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Radiant Blacksand Tiger Summon
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Oct 21, 2019 @ 2:52pm
Oct 24, 2019 @ 6:22am
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Radiant Blacksand Tiger Summon

This mod adds a new powerful summon in the game : the Blacksand Tiger. Not compatible with old saves because of new sensible root files. This earth based summon has a wide range of unique skills which can help you in many different ways. It is meant to be one of, if not the best of summons in the game.
I worked hard for a long time to make this mod (a whole month of free time until 2am), it kinda was my final goal in modding divinity 2. Please browse screenshots and read Content section to learn more about it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I love summoners or beastmasters characters in RPG's in general, the bond they can have with their little or big fellows just moves me and help me to immerge myself in a story.
A while ago I started to learn how to create mods on divinity 2 so that someday i could be able to create an improved version of the Soul wolf i really appreciated. (hence the name of this mod .pak file)
But then i came accross this Tiger asset in the game database … it was very poor and incomplete because it's just a basic enemy in the story.
Insufficient to create a whole complexe summon mod. But this guy didn't want to leave my mind, so i decided to work hard on this, to make a complete and badass Tiger summon mod.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You have to be Summoner lvl 3 and Geomancer lvl 1 at least for both and at the same time. No, sorry, but this summoning won't come all free in your hands !
There is only one book for one character left somewhere in the game. Its location is willingly implicit, i want you to deserve it ! Browse the screenshots to find a clue ! (Please no spoil in comments)

The Blacksand Tiger has 5 base skills. At first, he acts like a strong versatile damage dealer which also has a emergency protecting spell.

Like for Incarnates, you will have to get Summoning to level 10 so it can reach its full potential. Your Summon will be bigger, stronger and will gain 4 more skills including a pretty powerful "ultimate".

Now here are the overall specifications :

  • 30 turn Summon duration, but 3 AP to summon in combat. (that way, it's sometimes almost more a companion than a summon)
  • Hybrid basic attack (physical + earth magic damage), tiny chance to inflict bleeding (5%).
  • Decent crit rate (15 %)
  • Paw attacks (Basic attack + 1 skill) have longer range (a bit more than a sword), Maw attacks (2 skills) have a short range (around knives one).
  • Recover up to 5 AP per turn allowing you to act more than your heroes.
  • Balanced Magical/Physical Armor but both weaker than average.
  • A little mobility & dodge bonus.
  • "the Pawn", "Opportunity Attack", "Living Armor" talents. (They all fit well his mood/aspect)
  • Immune to : Petrified, Slowed, Slipping, Fear. (Learn to play with oil since he is made of that element)
  • Strong Earth damage Resistance, fair Poison damage Resistance.
  • A real good hearing to spot enemies on the mini-map from further.
  • Leave a precious blessed oil splatter when dies or lifetime ends which can make pretty nice combos (wide bless oil spreading combined with his ultimate or jump, blessed fire, blessed smoke, etc).

I hope you guys will enjoy it !

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BALANCE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Even if this invocation is meant to be strong, i am still doing some balancing updates to set it right because i don't like to destroy game difficulty. So for now it might be slightly too much powerful, but surely not weak. I will play some Honour Tactician Games to see if i still enough struggle and make my own adjustments (i don't like too easy games). Be aware i will delete the crying b*tches comments.

Future damage balancing updates should automatically be applied on your saved games. You won't have to do anything or restart a new game to see the changes.

Please if you think something is off with raw Tiger damages, if you think the basic attack is too strong here or too weak here, please don't hesitate share your impressions.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LORE STORY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thousands of years ago in Rivellon, there was a race known to house the most powerful summoners there ever was. Now forgotten since a long time, they used to be fractioned in several distant nomad tribes but with the same magic sensibility and all united in worshiping nature and earth. Despite of being deeply peaceful, they were sometimes seen as outcasts and hunted from place to another place. In times of war, they could be skilled magicians but their number was always a weakness so that women and children often had to take arms the same way as men.

Even if they could find or forge decent swords or spears, arcane magic and summoning arts were remaining their most effective weapons. During the great war, their population got dangerously thin, in fact, they were slowly pushed toward the edge of their extinction. They decided to reunite their tribes to work on a solution, the most powerful invocation they could create. One that could allow to bring all their innate talents together into a powerful magical being meant to fight by their side for survival.

That's how the first Blacksand tiger was born decades after that. Made from earth, light and oil, they looked like the proudest of the animals. They were formidable weapons which can wipe the strongest knights or the mighiest magicians both as easily with their wide-balanced skills. Like their masters, Blacksand tigers were masters of earth magic but they could be swift and deploy a frightening strengh at the same time.

They never failed being the mighty guards of their masters, and with centuries passing by they quickly became more powerful and more feared. Until their reputation reached Braccus Rex ears …

As soon as he discovered Blacksand Tigers, they immediatly became insolence to his eyes … he was rather annoyed that the fear they evoked had managed to cast a small shadow on his. Only the name of Braccus Rex could be a synonym of Fear. To punish their creators for this outrage, as in his habits, he simply decided to wipe them all. Some used to say that he has succeed, but some other say that their legacy still lives somewhere … in few people heart

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Not working on old saves. Please start a new game if you want to find it. I have no idea for multiplayer, should be okay if everyone has it.

Should be compatible with most of mods though, because it has its own root files all the way. But mods which affects summons in general might not reach the tiger (for exemple new infusions mods), not bugs/game break though be reassured.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RADIANT MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You can find all my mods by searching "Radiant" in steam workshop, nexus, or civfanatics, which is a recurrent word in all my mod's tittles.

If you always dreamt about such mod and feel like im deserving a donation for all these passionate working hours, here is my paypal : shiroifushicho@gmail.com.

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find the ballista but dont see any direct of it. more hint pls?
GoingBatty Mar 4 @ 8:34pm 
How do I find the broken ballista?
Kimu  [author] Feb 25 @ 3:49pm 
@Ulaw Yes sadly, as it add/modify present core data tree of the game. These delicate parameters require a first loading of the map (the end of the intro, the ship wreckage) which host the key object linked to the summon and all its assets.
Ulaw Feb 25 @ 3:03pm 
Just to confirm, I HAVE to start a new campaign to be able to find the tiger?
01100111 01100111 Dec 19, 2020 @ 5:41am 
@wodensvalkyrie you need jump/teleport skills
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Could you help direct me to where it is i'm on a new save and i cant seem to find the ballista anywhere
Proiu Sep 23, 2020 @ 1:27pm 
Spent a good hour looking for it and then read that you need to have a new save to find it, gotta read more carefully i do. Other than that enjoying the mod so far :D
flamour Sep 14, 2020 @ 1:29pm 
I've searched the whole map and can't find the ballista, can someone point me in the right direction?
CJAYBUM Aug 28, 2020 @ 12:06pm 
Thank you so much for making this mod! I've always thought the one Tiger in the game looked soooo dope, and I've always wanted to be a Fire Ninja who can summon a Tiger. This mod, along with the Umbra/Scoundrel+ and Naruto Skills have made the dream come true lmao.
lmyerslee4 Jul 1, 2020 @ 5:11pm 
I have no idea where to look for this skillbook. I added you on steam but could you also provide a second clue. Maybe even a third clue if you are feeling extra nice.