from other mods that add new weapons?