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Fapovo Island
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Nov 10, 2019 @ 1:02pm
Apr 26 @ 12:04pm
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Fapovo Island

V1.6 (April 26, 2020)


Federal Republic of Fapovo is a small 100km2 country divided to Fapovo region on SW and Botana on NE. Botana is a province of Sahrani. There are still border checkpoints, but they were rarely closed and no-one has been checking documents in the past 10 years. But a string of terror attacks in Fapovo and their local government leaning towards hostile actions will change that in very near future. RACS is sending in new reinforcements and border wall will be put back on...

Fapovo is a green, lush country full of rivers and high peaks. But there is also a desolate place on North where bio-weapon test mishap destroyed foliage and poisoned the soil in range of a mile radius.

It is a tribute to OFP and Arma 2 player base that is still around playing the latest installment of game in 2019. And things won't cool of even in 2020...

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Support - help author release more stuff for Armaverse Community!

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IceBreakr  [author] Dec 2 @ 6:18pm 
I don't do Alive indexing, so I guess the best way to do that is to contact guys on their team? Thanks!
|MFR| Pochtron Dec 1 @ 3:34pm 
Salut Ice est ce que tu pourrais faire l'indexation pour Alive ce serait magique =) Merci encore pour toutes les maps de qualité que tu fais!
Klaz Nov 26 @ 11:55am 
nice maps icebreakr
IceBreakr  [author] Nov 5 @ 1:14pm 
See readme file in workshop install folder for license info.
Antoine Derty Menendez Nov 1 @ 7:23am 
Hey, can we use for free this map for server ? just need to mentionned ur name and its good ?
Thomas [ T.K.O ] Oct 30 @ 11:37am 
For the people who want to make an exile server with the map
loopdk Sep 3 @ 11:05am 
Alive index?
bvska Aug 26 @ 2:32pm 
Hey IceBreakr, amazing terrain as aways, i only have compliments but playing for some time i noticed some behavior with the AI, they seem to not cross some the rivers very well and become "landlocked" in some areas unable to do long turns just to cross the river around and reach their objective, basically getting stuck without knowing what to do without human interference. So, can you consider maybe adding some more of shallow river passages between the regions? because you know, ArmA AI. Thank you nonetheless.
Mr Generik Aug 24 @ 10:44am 
Despite its smaller size, this is far and away my favorite of your maps so far. It's been hell on the AI in my DUWS campaign, but it's so much fucking fun to fly over and do specops shit in.
RandomDude Aug 10 @ 2:16pm 
I think the town north of Lixovo is missing its name. I believe it was named Bumin or something