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Fapovo Island
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Nov 10, 2019 @ 1:02pm
Nov 20, 2022 @ 4:52pm
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Fapovo Island

V1.9 (November 10, 2022)


Federal Republic of Fapovo is a small 100km2 country divided to Fapovo region on SW and Botana on NE. Botana is a province of Sahrani. There are still border checkpoints, but they were rarely closed and no-one has been checking documents in the past 10 years. But a string of terror attacks in Fapovo and their local government leaning towards hostile actions will change that in very near future. RACS is sending in new reinforcements and border wall will be put back on...

Fapovo is a green, lush country full of rivers and high peaks. But there is also a desolate place on North where bio-weapon test mishap destroyed foliage and poisoned the soil in range of a mile radius.

It is a tribute to OFP and Arma 2 player base that is still around playing the latest installment of game in 2019. And things won't cool of even in 2020...

Created by: IceBreakr
Contributors: Sahbazz (ideas, bugfixes), Bludclot (Runways, Support), Horrible Goat (Support), ANZACSAS Steven (water config), Vericht (checkpoint compositions)
Testers & bugreports: SBP Team

Usable texture links in-game
ibr/fapovo_c/flags/north_fapovo.paa - N. Fapovo flag (basically Sahranian flag as its the province of Sahrani)
ibr/fapovo_c/flags/south_fapovo.paa - Southern Fapovo flag
ibr/fapovo_c/flags/fapovo.paa - United Fapovo flag
ibr/fapovo_c/flags/slovenia.paa - Slovenian Flag

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May 12 @ 5:08am
Missions for Fapovo
Jul 7, 2023 @ 3:20pm
Bug report
IceBreakr  [author] May 2 @ 6:22pm 
No entry 'bin/config.bin/cfgWorlds.fapovo' .
That can only mean one thing - mod is not loading it all.
Aussie Exile May 2 @ 1:33am 
its TIOW 2 to clarify
Aussie Exile May 2 @ 1:32am 
its a large 40K mod called There is only war (TIOW). cant easily remove it as it has assets that are key to my groups story but finding a way to address the issue is beyond my current skill level. I will post a comment on the TIOW page to make them aware of the issue see if they have any ideas, if you think of anything let me know and thanks for taking the time to reply.
IceBreakr  [author] May 1 @ 5:46am 
Ok super wierd, not aware of that issue at all in all these years? What is TIOW?
Aussie Exile May 1 @ 3:06am 
IceBreakr found the server is loading the Drherhon Primus from TIOW and overlaying the items placed in the editor on the map above map leading to floating shit and an unworable mission. are you aware of any cause for this?
Aussie Exile May 1 @ 2:07am 
Hey @IceBreaker love the map mate but running into an issue when trying to run it on my rental server. have installed it and CUP Ter Core, copied the PBO of the scenario my mate cooked up for my group into the servers MPMissions folder and then went to server config and listed it as the mission for the server. However when i load the server up I end up a different map, we are looking for the imposter map atm but can I confirm that the map is okay for MP servers and that its name is fapovo.pbo as this is what im finding at the end of the pbo's the server also generated this warning when i launch it. No entry 'bin/config.bin/cfgWorlds.fapovo' .
MaestroN Apr 20 @ 8:38am 
fap island
Antigram Oct 5, 2023 @ 10:32am 
Would it be possible for you to rename the area in the southeast corner of the map to just remove the slur? It's a quick config change.
IceBreakr  [author] Jun 19, 2023 @ 1:49pm 
It has one. Didn't you find it? ;)
Kayien Jun 16, 2023 @ 9:23pm 
this map need Bunker under ground