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Cities: Skylines

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Hexagonal Bases
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Oct 16, 2019 @ 10:08pm
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Hexagonal Bases

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Ami's Essential Berlin Assets
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Fernsehturm 2019 complete
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Two simple concrete bases with pedestrian pathing and gather markers:

1. fern-base-west
2. fern-base-east

The larger one (fern base west) is designed to fit nicely under the Wasserkaskaden. #PDXCON2019 attendees should climb the stairs and gather at the elevated area in the middle. Hopefully their feet won't get stuck in the concrete, or they may not ever get home! Paths or roads can be added along the sides of the bases to give walking access to the hidden pink pathways that are embedded in the asset. Additional decals can be added under the bases without worry of showing through.

Base west plot: 8x11
Main TRIS: 48 (invisible, for pathing)
LOD map: 128x128
sub1 tris: 34
map: 1024x1024 (diffuse)
sub2 tris: 98
map: 1024x128 (diffuse)

Base east plot: 8x9
Main TRIS: 38
map: 1024x1024 (diffuse)
LOD tris: 18
LOD map: 128x128

Placement note:
Careful with this one! As with stations, dragging them around with MoveIt! may break their invisible pedestrian paths. Try this: plop a short temporary road. Plop the asset on the road. Move them both into perfect position. Delete the asset, re-plop the asset. Now it's in the right spot on the first plop. Leave it there! You can adjust the road by itself now if needed. gg!

Here is a MoveIt! export file that includes both bases, the Fernsehturm, the fountain, mega-spotlights and fountain lights:

Fernsehturm-2019-complete.xml MoveIt! Export file[]

Don't forget to enable Boformer's Custom Effects Loader mod so the lights work as intended.

If you use these bases in other contexts, I'd love to see some screenshots. Feel free to link them in the comments below -- I never know if my extra efforts to make things modular are worthwhile!
AmiPolizeiFunk  [author] Oct 17, 2019 @ 6:05am 
You're welcome :) placement tip added
sebesams Oct 17, 2019 @ 5:47am 
You know how much i like your puzzlepieces.... thanks for this one too!